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  1. MathisSch

    Question Minimal Config not working

    Hello guys, my new PC isn’t working and i’ve build it with it’s minimal components. Right now it is: a Ryzen 5 3600 plus boxed Fan, both connected to 4 Pin Power for the cpu and cpu fan pins a GTX 1060 6GB (Which is needed since there is no graphic engine on the cpu) connected to 6 pin vga...
  2. B

    Question New Home Setup

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help with my new home setup after recently purchasing our house. If I can explain the setup firstly and what I intend to use and id be happy to hear your thoughts or what I should change. Ive looked into patch panelling but I may add this in a couple of years...
  3. Question I can not install new ATI Radeon Adrenalin drivers

    hi, i can not process "detecting driver and sofware compatibility" when i first open setup file. it is endless process and setup stucks at the beginning. literally can not detect my driver and sofware compatibility. so i can not install driver. note: i dont have english setup file despite my pc...
  4. H

    Question Can I put my SSD on another setup and expect it to work the same?

    Hello, I would like to ask if it is okay to just plug my SSD with installed Windows 10 and other programs into my brother's desktop PC. And then boot up and expect everything to be the same. Our specs are very similar. Same CPU (i5 4690k), different brand (but same) ram and graphics card. Also I...
  5. xcom2plz

    [SOLVED] I feel like the problem is simple but I’m just not seeing it.

    Hardware i7-10700K 32 GB DDR4 Msi gaming edge plus z490 Thermaltake 850 Platinum plus Gpu 2060 super and 2080 super I’ve been doing this since the internet became available to the public. The system won’t boot no beeps . So I took everything out and placed on my desk I got everythin...
  6. Question Very specific setup not working

    Hi, I have a very specific problem concerning my display setup that I can't make any sense of. The goal is to have both my PC and my Playstation connected to my projector. However, since my projector is on the other side of my room I need to use a 15m HDMI cable to reach it (If I want...
  7. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Windows Won't Boot into Setup

    Hey Guys, I just got a 2.5" inch 240GB Sata SSD (WD Green) for my OLD hometheatre PC with H55 Mobo and i3 540 with GT710, enough for movies/streaming on my TV. The question is that I wanna do a clean installation of Windows 10 on the new SSD and I cannot seem to boot into the setup using my...
  8. to0ony

    [SOLVED] Help with PC Setup upgrade [GPU]

    My current setup: • MB: GIGABYTE GA-B85M-D3V • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4130 Processor • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 1GB DDR3 • RAM: HyperX Kingston FURY 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM • PSU: CHIEFTEC GPS-400A8 (400W) I upgraded my RAM from 4GBs to 16GBs dual channel. Next thing I would...
  9. meirtolpin11

    [SOLVED] Gaming Setup Review

    What do you think about this setup ? is it good for gaming ? AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Tray 1 Gigabyte B450M S2H 1 DDR 4 16G (8GX2) 3200 CL16 DARK Za TEAM 1 Antec Case GX202 White Led + Gigabyte 700W 1 PowerColor RX 5700XT 8G GDDR6 AXRX 5700XT 8GBD6-3DH 1
  10. G

    Question Gaming PC cant handle games?

    Hello everyone I don't know much about hardware and that's why I'm here for help :). I play games like Valorant/Overwatch/Heroes of the Storm and can only run them on low settings to reach 130-170fps.. Like Overwatch is a harder game but Valorant & HoTS are easy games to run I think? Sometimes...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Question about my next setup place with nice airflow.

    So tomorrow im changing my room (personal decision) so this is the wall where im going to place my gaming setup, i would like to know where´s the best place to put my pc ( it has tempered glass in the right so internal components are visible and i want a nice look of it and a good airflow ) i...
  12. F

    Discussion Question about my next setup place.

