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  1. E

    Lenovo Ideapad BSOD'ing even after system reset

    Hey there, around three or four weeks ago my Lenovo Ideapad (Y410P) started BSOD'ing frequently, most often when playing games or being picked up. The most common error messages were Kernel Security Check Failure, Bad Pool Header, and IRQL Not Less or Equal. All of my drivers were up to date as...
  2. P

    What wire is this

    Long story short , bought a new case to put my components in. Turns out the psu cables are too small and dont fit across to the mobo. I cant buy extensions because its an acer mobo and psu with a 12pin connector. I've addes all the components back into the old Acer case but there is one wire...
  3. S

    Can Anyone Help With This Weird Problem?

    hello.first my specs are as follows motherboard-e-spectrum g31 ram-4gb ddr2 cpu-intel pentium dual cpu e2200@2.20ghz os-win 8.1 x64 gpu-gainward nvidia geforce gt 610 now here is my pb. i have a game spec ops the line and at that time i had zotac nvidia geforce 8400gs gpu and all my games ran...
  4. P

    Windows Media Player Micro Freezing

    Lately WMP is giving some small hic ups i changed computers not sure if with my new fx 8000 series amd build is the issue. It plays video smoothly and after 20 or 30 minutes the video lags including audio and continues. I know is nothing serious but i wanna know if i should worry about hardware...
  5. K

    Should I stick with this build or switch motherboard and RAM

    CPU Intel Core i5-6600 GPU AMD R9 380 SSD Samsung 850 Evo 250GB HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 3TB MBD MSI Z170A PC MATE (MS-7971) RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DIMM C14 I was wondering if I should switch the motherboard and get DDR3 ram instead of the DDR4. I read...
  6. J

    Blade and Soul low GPU usage/FPS

    I've recently started playing blade and soul when I play sometimes I get around 90 fps but other times it'll dip down to 19-30 for no reason. In certain areas and I know ill expect low fps around crowded areas, but when i'm in the open world ( not that many players) I get around 20-45 when I...
  7. Z

    Computer Freezes for 3-5 seconds then resumes.

    Hi! While I was watching a video in VLC Media Player, my PC suddenly freezes with a 'zzzzzz' sound for 3-5 seconds before resuming to normal operation. Should I be worried or not? Thank you.
  8. J

    Gaming monitor recommendations (under $250...)

    Can someone please recommend a good gaming monitor that is 21 inches (roughly) and under $250? Thanks! -
  9. slayermen

    can my GTX 960 be used with a thermaltake power express 250w?

    here is the description of the external PSU i have for my old graphic card and i will like to know if with the same i could use my new GTX 960 4gb edition? It has 2 (6 PIN) PCI.E connectors and Im using now only one (6 PIN) with my...
  10. W

    Please help me, I have a question about my windows 7 key..

    Umm, I've ordered a new GPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, and a new power supply unit. I'm going to format my PC, so recently I searched for my Windows 7 Home Premium CD, to get it ready for the format and to use my cd key when it asks for it.. Sadly I couldn't find it, most likely my parents threw it...
  11. S

    Compatibility of geforce gtx980

    :??: I have an amd fx 8350 black edition processor and M5 A97 R2.0 asus motherboard! Will this work propertly with an ASUS GeForce STRIX GTX 980 4096MB GDDR5 256bit PCI? If not please give me the name of the strongest compatible GPU. :bounce:
  12. K

    Network card only works when 1 GPU is installed

    Specs: MSI H97 Motherboard GPU : Quadro K2200 & Gigabyte GTX 780Ti Windforce PSU : EVGA 750W G2 Network card : Asus PCE N-15 Wireless OS : Win 8.1 Problem : I just got a 780Ti to install onto my quadro system for some rendering power. What happened is that with 2 cards, my pcie network...
  13. J

    What do I type into my browser address bar to access the web interface of a USB connected printer?

    What do I type into my browser address bar to access the web interface of a USB connected printer?
  14. X

    PC starts up then shuts down

    So I built a PC about a week ago and when I first start it, it would turn on and work for about 3 minutes then shut down I have a i7 5820k and with a h60 watercooler it was running at 95 degrees Celsius, can anyone tell me if my processor is damaged or I just need a new watercooler to decrease...
  15. L

    PC seems to start but nothing happens on the monitor

    Hi So I just installed the CM hyper 212x and before that my PC worked fine. I installed the new heat sink and started my PC up and it started as normal (quieter now I gotten rid of the bloody stock heat sink) and when I looked at the monitor nothing happened. I reinstalled the CPU and heat sink...
  16. S

    27" Monitor Advice!

    Looking to upgrade from my 32" LG TV, for playing PS4. I like to sit closer to the screen, therefore I decided 27" monitor. Contrast ratio and all that other stuff is really beginning to drive me insane! The two I've been looking at are: Samsung...
  17. N

    Platinum = higher quality?

    I finally became curious enough to research PSU's and found that the platinum gold, etc. was a measure of efficiency. Does the higher efficiency also mean a proportionally longer service life?
  18. H

    Dell EP2650 Server 6 beeps Error

    I have Dell EP2650 Server. Server not started and " long beep long beep short beep short beep long beep long beep" sounds appear. No video display also. Where is the problem ? How can I fix that ?
  19. T

    Tri-X R9 290 VS Gigabyte GTX 970

    I can purchase either the Tri-X R9 290 or the Gigabyte GTX 970, which one should I get and why? NOTE: After price match I can drop the Gigabyte down to 400$, is the 40$ price difference worth it for gaming? (1080p at the moment) Tri-X...
  20. A

    Need help with Corsair 350d/300r compadabilty for the windowed panel

    I own a 300r corsair (black) case. I want a windowed panel but I hate the 300r window panel (it has air vent holes). I want to know if the 350d windowed panel would fit on my 300r. is no help. Otherwise I'm going to order the 300r windowed panel and take it to the glass shop for a...