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  1. M

    does h61m-s2v-b3 Mo-Bo supports AMD processors?

    i have an h61m-s2v-b3 Mo-Bo, now i need to upgrade my CPU to an AMD one. Somebody told me that i can't bec. this board only supports intel processors, is that true? Thanks in advance. :)
  2. B

    Storage not detected (Acer Aspire VX15/VX5)

    Hi, I have a M.2 256 GB SSD in my pc and I want to add an additional 1.5 tb HDD, but here is the issue I faced: neither Bios or Windows does not display the presence of my HDD in the system. I thought it could be HDD that is broken and i tested it with my other laptop, it worked fine. Then I...
  3. D

    Windows 10 not longer boots after changing RAID driver

    I manually changed the RAID storage controller as my Dell XPS 15 laptop was unable to boot in AHCI in order to recognise my SSD drive. Now the laptop no longer boots in either RAID or AHCI. it is stuck in a boot loop and I cannot get to the advanced boot options but I can get to the BIOS and the...
  4. LightningsalesUK

    Monitor wont detect input after Graphics card upgrade.

    I have 2 monitors for my system and I upgraded my GPU however one of the monitors is not detecting an output, I have checked the connections and re-plugged them. still nothing. The monitor worked before the GPU change fine.
  5. J

    Recording with OBS?

    I've been using OBS to record VR game-play footage of me playing for uploading to YouTube, some of the games are full screen and that great but some play windowed so you can see my desktop around the edges, does anybody know of a free or pretty cheap program i can use to crop the image and cut...
  6. C

    RX 570 with 144hz monitor?

    Hi, I am trying to build my first pc. I just want to know, do RX 570 enough for 144hz monitor?
  7. O

    Windows PC not booting

    My system: AMD 8350 FX Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 8gb ASRock 970 Extreme4 EVO 340 120gb SSD Ballistic 2x4gb ram 650w corsair power supply Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit I've had my PC in this configuration for about 4 months and have had no problems. Today, I had problems with it crashing. I've tried...
  8. Nicholasashton6425

    Computer Help Needed!

    Close this please
  9. M

    Need Advice to buy a GPU on $200 budget

    Hi community! I am looking to upgrade my current PC but I'm afraid to buy GPU that won't work for some reason. So I'd like to get some advice of wich GPU will be better for my system. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this month. BUDGET RANGE: 200 USD = 3500 ARS, I might be able to spend a few 10/20...
  10. J

    i'm unable to reduce my pc brightness???

    I'm Unable to reduce my pc's brightness...i have my brightness buttons..but my pc brightness is not reducing.....,actually i've the function button.....iam holding and pressing the brightness buttons...but it is not reducing..what the bloody problem with my pc
  11. J

    Pc switched off and won't turn back on

    Basically my pc randomly shut down and while the power button led lights up no fans in the pc come on nor does anything appear on the screen, I have tried testing the psu using the paper clip method but the psu simply didn't work even though the power led came on, I don't understand why only the...
  12. I

    gtx 1070 or 1080

    Yes, obviously i know which one is better, but there´s a further assistance i need. The prices of these cards in my country are about 670$ for a 1070 and about 925$ for a 1080. The question is, is the 1080 worth the extra 255 bucks for a 1080p everyday gaming of AAA titles or not?
  13. G

    What makes a good PC case?

    I'm interested in hearing some of your opinions on what makes a good PC case. What's most important to you? Also, how often and why do you "upgrade" your PC case? I'll share my personal preferences in the comment section.
  14. A

    Motherboard - PSU Compatibility Question

    Hi, so I own this PSU and I'm considering upgrading my PC and getting this motherboard This...
  15. G

    Steam Now Has 67 Million Monthly Users

    In materials sent to Tom's Hardware, the company also said that its game platform has 33 million daily active users and peaks at 14 million concurrent users each day. Steam Now Has 67 Million Monthly Users : Read more
  16. E

    ASUS X99 Pro 3.1 Error Code 53 On Setup

    I have been trying over and over with no luck to get my system setup. I keep getting error code 53. I replace my ram once and still getting the same code. I have tried placing one ram stick only in each slot and that didnt work. I have had the system for 3 mos and not been able to use it. Any...
  17. F

    PC suddenly stopped working

    Hi guys Today when i woke up my pc turned on but didnt show anything. I opened the case and i found out my videocard fan wasnt on ( uses no cables, only power from motherboard) so i took it out and try if it would turn on with the APU but it didnt. Im pretty sure my videocard is dead everything...
  18. L

    What should i upgrade in my pc?

    Hi, i am saving money because i need to pay a bit for my moped when i turn 15 so im not using the money i have in my bank right now. but i want to upgrade something in my pc! I can probably expect about 750 dollars for my birthday and i dont know what to upgrade. Please help me with what i...
  19. A

    Multiple Monitor not found

    I have GTX 750 ti and windows 10 computer. I have two GTX 750 tisamsun 27 inch monitors. I have tried both 1 HDMI and VGA and 2 HDMI cables. my computer cant recognize the 2nd monitor. not even force detect work. I have updated my drive and still nothing is working.
  20. Heartache

    Annoying BSOD ONLY while watching youtube videos (Windows 10)

    Hello, I have been experiencing a series of Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) recently, and I honestly don't know what or where the problem lies. I'm not exactly new to laptops/notebooks, and I usually fix almost any problem I face by myself. This one however, I don't seem to be able to fix. My...