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  1. CodeZ1LLa

    Question Is there'll be any benefit to run the loop this way?

    I need advice. I have the next parts: "D5" from Alphacool XSPC Raystorm Pro EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 HWLabs 480GTX HWLabs 420GTS Alphacool XT45 360. They are currently connected in series: Pump ===> XSPC CPU ===> EKWB GPU ===> Alphacool XT45 360 ===> HWLabs 420GTS ===> Res. GPU OCed to the limit but...
  2. N

    JBL Flip 4 paired with laptop won't play audio

    My JBL Flip 4 and laptop are paired, but the audio will not play through the JBL, only thru laptop. What am I missing. It works perfectly through phones.
  3. M

    Ddr4 2666Mhz ram in a 2133Mhz mobo.

    Hi,so i ordered ddr4 ram with a ram speed of 2666Mhz for my msi h110i pro motherboard wich allows a ram speed of 2133Mhz.will my pc still boot up or not? Btw srry for my bad english...
  4. B

    Oc i5 3570k on a z77x-UP5

    I''ve been wondering if i can push my CPU a little farther to 4.6/8ghz range without reaching 1.3v. Right now its running at 4.4ghz on 1.225v with idle temp around 38-42c and load max at 72-76c. I ran prime95 and aida64 and both are stable around 74c each. I've read that temps on these chips go...
  5. W

    PC Build for 3D Modeling and Animation + High End Gaming

    This will be the first and hopefully only PC I build (for a long time, at least). I do 3D modeling using Blender, use many Adobe programs, and would like to play games without the characters having shiny clay hair. And I'd like to keep it under $1500. I have something started, so I guess I...
  6. U

    PSU shorting on CPU or mobo?

    My mobo has 8 pin ATX12v, my PSU has 4+4 EPS12v. I've read multiple places that they go just fine together, but mine is shorting out (I just built it so not a usage problem) The PSU works fine on its own with the paperclip test, and when plugged into the GPU and/or the molex for fan control...
  7. L

    Constant blue screen errors, help please!

    This has been happening for quite some time now, everytime, even if I'm just playing games or browsing the internet etc. then suddenly I will get a blue screen error, I didn't get much info on what the error was but sometimes the error contains: "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" or something like...
  8. C

    Gaming Monitor between $700-$1200

    I'm currently running a sli GTX 980 setup and was looking for a gaming monitor. Thus far, the ROG Swift has seemed to be the best choice, but I'd like to not make the purchase until getting educated on my other options. Here's some background on games I play and plan to pay: DOTA 2 GTV 5 The...
  9. W

    PCIe 2.0 x 16 or 3.0 x 16 slot for 7970?

    Hi folks, I have an Asrock Z 77 Extreme 4 motherboard. Among other things, it offers a PCI E2 .0 x 16 and PCI E3 .0 x 16 VGA slots. Yesterday, I installed a 7970 graphics card and I placed it in the PCI E2 .0 x 16 slot. According to GPU Z, the graphic card reports that it supports PC IE by 16...
  10. SethJPC

    24 pin atx connector pin removal (sleeving)

    Hello, I've been sleeving my cables with Paracord and have come to a stop because the 24 pin MOBO connector pins simply refuse to come out. I've successfully sleeved my CPU, GPU and SATA power cables with no problem so I think my technique is correct. I don't want to pull the wires too hard for...
  11. D

    DirectX device creation error

    When I try and play bf3 I get an error saying: "Failed creating D3D device of at least verion 10.0 on adapter "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M " with driver "Unknown". Error is E_FAIL ("an undetermined error occured"). This is typically caused by not having the minimum required support in the GPU...
  12. M

    My New Build Won't Detect Soundcard. Please Help

    I just purchased a Soundblaster Z soundcard and my computer is not detecting it. I am fairly new to this as this is coming from my first build but any help would be greatly appreciated.. CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: ASRock Z87 Extreme4...
  13. ws_volt

    cooling my build

    So i have an ASUS ROG crosshair V formula Z motherboard, but ive noticed its running at mid 60sC when playing not very taxing games, if i were to play bf4 it would starting hitting 70/70C, way too hot. My case is the FAH 912 plus, so my question is, what is the best way for me to improve my...
  14. nate vongrimm

    No administrator access on an administrator account

    I've had to do a clean install of Windows 7 because my last installation bugged up. Now I'm trying to delete the old Windows copy on a different partition (D:) because I want to use that partition for my programs but I am unable to delete anything that requires administrator access. My user...
  15. M

    will DDR2 Ram work DDR2 SDRAM slots??

    i want to know if Normal DDR2 Ram will work on a Motherboard with DDR2 SDRAM My Mo-Bo Thanks