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    Question Windows 10 System settings flashes then closes

    When i open the settings menu and click on system it opens and then immediatly closes again I can open any other setting without any issue edit: i continuesly get the :Event Name: AppxDeploymentFailureBlue error in my event viewer
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    Question Spikes caused by router

    Since I changed my internet to a fastest one, my gaming connection got way worse, because of ping spikes. What I know for certain, the spikes are caused by the router and wireless configurations, using a cable solves this, also my old internet wifi weren't causing spikes like this one, so I've...
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    [SOLVED] Problem with a Proxy server or a virus

    Hello there, I have been suffering from a problem with my proxy server settings in about a month. When I go to the web browser and try to reach a some sittes that aren't so popular, they open a page with a Bad Request or with This site can't be reached error. But I have watched a few videos...