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  1. R

    Question Controller to PS/MB

    Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a temperature sensor to molex or 12, 5 PINs ? It has a Line and Neutral lines out, also it has to be powered by 4-24 V DC In that case, can I plug them directly into molex or sata or even Motherboard pins? Is it save for my PS/MB? Thanks in advance.
  2. X

    Question Asus Prime z370m-Plus II at 117º Celsius

    I bought this motherboard today (Prime Z370M- Plus II), and when inspecting the temperatures by Speecy, HWMonitor, HWInfo or SpeedFan, it's getting as high as 117º C. Can this be a problem with softwares sensor or should I worry? Speecy.png HWMonitor.png Thanks!
  3. S

    Question Is there a way to read data (like CPU temp/fan speed) directly from the Motherboard?

    I'm having a hard time searching for this-- most results return software solutions from within an OS (or say to go into the BIOS). Is it possible to read things like CPU temp, fan speed, voltage, clock speed, etc. directly from the motherboard, not through an OS? For example, is there a port...
  4. B

    Question CPU temp sensor broken or what?

    Hello! My pc is pretty old, but something strange happend last time. I have Core 2 Quad Q9550 oc to 3.5ghz temperatures while 100% load were around 70-80 degrees maximum. Now my 2 cores sitting at 45 degrees at idle and other 2 at 80-90 degrees. I've change thermal paste, mount my cpu cooler...
  5. TechyInAZ

    Question Logitech HERO 16k DPI Sensor Worth the Upgrade?

    I've got a Logitech G500S currently and it has been serving me incredibly well. Main reason I want to keep this mouse for as long as possible is the anti sweat material has been an absolutely great feature, my hands sweat a ton and this mouse looks basically brand new even after 4 years of hard...
  6. andream.erti

    Question Proximity sensor fix - android (paranoid android)

    Ok guys, so my proximity sensor acts as if it was always covered and this causes me to need to reboot the phone everytime someone doesn't answer a phone call since the screen stays black and doesnt even let me close the call or do anything but rebooting. I've checked with an app that my light...
  7. C

    Keep Saying 'Limited' Router and Modem

    I have a normal Wi-Fi, with manufacture free modem router. But I brought a new router and plug it into my modem and set it up. After I done set it, the router is saying 'Limited'. So I unplug the router and just use the modem itself. But my Wi-Fi keep saying 'Limited'... I turn OFF and ON on...
  8. S

    I am trying to install a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar to an Emerson LF391EM4 TV that does not have an ARC or HDMI ARC connection. P

    I am trying to connect a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar to an Emerson LF391EM4 TV without an ARC or HDMI ARC capabilities. Please help!
  9. S

    Which Monitor will go well with my MSI Gtx 1080

    Hello, For my first PC build last December I got this monitor, And my GPU is I like it a lot but I didn't really do my research into how the quality of a monitor could affect...
  10. V

    Capture card without composite support

    I have an avermedia Live Gamer Portable (C875) capture card, it supports HDMI input, and the AV input cable it comes with is component only. However, virtually every console prior the the seventh generation only supports composite (or RF) and I'm wondering if there is some workaround. There are...
  11. D

    7 Out of Date Drivers?

    Can anyone tell me, do I need these things avast is telling me to download? If so how do I go about downloading these drivers? (link if you can't see the picture above) CPU - i5 4590 Motherboard - Gigabyte H81M-H
  12. M

    Clean install of Windows 10 on SSD (had Windows 10 on it)

    I built a new computer about two weeks ago, and put on Windows 10 in order to start off. It was a brand new copy, 10 Pro, and was running like a charm, until Tuesday morning. I woke up, and found my computer locked in a reboot to BSOD cycle. Long story short, after trying to troubleshoot it to...
  13. YoAndy

    Time to upgrade My PC ? or get another gtx760 for sli HELP

    Hello guys, My extreme PC of a few years ago is getting a bit old, still going strong but i want a little bit more out of my games. What should I upgrade? My board support 3way SLI. I'm not sure if my i7 965 can handle all that. I'm running windows 10 Samsung monitor 32 inch(1920x1080) i7 965...
  14. E

    Help with first time build

    Hello, I am starting to get into PC gaming and I don't have a clue about how to make a good gaming pc. :??: If anybody could provide me some info, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated! :) Some good things would be: what parts I'll need, what parts are good and which ones are crap...
  15. M

    Does a ssd get hot?

    Hello! I was wondering if ssd's gets hot when used? I'm wondering because the cables connecting to my hdd are touching the ssd. The question is: will the ssd melt the cables touching it?
  16. Q

    Huge Overheating Problems?

    Hi, I have a core i7 950 and it has been getting around 80 degrees C under P95 SFFT load. Are these dangerous temperatures? I have a Zalman CNPS10X Optima HSF. Would i benefit from a H100i or H80i for overclocking? I cam currently runing at stock.
  17. V

    Power Supply for gtx 960

    Hello Guys, I am Planning to buy Gtx 960 and i require a PSU. Please Suggest me a good PSU of 450W in India, My Spec. is CPU- Intel Core i5-4690 Mobo- Biostar H87-MLV3 RAM-Transcend 4GB
  18. I

    BSOD Help (ntoskrnl.exe) Windows 8.1

    So recently I put together a "newer" computer. The only old components are the two ssd's I have in the system. One being about a year old and the other purchased less than 2 months ago. My pc: Intel dz77ga-70k mobo corsair 1600mhz ram 8gb x2 evga gtx 980 sc acx 2.0 intel 2700k cpu two intel...
  19. L

    Do I have too many Stress-Testing Programs??

    Does it make a lot of difference when it comes to the number of stress-testing programs? Currently I have Prime95, IBT, CPU_z, well I don't need to mention all of them. EDIT: I might of mentioned this before, if so I'm sorry. It's been a while since I was here. EDIT #2: i also have BurninTest...
  20. B

    Keyboard freeze randomly

    Hi, Sometime, my keyboard freeze randomly. During those time, the rest of the computer and even the mouse work just fine. Do you thing it's a keyboard problem or a driver one? If I was pressing a key at the moment of the freeze, the key remained pressed while it freeze. When the keyboard...