    So tomorrow im changing my room (personal decision) so this is the wall where im going to place my gaming setup, i would like to know where´s the best place to put my pc ( it has tempered glass in the right so internal components are visible and i want a nice look of it ) i just designed the...
  13. Cubeeee

    [SOLVED] Cable management problems

    This may seem like a rather pointless thing to post about for some of you, but please bear with me as it’s genuinely an issue that I’m experiencing. I just finished my new gaming pc build, hoping to make my setup look like one of the builds you’ll see in setup wars or some other YouTube series...
  14. Sharv

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Setup - display stays in power saver

    I upgraded my PC today with a new mobo/cpu/vid card/memory. After doing so, it booted up fine. I wanted to do a fresh install of windows 10, though, so I ran windows setup, told it to save nothing, and hit install. It did the preparation count, then restarted the system - and since then, the...
  15. C

    Question What are your thoughts about my setup?
  16. Tupperware5476458

    [SOLVED] Buying a new graphic card

    Hi all, I wanted to ask which graphic card I should buy for better performance in gaming. I'm noobish to this kind of stuff (and other stuff). Could u give me advice in this matter? Below are my specs: -Motherboard: MSI H310M PRO-M2 plus -CPU: Intel I5-9600K -RAM: Corsair DDR4-2400 2x8 GB...
  17. D

    Question Cant get Windows 10 ISO to boot to ASUS ROG STRIX B450f in any way

    I've put together a Rog Strix B450f system with a Ryzen 5 3600, and have gotten everything to post and be recognized by the BIOS. However, when I went to install windows 10, booting to the flash drive returned a no boot device message. I then tried booting if the UEFI option of the flash drive...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade? Gaming Setup

    Hello guys, I was thinking it's time for a partial upgrade. What would you suggest to upgrade first and which components are still in shape? Main use is for gaming at Full HD Current setup: - MSI B150 Gaming M3 - Core i5-6500 3.20 GHz - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB - 16 GB RAM DDR5 (2...
  19. N

    Question Moving, must consolidate PC

    I am in kind of a pickle at the moment on a decision here. Let me lay it out: I am about to graduate college and I will likely either move away for a job or move back home for a bit before I get a job/move in with a friend. I currently have a Lenovo y700 (bought in 2016) that I use for a mobile...
  20. R

    Question Gaming desks ??

    Hey all once again I’m teaching out to you guys for some help, I’m waiting on my pc to be built and it will be here in the next few weeks I should imagine that being so i was wondering what you guys deem a good sort of “desk” to place your setups on I would like a desk that I can put the tower...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Need help with my upgrade

    This is my current set up ( 7600k, h270f motherboard, sli 1070, 500 gb m.2, 2tb hard drive, 650w psu, 16gb 3000mhz ram all custom watercooled ) im currently upgrading my moms pc and building my girlfriend a pc so some of my setup will go to them but i want to go with a new setup i want some...
  22. K

    [SOLVED] Will this work?

    Hello, i beg you, are these components together allright? AMD Ryzen 5 1600 12nm GIGABYTE B450 GAMING X - AMD B450 HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR4 3200 Seasonic Energy Knight SS-500ET T3 - 500W Crucial MX500, 2,5" - 500GB Gainward 1050 ti 4GB DDDR5 case Evolveo T3 The only "issue" I'm aware of is...
  23. bedis

    [SOLVED] dsl not working properly

    so this dsl is not working and i wanted to know how to set p the wires this particular way didn't work(the one in the image) a link to the image: View:
  24. H

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck Question

    So i plan in buying a new setup, i live on an island in portugal so this might not seem like a good deal but its the best i found, do u guys recommend me changing anything (1250 is the budget) also, will it bottleneck in any way ? in the bottleneck calculator it was saying the rtx 2070 was too...
  25. OMGSam

    [SOLVED] Is Corsair 450W enough for my setup?

    Hello, recently my power supply died and everyone on the forum told me that it was not of good quality and that corsair power supplies are usually alright. I had a 530W power supply in my system but I was wondering if it was an overkill. My setup is as follows. Motherboard: H110M-K Graphics...
  26. Pcstarter

    Question Desktop + cheap laptop / gaming laptop with setup

    Hey! So I'm in a dilemma, next summer I will be moving around a lot between two places and I'm not sure what to do with my PC gaming. My current setup will be ditched since it's in a need of an upgrades in multiple departments. since I will be moving around between two places my first thought...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] Critique My Build

    According to my brother the 3900x comes with a cpu fan already, I'm planning to get a new gaming set up and this what I came up with. What are your thoughts are there similar parts that can perform the same and less costly? I love dual monitor setups that why I have two of the monitors listed in...
  28. iSpextor

    [SOLVED] The Rig of your Dreams

    Hey guys, I don't have a problem right now but I do need some of y'all's opinions :) As the title says, I would like to ask y'all to come up with your Dream Rig and choose components for it. Short Explanations for why you'd choose it over smth else would be great as well. The Setup's intended...
  29. H

    [SOLVED] New pc setup Bottleneck?

