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  1. Walkthrough Device Hardening: The Cure That Worked

    Of course, this is one the main places to come to whenever someone having issues video games freezing, crashing, etc. Someone like me will then search for answers on PC websites like this, and lots of different things will be suggested you can do and software to install that will supposedly...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] How to fix the Sound on my Win 10 System?

    After the new windows 10 update my sound stopped working. At first there was a problem with my drivers which I fixed. Now the drivers seem to be working but I still don't have any sound. I can't play a test sound and it says everything is working, but it doesn't. If I run Media Player Classic...
  3. R

    Question Asking for a full Admin tools/ Services (win 8.1) default settings list [My PC keeps freezing after modification]

    Hi Everybody, not long ago I have changed a few settings at the Admin tools/ Services window of my Win 8.1, and my PC starts with a 5 minutes freezing ever since. I'd like to ask you to please send me a picture of the full Admin tools/ Services (win 8.1 64 bit) default settings list so that I...
  4. G

    Question System Configuration Window services tab - where is folder/file(s) containing these settings located?

    Help! I've done something very, very silly. To fix this I need to know the names and location of the folder(s)/file(s) that contain the settings in the Windows 10 System Configuration window Services tab. How this happened and why I think I need the names and location of the folder(s)/file(s)...
  5. M

    Old XFX PSU still good enough?

    I'm about to put together a new PC and I'm wondering if my old PSU is still good to go or if I should look into buying a new one. The old one is an XFX P1-850X-XXB9 850W, still actually has a newegg page up ( Anyways, not sure...
  6. A

    computer freezing hard no blue screen or dump files

    so over the past few days i hooked up a second monitor and everything was working fine but i noticed both monitors would occasionally go black for about half a second but i figured it was a bad connection and i tried to make sure it was secure. it didn't happen after that till i got in a game of...
  7. D

    Stream Amazon Echo Music thru Receiver

    I have a Denon AVR 1613 receiver and a Amazon Echo. I'm trying to stream music from the Echo to the receiver using wireless. I'd appreciate suggestions/products Thank you
  8. I

    Max ram limit

    Can my processor with intel pentium4 3. 0 Ghz support 2 gb of ram??
  9. R

    AMD Motherboard Compatibility Help

    Hello, my friend is looking to upgrade his cpu, but I'm not very familiar with amd motherboard compatibility. He owns this old motherboard: http:// What would be a good cpu that is compatible with this mobo in the 100-150$ price range? Thanks so much!
  10. N

    Intel i5 - 6400 with gtx 1050?

    I wanna know if my cpu is fine to combine it with that gpu. Pc has 2.7ghz. Also I only have a 650w psu. I dont want it to overheat. I used to play Witcher and other games with a Radeon r7 250 but bottleneck was 99%. Testing 1050 online it said bottleneck was 13%. worth buying the 1050? Or am I...
  11. B

    New HDD doesn’t spin up or show in bios

    I got a new hdd(was 1tb) and when I plugged in the sata cable and power it wouldn’t spin up. I tried other sata cables I knew worked, power cables that worked, and even sata ports that worked. Any ideas, did I just get shafted?
  12. K

    i have 8 gb ram only 932 mb usable.

    i have a laptop i5. It have 8 gb ram installed but it shows that only 932 mb usable . os is window 8.1 enterprise 32 bits . I know that 32 bit only use 4 gb of ram but it is only using 932 mb i have also used msconfig command but problem remained .what to do ?? i really need to fix this problem.
  13. 92hatchattack

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro front panel headers question.

    Hey gang. I'm hoping this is a nice simple question for one of you out there. So, the Reset and Power front panel headers coming from my Phanteks Enthoo Pro case do not specify which pin of the connector is the ground. What is does have on the plastic is a little arrow or triangle pointing...
  14. K

    Create Server networking

    I have to create a server network with 6 labs and 1000 computers. How many switches , connectors , cables do I need for that
  15. I

    fiio e10k + speakers

    Is fiio e10k good enough for speakers (active ones obviously) or is it recommended only for headphones? I mean is there a difference between a DAC designed for headphones and for speakers?
  16. P

    Hard Drive constantly running at 100%

    Hey everyone, recently my hard drive has been constantly running at 100% while I am just at the home screen. Task manager shows that "system and compressed memory" is what is running so high. The problem will last about 15 minutes, remain ok for less than 5 minutes, and then continue on. As you...
  17. A

    Are FPS drops normal?

    Just built a new system and I've noticed in games such as league of legends I will have a solid 170-240 fps until playing the game a bit it will drop to 120-130. I'm curious to know if this is normal? I have checked the temperate and nothing is over 40 degrees (during drops) Gigabyte gtx 970...
  18. K

    Gateway DX4860 Graphics Update is it supported?

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade my Gateway DX4860 from it's stock configuration. Specs as of now: Motherboard: IPISB-VR Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset H67 LGA1155 BIOS: P02-A1 CPU: Intel Core I5 2320 @ 3.00GHz Graphic Interface: PCI-Express Memory: 8x2 for 16 GB's of Memory DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA...
  19. C

    It takes 1 second for textures to load?

    In latest pc games it takes 1 second for the textures to load? Normal?
  20. N

    how do fix this rct6203w46 tab it has no power

    Can you help me turn on my rca tablet it won't power on modl number rct6203w46