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    Question 3x 4K Monitors on 2 GTX 1080s?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my set up pretty significantly and am having trouble coming to the conclusion if the following idea is possible. I would like to set up three 4K monitors side by side. I will game only on the one in the center, putting things on the other two at my leisure...
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    [SOLVED] Can someone help me with my future setup?

    Hello, (sorry if i explained something badly, my english is far from perfect) I'm planning to buy a new setup in a few months and i need the help of someone whith enough experience to tell me about it, even if i am a little bit experienced and i have already mounted a few setups, i never...
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    m5a99x evo r2.0 and fx 8320 will i have any problem?

    I have heard that the bios that came with the m5a99x evo r2.0 have problems with the fx 8320. If that's the case, what should i do? If i got to update the bios, i have to do it with another cpu (which i dont have) or without one it would work? I dont know too much about this so excuse if the...
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    HEEELLLP!!! Windows Freezing After 6 Seconds

    Hi community. I was playing around with over clocking and GPU settings... (I know what I am doing), and suddenly my system froze. I had to hard shut down, and then repair the system. Since then after being logged in for more than 5-6 seconds it freezes. I am then forced to hard shut down. I need...