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  1. B

    Question First time server build - - - motherboard compatibility ?

    I just bought a Rosewell 2U server case and it states that it accepts Micro ATX motherboards. Has anyone attempted to put an ATX motherboard into one? I am going to attempt to move my computer components into a server. Thank you
  2. mk300

    Question AMD Epyc Server System doesn't POST

    Hi world, It' a classic: Power on, the fans run up but it doesn't POST. The Q-Code is 00. I waited for hours because of possible Mem-Training but no change. Asus ESC4000A-E10 (all (power)cables etc were pre-attached, as usual with these systems, they all seem to sit tight) 1x AMD Epyc 7543P...
  3. Dreadwolf91

    Question ECC-capable hardware for DIY NAS ?

    So i read about this doomsday scenario where not having ECC-capable hardware might lead to corruption that could delete the whole storage pool especially with ZFS. I wonder, when i have an external HDD where i automatically backup all my important files from the NAS weekly do i risk infecting...
  4. WillowTheWizard

    Question Custom Build Egpu/Network Server for multiple PC's

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to build a custom server that works as an EGPU for any of the computers that can access it on my network at home. I am on a journey learning about custom builds and GPU's and I have stumbled upon an aspect that I could do with some help with. I have bought an old...
  5. Z0FT

    Question Inconsistent Ping issues with various game servers (tracert output provided) ?

    Around late August I started having a very weird problem with some of my frequently visited gaming servers where my ping (which was typically ~80 ms to Chicago) would consistently rise to 117-140 between peak usage hours, and still have a unstable connection during the daytime. Some players are...
  6. M

    Question Want Advice on Whether a Server is Best Option

    If anyone might have some input, it would be appreciated. I'd like advice on how to go about setting up an extended-family online but private center for archiving historical and current photos, maybe some scans of old letters, etc., as an online, stable historical record. It would allow family...
  7. B

    Question Can't stream to RTMP server through NordVPN meshnet using phone data and GoPro ?

    I set up an RTMP server on my home computer and successfully tested it by streaming to it from another computer on the same home network. Now, I'm using NordVPN, which allows me to connect to my home computer, creating a virtual network, but my phone and laptop are actually on 4G data. The...
  8. johnkelly3

    Question MINIPC as a small office server

    I'm looking for a minipc I can use as a small office server in Raid1. We have an IT group that oversees about 6 desk minipcs, but the Server is running 2012 R2 and we need to upgrade the server computer & server software. Since the IT company also does backups I wanted to have the ability for a...
  9. H

    Question How to delete Discord plugins

    Hello, I have a problem with Discord plugins on my server, so I need to delete some of them. I cannot find it in the settings. How to I detele them? Thanks for the answers
  10. S

    Question Synology put a desktop CPU in my rackstation - Why?

    Hey! Someone recently gifted me a Synology Rackstation RS3614RPxs and I'm planning to setup NixOS/vagrant/libvirt on it. Removed the dust, switched in some new drives, so far so good. But when I went on to change the thermal paste, I noticed the CPU was an i3-4130. According to cpubenchmark this...
  11. D

    Question Little lost - First server

    Hey guys Sorry to be a pain, but I'm very lost. Have been given an old server and unsure where to start with it to be honest. HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Thought it would be plug and play, but can't seem to get at the OS....? Working Powers on Boots to BIOS Not working \ questions Seems like...
  12. SparkyTech934

    Question Suggestions for complete server backup program

    Hi All, I'm currently running Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition on an HP Z640 Workstation. I also utilize Hyper-V and run VMs within the host. Up until this point I have been using the included Windows Server Backup program as part of the standard windows features. While it works fine for...
  13. Timmyctc1

    Question What to look for in a motherboard for home server (NAS/Gaming) ?

    Hi folks, I'm planning on making a small homeserver to use up some spare Desktop parts I have at home and to try move away from constantly having to rent short term game servers for myself and the group every few months. I have a spare Ryzen 3600x, 16gb DDR4 and possibly a PSU (May need...
  14. d.john27

    Question Automatically Selects Overall Slower Server?

