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  1. MasterGreen002

    [SOLVED] Port still closed after port forwarding

    I want to run a Minecraft server off of my computer. I port forwarded already and the port is still closed. All the things I've done are: set up the port forward turned on bridge mode on my modem changed the firewall settings to let the port through set up my local ip to be static I have a...
  2. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Does living further away from the providers HQ affect the connection?

    Please read: I used to have internet speeds of 70mb DOWN and 20mb UP when I lived in a different city and had a different internet provider. With my new internet provider in a different city that I moved into I get 360mb DOWN and 40mb UP. Now the thing is, I noticed that when I am hosting a...
  3. A

    Question Any suggestions for a good and secure file-sharing model for my parent's office ?

    Some context: At present, we use a Centralized OneDrive system for the office, so that instead of creating multiple copies, files can be worked upon simultaneously. However, my parents are desirous of limiting access to the employees, only sharing those files which are necessary, fearing (and...
  4. D

    Question No display and No post

    I have a server PC with an ASRock z77 pro3 motherboard. I've been having problems with this PC since the beginning but don't exactly know why. It's got a Corsair 750watt PSU in it and a non-lhr 3060. I probably reflashed hiveOS on its SSD at least 15 times over the past few days but made sure to...
  5. O

    Question Fast and Economical Small Office File Sharing Server

    Hi, My team and I are working on a new project, that requires group access to a single locally stored stock library. Each team member would be working on a video and they would source the footage that they require from our stock library. They would need to access the library via the network...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] SSD Question

    I have a quick question about a new SSD drive i have ordered. I plan to use it in my makshift server, an old 2015 business PC. It uses a lot of pagefile, the servers take huge amounts of ram. It has 16 GB of ram. After 3 server boot its using 25 GB of RAM and allocated 31 GB. So its basicly...
  7. W

    Question How to find out what server a software accesses while using it?

    Is there a kind of program that would allow me to see what servers a particular software connects to, for instance an activation server or something similar?
  8. I

    Question Private FTP access to a specific folder?

    Hello guys. I'm posting this in the Windows 10 section because that's the OS I'm using so I felt it was relevant. <Mod edit: Moved to "Networking"> OS = Windows 10 So, I am currently working on building a Minecraft server bungeecord network. I am, at the moment, working on hiring staff...
  9. airbornehurdle

    Upgrade recommendations for an office desktop converted into modded Minecraft server hosting?

    Hello, so I just bought this small desktop from eBay because I wanted to play modded Minecraft and I wanted to host it on a server. I don't like paying for a server so I just invested on a personal one so that it is better in the long term. I installed Ubuntu Server and AMP for hosting the...
  10. Mapy

    Question Use “sound improving” capacitor pci card to help with unstable power

    I recently bought an old super micro server. When the house HVAC turns on the lights dim and the super micro server occasionally turns off. Would one of those scam sound improved pci cards full of capacitors be able to help stabilize power for that spilt second to keep the server running?
  11. LNWatson

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from Intel i3 3220

    Hi, Currently repurposing an old desktop as a vm host on my network. The desktop I’m using has an i3 3220 - id like to upgrade but I am on a budget. Asking here because I’m worried about comparability, as I know although it uses the same socket as some newer cpus yet isn’t compatible 🙃. I...
  12. E

    [SOLVED] Important points when buying a new used server

    Hello, I will buy a new server to upgrade my current server. The server is second-hand, but the server looks clean. I will test the server when I buy it, but how can I quickly test the hardware at the time of purchase? What are the most important points I need to check for hardware? How can I...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] SSD/NVMe for DL360 G7

    Hello, Can I use SSD or NVMe disk memory on HP DL360 G7 Server? I am currently using SAS 15K and I wonder if it is possible to replace SSD with SATA? Thank you.
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Raid0 multiple partitions on one drive to make server on local rooter (rooter only acepts x8 partitions of 2TB max)

    I added a 8TB storage unit on my rooter and had to devide it in 4x2TB partitions to work, aperently it doesnt allow more than 2TB for each partition. So my question would be if I clould run thees partitions in raid0 to make it look like 8TB again instead of 4x2TB. If so could someone plz help me...
  15. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding Not Working On Google WiFi

