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  1. DF_

    Working remotely & synchronishing files across multiple HDDs

    Hello, I have a question concerning taking HDDs on the go, and consolidating files. Outline I work in VFX and CGI. I have a studio with two very well-specd Ryzen builds that I use on a daily basis, and at the moment one of those PCs has various HDDs within it that I use for projects; these...
  2. jkris.b

    Question Why are the fans not slowing down on my fujitsu rx300 s7 server

    So i just got a fujitsu rx300 s7 server refurbished and ive noticed that the fans are still running at the same speed as when in bios and they're damn loud if anyone has a fix for this would be greatly appreciated
  3. I

    [SOLVED] How do i fix server issue

    I play Valorant ...used to play Valorant on Bahrain server giving me 160ms average, (Im from Mozambique) but about 3 weeks ago, the server now gives me 300ms average, i tried changing networks, didn't work even used another network provider, so now i play on 200ms Frankfurt server, i did...
  4. Dragonfire967

    Question Will a server motherboard work with a non-server chassis?

    So stupid question (and probably overthinking this), but would an ATX Server-grade Motherboard work without any issues with a non-server-grade chassis and PSU? Reason I am asking is I am putting together a small server tower to run next to my gaming rig to host several servers off of for me and...
  5. B

    Question Thin client

    Is a Linux or Windows thin client PC necessary for adding PCs to an office network or can be used for individual and connect to internet by virtual server without things like dongle?
  6. D

    Question Difficulty with Minecraft Server

    This is another "cant' set up a Minecraft server" post ... Hoping someone will be able to help. The short version is that the server works on my computer, but not his. Both of our computers are hardwired directly to the ASUS RT-AC86U router via ethernet cable. His local IP address is...
  7. H

    Question SAS Unconfigured Bad error code 0xc when set to unconfigured good

    I have 1 Drive that has become Unconfigured Bad (Unsupported), there is also a red orangish light at the drive. I want to try to fix this, I have searched many tutorial, like here: but in that...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Can a super fast internet decrease ping?

    Im from Mozambique and extremely fast networks aren't possible here, and in most online games due to no close server i always get 180ms+ ping on Eu servers, but i wonder if i get a 44tb/s (terabytes) network speed, will that decrease my ping? to maybe anything bellow 100? (please don't give me a...
  9. I

    [SOLVED] Why is putting a server so hard?

    I play Valorant and im from Southern Africa (Mozambique), and i play with 160ms on Barhain server, the valorant team has said they have plans for South African players but nothing came up, and im wordering why is it taking so long or why is it so hard, is it money? Covid? Not enough people...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] What is the right way to swap failed drive on Server Computer

    hello there, I have a RAID 1 System implement in my server, just a simple RAID with two 300 GB Hard Drive. recently one of the drives has gone bad and I want to change it with a new one, I have to take a look at many tutorial and website and get confused because some of them said i need to shut...
  11. Question CANNOT OPEN PORT

    Hello, I have been trying for the past 2 months to run a Minecraft server with no luck. My issue is I cannot open port 25565, when I try portforward tester it says Connection refused. My server software is working just fine. My router is Tplink Archer C6. I have configured my...
  12. jtnoble321

    Question Port Forwarding For A Server - Not Open

    Hey all, been trying for a few hours on this and I am stumped. I'm using a Netgear Router and trying to host a Valheim server. I've tried running a Minecraft server before and I believe I had the same issue. For Valheim, you open ports 2456-2458 TCP/UDP, which I have done for the correct IP...
  13. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] NAS Server | Which Linux and which NAS software?

    Hi! I'm really new into Linux and want to build myself a small Home/NAS server. The problem is that most of the NAS software I've seen (and understood) are OS's. So basically I install e.g. FreeNAS and that's it. There's the NAS server. But I want to use the server for other things aswell, like...
  14. O

    Question Connecting To Johannesburg Instead Of Melbourne

    Hey fellas, I've run into an issue when automatically connecting to matchmaking servers after fiddling around with the "hosts" file located in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc A few games with automatic server selection are having trouble recognising that I live in Melbourne and not South...
  15. Question I port forwarded my router but it is not open ?

    I have tried to open port 2090 on my router, to host a node.js server for my friends. here is a picture of my router config It works everywhere on my local network with both localhost(, my local ip( and my public ip(82.211..:2090). But if i tell my friends to...
  16. K

    [SOLVED] ~Looking to build a personal server for games, file and website hosting.

    As said in the title, i'm looking for a server that could host servers for multiplayer games like minecraft (modded), terraria and any other multiplayer games that can be demanding for a pc to have the server and the game running (I have a PC cappable of that but i'd ratter have a server...
  17. Lorenzo-Piazza

    Question System doesn't boot after adding an internal hard drive

    Hi, I just found an old computer that I no longer used and I wanted to put it back together to use it as a server. I, therefore, needed to disable the 'halt on' option from the bios to be able to boot without having attached any external device, like screen and keyboard. I also had the operating...
  18. H

    Build Advice Need advice for building Mid-End to High-End Server PC

    Hello, i have some experience build a home or gaming pc but a total beginner at server pc. here some requirement of what we need Budget up to 600$ to 800$ Can be use 24/7 Hour with minimal Watt as possible We are using SQL Server and XAMPP as our Main database. Have a good data transfer Can...
  19. filiboni

    Question ASUS dual CPU mothermboard not posting HELP

    Hi dear all , I've got my hands on a ASUS server board (kgpe d16) dual socket operon chipset (g34 socket) when I try to boot up the system there is no post , nothing , the fan speeds up and the CPUs reach high temperature, I tried changing the CPUs ( I've got 4 of these opterons both couple...
  20. G

    Question People can't connect to my server ( Minecraft ) anymore.

    Today I encountered a pretty strange issue: First I should mention that my router was restarted and my public IP changed because it is dynamic. All good, I just provided the new IP to my friends and they were able to join the server. It worked for about 2-3 hours, but after that, they were...