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty techie, but even I can't figure this out... This is my first post on a forum like this, so I thought I'd give it a shot. On wireless OR wired connections, automatically selects my ISPs server since I have their internet. The reason behind this, would be...
  15. C

    Question Turn server motherboard into desktop motherboard?

    I just bought an HP Proliant ML150 G6 server motherboard and just bought two CPU's to pair it. Unfortunately I just found some videos of the original HP proliant server, and the fans seems to be ramped up all the time. Booting the server also takes quite a while. I was wondering if it's possible...
  16. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] SAS drives not detected by Proxmox on Fujitsu Primergy RX300

    Hi there, I just bought a Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S7 and 6 new SAS HDDs. Installed Proxmox and plugged the HDDs into their bays. Everything works fine in proxmox except it cannot detect my SAS drives, only the two SSDs I installed on SATA ports for running OS. The SAS drives do pop up when...
  17. bentheblobfish

    Build Advice I looking to build a Jellyfin server ?

    Im currently looking to build a Jellyfin server/NAS (with unRAID) and I'm looking to buy a Lenovo Thinkcentre 910t (8GB ram, i5 7500) and install a few HDD's to increase storage. Does this seem like it would work? Should I upgrade to 16gb and how meaningful would that be? For reference, I'll be...
  18. dexud

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to limit turbo mode?

    Well that, it turns out that the temperature of my cpu increases a lot with turbo mode, but the base cpu frequency is somewhat low, so it would help me to be able to limit the ghz of turbo mode, the cpu does not support undervolt, nor overclock since It is a server cpu, it is an e5 2689 version...
  19. W

    Question Penguin server won't boot after swapping failed hard drive in RAID 6

    So I have a Penguin Relion 1900 1U rack mounted server running CentOS 7 that recently had a hard disk failure. It had 4 hard drives configured in RAID 6. To replace the failed HDD, I powered off the machine, swapped the failed one with a new drive of the same size (4TB) and powered on the...
  20. Shyam69

    Question So im trying to connect to a server and i cant connect to it, when pinging it in my cmd i get request timed out.

    View: Traceroute pic
  21. NOR1NCO

    Question My Xeon CPU clock is faulty ?

    I installed E5 2698 V3 for my server, I confirmed that I didn't have any energy saving settings turned on, and the cpu clock turbo in the BIOS is turned on. All-core turbo clock is 2.8Ghz, but single-core clock is only 2.5Ghz ? I don't know what's happened, should usually be 3.6Ghz or 3.3Ghz...
  22. LeInfiniti

    Question Ethernet crashes when friend joins Minecraft server

    On a whim decided to set up a modded Minecraft server to play with a friend. Ports seem to be forwarded correctly because they are able to join the server, but very shortly after doing so, my ethernet will crash. The adapter cannot be disabled, and upon trying to run troubleshooter it hangs...
  23. S

    Question Looking for help Port Forwarding and setting Static IP

    Hey guys, looking for any help possible as I am at my wits end trying to figure this out on my own. I am trying to set up a Minecraft Bedrock server on a server machine I refurbished for this sole purpose. However I am having trouble with two steps: First, setting up a static IP. I have...
  24. M

    Question Which PSU is enough for my build?

    I'm in the process of building an unraid server, and have finalized most of the parts, except the PSU. Intel i5-12600K ASRock Z690 PG Riptide Corsair Vengeance 2x16GB DDR4 RAM Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.C CPU Cooler Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2 SSD 2 x Samsung 980 Pro w/Heatsink 1 TB M.2 SSD 4 x 18 TB...
  25. S

    Question Disposable Email Server working ?

    How Disposable email server works when compared to normal email server ? What is the algorithm ? How does disposable email server creates different email aliases each time ? How do I develop my own Disposable email server ?
  26. P

    Question Work PC suddenly can't print & 0x0000011b error

    Work computer is connected to a suddenly stopped being able to print and when I tried to re-install the printer I get a 0x0000011b error. Cannot connect to printer. Steps I have tried: -HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print key, create a new DWORD-32 bit value...
  27. Zane Stewart

    [SOLVED] How can I setup my own file sharing server?

