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  1. T

    Question Too many Service Host processes

    Hello, I have been playing on my pc R6S and been having micro stutters after roughly 2 hours of gameplay that look like low fps even though my fps counter shows more than 70 when the stutters happen and they look like 20 fps. I've been noticing tons of Service Host Processes in my task manager...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Service Host Memory Hog

    My Computer has unable to play games for longer then 2 hours without closing the game because there isn't enough memory. I have 16gb of RAM in my pc. I took a look into the task manager to see what was talking up my memory there were multiple things running called service host. This is talking...
  3. J

    Question How to prevent Service Host from using all my memory.

    I have 16GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 3k. However recently I've had my PC becoming slow and in some cases crashing programs. After checking my Task Manager I found that all my memory was being used by Service Host and other Services by Windows. (Up to about 640 MB per program. I've tried a lot of...
  4. Kazorick

    Question All of my service hosts taking up ram.

    So ive had my new PC for not to long and after a few hours all of my service hosts take up all of my ram allowing me to do nothing. Ive tried everything. If anyone could let me know some programs or a command that will fix it please let me know.
  5. L

    is my pc good for streaming and gaming

    I don't play most games on high def or high specs take this into account I would like to now if I will be able to stream and play no problem with this pc I have ordered BLKFRISALE1: CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Combo [+5] (Black Color w/ Blue Light) BLKFRISALE2: CyberpowerPC...
  6. A

    Computer hard crashes every time I try to startup a game.

    Almost every single time I try to start up a game, literally any game, my computer hard crashes and reboots immeadiately after. At first, the crashes would happen occasionally while casually playing Aion. Then it slowly progressed to crashing every time while loading into the game. While...