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  1. C

    Looking For A Low Budget Gaming Monitor.

    Hello! I am very proud to say that I built my first gaming PC just yesterday! Currently, I am running an AMD Ryzen 3 1200, 8GB of ddr4 2400 ram, and a gtx 750 ti I got for free from a friend. For a display, I am currently rocking a Samsung TV from 2009. Clearly, I am in need of a new display...
  2. J

    Should I have windows defender and avast at the same time?

    I have windows defender and avast antivirus running at the same time and I want to know if that is a problem, or should I disable windows defender?
  3. E

    Completely messed up colors/graphics.

    My PC's graphics are incredibly, mind numbingly terrible. I have no idea whats caused this but its gonna give me a seizure pretty soon. Heres a link: Specs: Ryzen 3 1300x GTX 1050 ti 8gb Kingston RAM 2133 mhz Corsair CX550M PSU 1tb Seagate HDD MSI B350M GAMING PRO...
  4. S

    asus gtx 750ti oc monitor looks weird when playing intensive games

    i tested two monitors so im certain is not a monitor issue anymore, i wanna know if theres a chance that maybe my graphic card is the one that is making this problem: so far ive tested on nioh and mass effect andromeda. while this video is not mine this represent what im seeing threw my monitor...
  5. D

    Best Way to Preserve and Run XP-only Software on Failing HD in Win 10

    A client of mine relies very heavily on an ultra specialized piece of software that is too costly to upgrade out of Win XP. Unfortunately, that (consider it) irreplaceable software lives on a hard drive that will soon fail. I intended to clone the old drive onto a new one but discovered the...
  6. R

    Need Help RE Computer Desktop Tower

    Can someone please recommend a good desktop computer tower for me that is under $500. My tech knowledge is very basic (beginner level) compared to the users on this forum. But I really would appreciate your guidance and advice. I had an HP Pavilion dm4 laptop, and it died. I have a new, and...
  7. E

    Rainbow Six Siege Freeze and crash on Ultra settings

    -Intel Core i7-7700K -EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Black Addition -16 GB of G-Skill 3000Mhz -Asus Strix Z270F -All drivers up to date using DRIVER Booster PRO -New system build and windows installed fresh -Custom water cooled pc I just bought Rainbow six Siege and when trying to play...
  8. C

    1070 or 1070ti? Plz help

    Gtx 1070 or 1070ti? Need help on which card to choose and also IM A VERY BUDGET TIGHT. Every dollar counts
  9. D


    I have no idea how this started. every screen, including the chrome/settings screen, looks stretched out and weird. I would upload a picture but can't figure out how to do it. Chrome is completely unusable. from to settings, etc.
  10. A

    What PC Components Sell The Fastest?

    So I have an old PC from 2006 and I need to get a few quick dollars so which parts sell quick on eBay?
  11. Mazhar Malim

    i7 4790k with Hyper 212 LED Temps?

    I recently bought the Hyper 212 LED cooler for my cpu and i wanted to know if my idle and load temps are alright. According to RealTemp, at idle my temps are around 30-34C (ambient is 27C) and i used Intel XTU for cpu stress test, i run the test for 2 mins and my load temps were 70-72C. Also...
  12. R

    Cant get windows to install from uefi usb with m.2 slot

    used rufus and saved to a flash drive, i keep getting this error and cannot move on to the install process.... i tried doing this method below but not sure if i did this right then i removed the usb stick typed EXIT and this is...
  13. I

    My monitor freeze on loading while connected to the graphic card

    Hello guys, since yesterday I got some pc problems which I am not able to fix by myself. In the middle of using my monitor get stuck but all the processes keep running, like I could still hear my team mates on discord etc. So I restarted my computer but the monitor got stuck in the middle of the...
  14. X

    [Build Help] DotA2 Gaming Desktop

    Hi everyone. I'm currently using a Alienware x51 R2 which is dying off since it have been 5 years. I am currently looking to custom built a desktop, but I have no knowledge in the specs. In fact I am only looking for a custom built desktop that's not too high end because I only plays DotA2...
  15. D

    32 bit Ram capacity

    I just checked online in some site called crucial where it scanned my 32bit computer and says it can support up to 8gb Ram... is this true??
  16. G

    Vivo Launches Budget-Friendly Tempered Glass Chassis With LED Fans

    If you are in the market for a mid-tower ATX chassis with a tempered glass side panel and a gaggle of LED fans, the Vivo CASE-V08 might be just what you are looking for.This chassis supports up to EATX motherboards (12" x 10.7"), graphics cards as long as Vivo Launches Budget-Friendly Tempered...
  17. F

    High GPU temperatures due to case airflow

    I just built my new desktop PC, but at the moment I am experiencing some annoying airflow issues with my Aerocool QS-240 case. With a room temperature of 22°Celsius, CPU temperatures are good, idling from 24-25° Celsius to reach 50° under load. Issues come with my GPU which starts from a fine...
  18. C

    Good Computer running a game on 60fps but i bumped it and now 1fps

    My computer was running games that i play on 60fps with the max graphics but i accidentally bumped it with a ball and the hd screen doesn't look hd anymore and the games i played previously are locked on 1fps no matter the graphics.
  19. C

    Is my CPU too hot?

    I have my i7-7700k running at a stable 5ghz with the adaptive voltage setting on. I am sitting between 70-85 degrees on the cpu. I am using a Corsair H100i v2 extreme to cool it. Is my cpu running to hot for long term damage and should I put back the overclock to say 4.9 or 4.8 to get it a bit...
  20. B

    1060 3gb or 1060 6gb

    What is better for the price the 6gb or 3gb because I have heard if you want to play on ultra you will need at least 4 gb but I don't know if that is true ?