    I've been attempting to set up a Minecraft server for me and my friends on an old laptop, and everything went great until the dreaded port forwarding. I think I've narrowed it down to be Google WiFi's fault. Here's what the situation is: The firewall is allowing JAVA and the port forwarding...
  16. E

    Question how to find adminstartor password of my cloud user?

    hey, i have a cloud outlook account on my windows 11 pro, i log in through pin code or fingerprint from logon screen. when requesting SSH server it request me user's password!(which i never set), what could it be?and how can i find it/set it?* * tried entering pin code/outlook account, did not work!
  17. rakinar2

    [SOLVED] Need some storage plans for a storage server

    My four friends (including myself) have decided to build a storage server for our friend-circles. Now, we want to discuss with Tom's Hardware Forum Members (Including moderators and all others!) about this topic. So guys if you have any idea or suggestion please post it here and that will be so...
  18. [SOLVED] My Server PC Shows Wrong RAM

    I've installed 36GB RAM on my Home Server PC, but it shows 32GB RAM installed. I've tested all the RAM on another PC but there is no fault in the RAMs. Why this is happening?
  19. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Hyper-V Linux Installation Takes Well Over 100GB on New VHD?

    Hi all! So, I'm in the middle of deploying a server using Windows Server 2019 Standard. I will be running a Linux VM (Zorin OS 16 Core) through Windows Hyper-V that will be hosting Nextcloud. I have 4x 4TB HDDs in a RAID 5 array that ended up totaling around 10.3TB of useable space. When I...
  20. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Debating HDD Setup for New Server

    Hey everyone! I'd love to hear some ideas/opinions about what I've got going on as I prepare to deploy a server for the first time, specifically about storage setup I'm looking at storage solutions for my newly purchased (used) HP Z640 Workstation. I got it for $360 with the following specs...
  21. Guardian105Server

    Question Dual Boot Server Setup

    Hello there, I am not sure if this is the right thread to be in but I had a question in regards to dual booting. So I have a server system that I have built and I have stored it away under my desk since I have no place to put it where I can have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. With this in...
  22. OvidiuN72

    Question Chrome OS, Server Deployment, Screen Mirroring ?

    Hello, I currently plan on buying 5 cheapest 32" TVs and 5 chromebits CS10 to place in small grocery stores in different cities with one purpose, display a pricelist on a TV. I need this because the shop assistants: 1). keep changing the price on their own and they pocket the difference thus...
  23. XerneraC

    Question Can I power my GPU through a secondary PSU?

    I have an HP Proliant DL380 G7 server, in which I want to install an RX 580 to build a render server. I saw that with a riser, you can use PCI-E cards up to 150 Watts. Sadly, the 580 is rated at a TDP of 185 Watts. Can I use a secondary PSU to power the 580? I know that the proper thing to do...
  24. S

    Question Does Windows Server know when drive in raid fails?

    Hello, I would like to know if Windows server 2008 is able to detect that one of the the drives in Raid has failed. If not, is there a way for the Raid to communicate about failure? Beeping or email, anything. I'm using Windows server 2008 Old HP desktop server with ORCA v8.20.60.00 Any help...
  25. bhogervorst

    [SOLVED] This computer won't turn off!

    This is a new one for me. Here's my story. I have a basic headless server machine that I use to run some game servers and other basic utilities. It's an i7-3770 with an Intel DH67BL motherboard, 32GB of Crucial Balistix, and a basic SATA 128GB SSD running Windows Server 2019. The system has...
  26. TheCommander496

    [SOLVED] Can I game on a old server machine transformed

    I recently picked a free but old dell poweredge 2950 with 40GB of DDR2 ram with dual Xeon x5355 CPU's. I was wondering if I could just throw in a low profile 1650 so that I can game while away since my laptop is too weak to even run minecraft at 50fps. I would not be playing anything intensive...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Ping to my server right next to me is too high

    So I recently purchased a server in Dallas since that's where I live and I'd like to get the lowest ping possible, the IP is <<Removed by moderator>> if anyone is curious. It's running Ubuntu 20.04 and even though I'm right on top of it I get 35ms ping even though similar servers I get 3ms. Did...
  28. T

    Question Need some help figuring out the best way to move some of my network components around, any help appreciated

    [Moderator Edit to break up a solid paragraph and remove bold font.] Hi everyone, I am looking for some help so if you have any info please share, I'm going to explain what I'm trying to do and then hoping you can tell me if any of my ideas are possible or if you have better ideas please share...
  29. navnetsen

    Question Server or server alternative ?