    I have my own physical dedicated server. 128gb of ram, 10TB and windows 11. I want to host/share/backup files for my friends the same-exact way Onedrive does. e.g. someone uploads a file and everyone can copy, delete or stream it, etc I'm looking for something that meshes with 'File...
  28. expc

    Question i9 12900k vs Ryzen 9 5950x for server ?

    Hello, my question is pretty simple: i9 12900k vs Ryzen 9 5950x for server ? Im planing on buying a server for hosting game servers, so I was wondering which processor is better for it ? I know that Intel has better performance over the ryzen but I read somewhere that Intel will not boost to...
  29. G

    [SOLVED] 2 x 10 gig port server.

    Hello! i would like to know is there possible way to connect 2 x 10 gig port server together so i have 20 gig port connect? if so please clarify how am i able to achieve that.
  30. ditrate

    Question "550: Failed to change directory" (FTP)?

    I was uploading a directory (with files) to a server. Upload was successful but I saw this in the log afterwards: Maybe, set simultaneously upload to a one would solve this? Log: 10864 2 Response: 230 Login successful. 10864 2 Command: OPTS UTF8 ON 10864 2 Response: 200 Always in UTF8 mode...
  31. ditrate

    Question mkvgui output size and hashsum

    I think mkvgui is the ultimate mkv muxer, but why there is no option to see output size and build in hashsum generator, don't understand.
  32. ditrate

    Question Can a file be corrupted while having the same size?

    Can file be corrupted, even if size unchanged? Thanks.
  33. ditrate

    Question Filezilla

    If I send command to the server: create directory and enter. Server will create one but not enter in it, is there gonna be an error reported in the event log?
  34. W

    Question GPU issues when upgrading from Xeon E5-2407 v2 to E5-2470

    Hi guys I'm using an old Dell Poweredge T420. I just upgraded my cpu's and now I can't get my RTX 3080 to work. Windows won't detect it. It was working on the 2407 chips. Is there something about the v1 chips that would cause this? I've tried my legacy hdd and a disk with uefi. Thanks
  35. S

    Question Difference between Samsung RAM (M393A8G40AB2-CWEXX) and what is compatible with ASUS WS WRX80E-SAGE SE motherboard ?

    I am currently working on a project and the motherboard I am using is the ASUS WS WRX80E-SAGE SE. When I was selecting RAM based on the compatibility list, I selected 8x M393A8G40AB2-CWEGQ. I went ahead and ordered these from CDW, but when they arrived a collection of sticks that were...
  36. R

    [SOLVED] 12100f vs 12400f vs 5600x for server hosting

    Hello, I'm looking forward to building a home server for mass storage and server hosting. The most important part right now is the server hosting part, I have plans in hosting dedicated servers (one at a time) to play with my friends but I can't find any comparisons that talk about those two...
  37. I

    Question How do i get network to connect straight to game server ?

    As a South African, my options in online gaming are limited thus causing me to play with an average 160+ ping on EUR servers and 130+ ping on Middle East (Bahrain). One of the games i play is Valorant and FOR NO REASON! >:-(( this happens, View: My network...
  38. Mr Koaliti

    Question Motherboard Recommendations for Servers

    Good day my fellow nerds! I am looking for recommendations on Motherboards for a NAS server at home. The OS I will be using is UNRAID OS. Server itself will be used for File Storage, VMs, Game Server Hosting, & Media Streaming. Right now I am struggling to find a motherboard that I like so I...
  39. J

    Question Will this RAM work?

    I have a JINGSAH X79M-S3.0 Motherboard (LGA2011) and Intel Xeon E5-2690 CPU. Motherboard was made in China and seems to be incredibly generic in nature. Finding information on this (not written in Chinese) has been a real challenge, resource materials seem to be limited (at best). I am not...
  40. H

    [SOLVED] "System Board Regulator Failure" on Dell Precision T7500 ?

    hi all, I have a dell precision t7500 which originally had no ram, storage, GPU, extra riser card and only had a Xeon x5667 installed. I purchased 2x Xeon x5670's, a riser card, 48gb of 12600r memory, that's 12 4gb sticks of single rank x4 stuff. I installed my own known working storage and...