    Hello I want to buy a new gaming rig, CPU - RYZEN 9 3900X AND RTX 2080 SUPER, and I found bottleneck calculator and it says about 70% bottleneck?! So now I dont know, if it will run perfect or I will get some bottleneck?! Thank you.
  30. Tonidus

    Question Fan Setup Help

    I have the Lian Li o11 Dynamic XL, I am planning to run a 10 fan setup to air cool it. I was wondering what the best setup for airflow would be? I was thinking intake with aio radiator on top, intake bot and side then single exhaust fan on the back, or the same with exhaust on side and back.
  31. T

    Question Can't use USB device on my motherboard when booting from an USB

    I've just built my PC. I can get into SETUP and everything seems to be working fine. I can boot the installation (I tried both 7 and 10) but I cannot use my mouse or keyboard. Basically, the Windows installation media can't detect keyboard and mouse (these worked fine in SETUP). I tried both...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Good gaming setup?

    Hi! I am wondering if this will run well. Cpu: i5 9600KF Gpu: 2 x Gtx 1070 - HB SLI BRIDGE MB: Asus Z390-F Gaming Ram: HyperX Fury DDR4 2666mhz CX750M You are the experts! I am running an i7 4790k on 1070 sli, and on paper the i5 has better overall performance.
  33. J

    [SOLVED] SSD not appearing in Windows 10 setup on Fresh PC

    Hello, a PC my friend and I have built will not display the SSD in the list of drives available for installing windows (the only drive that appears is 2.0mb and not available for installing windows to). We have tried getting drivers onto the USB but that has been no use as the drivers wont...
  34. T

    Question How safe is it to re-use a heatsink/fan based cpu cooler?

    I have had my Cooler Master 212 Evo running on my current system for about 5 years. It has been running fine and I have not done anything to it since I installed it other than dusting. Is it safe to re-use this in a new build that I am planning to make this Christmas? Or should I just buy...
  35. I

    [SOLVED] 3x 4K Monitors on 2 GTX 1080s?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my set up pretty significantly and am having trouble coming to the conclusion if the following idea is possible. I would like to set up three 4K monitors side by side. I will game only on the one in the center, putting things on the other two at my leisure...
  36. kaptenkesbor

    [SOLVED] Good setup for gaming ?

    Hey, im planning to build a pc and wonder if this is a good build ! CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: XFX RX 580 GTS Edition Mobo: MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX RAM: GEiL Super Luce Sync RGB AMD Edition (2x18) HDD : Seagate 1TB SSD: Samsung 860 M.2 SATA 250gb Case: Pure base 500 with 3 pure wings 2 fans...
  37. M

    Discussion New Main Rig

    I expect to update this thread over time, so please treat this as a work in progress. I'll add pictures of my current setup and additional information to provide you all with what I am currently working with. Below is a quick requirement sheet that I drafted. I also quickly created the...
  38. E

    [SOLVED] System freezes on Windows 10 Setup

    Hey smart people of the internet, I'm sorry for bothering you as a noob with my question but I just don't know what else I can try. I hope this is in the right category. I upgraded my machine recently and since then can't get Windows to work. I'm able to sit in the bios all day, but once I...
  39. TheMailonG

    [SOLVED] Help with my new build

    So... I've finally finished my new build and would like some help with the questions bellow: (Old parts) PSU: XFX XTR 550W SSD: Kingston SSDNow V200 64GB HDD: WD Green 1TB 2x 120mm fans, one as a front GPU intake and another as a back CPU exhaust [/SPOILER] Although this motherboard doesn't...