    Hi everyone, I have been lucky enough to start a tiny company. It is very tiny and does not generate a huge amount of profit. Nevertheless, I do feel that I need a platform to store my data and run my applications. So far, I have been running everything from my desktop, but it isn't...
  30. MoigenEugen

    [SOLVED] How do i access the data from my RAID Drives, which where in an array (High-Water Allocation Method RAID 0)?

    Hey guys, I would like to acess my data, but cant acess the drives. My situation: I set up my RAID 0 with high-water allocation method with 5 drives, 2x2TB and 3x1TB It was all just a normal PC with an unraid Boot Stick. I filled it up with 3,3TB of important files, windows backups etc. but I’m...
  31. J

    [SOLVED] I need help port-forwarding a minecraft server on a tp-link router!

    If anyone is free tomorrow that would be able to help me please add me on discord or reply to this post with another form of communication! I have been trying to get this stuff to work all day and I just can't so if someone out there knows a fix then please hit me up! Discord- JakaXXXX XXXX =...
  32. aeoneternal

    [SOLVED] HBA makes computer not start ?

    Hello I'm at a stump. I have a LSI SAS9200-16e that connects my 45 JBOD enclosure to my server. Motherboard is a SUPERMICRO X8DTH-IF If the JBOD is turned OFF then the computer will start and get into windows but obviously then you don't have your hard drives from the enclosure. If the JBOD...
  33. jarub

    [SOLVED] Server/Workstation First Build

    Hello to everybody! First things first, I've just landed in this forum, and looks like there are lots of nice and experienced people here. Im glad to have joined this community :) Relative to the question, I want to explain the main purpose of the build that I have in my mind, before giving...
  34. onlythefreshness

    [SOLVED] Issue with Samba sharing from Raspbian and windows 10

    Currently I'm trying to connect my rp4 to my windows 10 share file but I'm running into quite a few issues. I want to say too that I'm quite a novice when it comes to non-windows based machines so there may be some errors in my operation that I'm unable to see. Okay so I followed this guide...
  35. A

    [SOLVED] Win10 update > connection to local server freezes after restart

    Hello, We have a small office network setup here. There's about 7-8+ users connected. We have older machines (2012, core2duo, ddr3, etc), and an older server. I believe the server is also 2012. Our PCs have upgraded to windows 10. and we've had several updates of course. One of these...
  36. mimo_2x2

    [SOLVED] Fiber Card Issues

    I have a QLogic QLE2564 Fiber Card that doesn’t seem to be working with my server. I am running windows server 2019 on a Hyve Zeus V1 with a supermicro X9DRD-LF motherboard. When installed, the card is not detected in device manager or when the system boots. All the lights on the card remain...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Supermicro Homelab server PSU recommendation

    Hello, I've bough a SuperMicro dual CPU MoBo (X10 DRL-C) and two E5-2695 V3 and 2 x 64gb LRDIMM, the idea is build it under ATX case due Quiet & Space aspects. At this point I'm struggling with the PSU due the Power draw plus the EPS cable and PSU support. The idea is use as home lab for VMs...
  38. [SOLVED] Wake On LAN Issues with PC connected to multiple networks

    Hi there, I've been trying to set up WOL for a server connected to an offline network. The PC I'm sending the packet from has two ethernet ports. One port is connected to the router which is connected to the internet and the other port is connected to a switch that then connects to offline...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] port forwarding not working

    Hi! So I'm trying to host a minecraft server for a couple of my friends and I, however the ports don't seem to be active even though they are forwarded. Every config is setup correctly and it's using the correct internal IP address. The server is up on a local level as I can connect using...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Can i turn my gaming PC in to a simple home server or lab for educational / testing purposes ?

    Can i turn my gaming PC in to a simple home server or lab for educational / testing purposes, while still being able to use it for my day-to-day use ? Hi guys, so i have this gaming PC that i built not too long ago with the following spec: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x GPU: Colorful GTX 1660 Super...