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  1. D

    I have 4 ethernet ports on my router. Need more!

    Hello all! This post is not for me but for someone I know. He is a professional and has 4 computers connected directly to the router via ethernet cables. However, there are also cables running through walls to other computers around the house, meaning he needs more ethernet ports to be available...
  2. xxdms2k11xx

    Zotac GTX 970 4gb is good?

    I want to buy these two Zotac GTX 970 4gb soon. I wonder if these cards are good for gaming btw what PSU recommend? Here's My Specs: CPU:Intel Core i7 3770k OC 4.4mhz MOBO: ASUS P8Z77-M RAM:2x4 Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR3 1866mhz HDD: SEAGATE 500GB SSD: Evo 120 CASE: NZXT...
  3. A

    Building a Gaming PC what you guys think plzz help

    Zalman am 700-GLX Dual forward power supple EVGA Z87 FTW ATX motherboard Intel core i5 4670K ADATA XPG 4GB x 2. DDR3 2400 MHZ KIT memory EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC 2GB Graphics Card LG GH24NS95 DVD WRITER Seagate Barrucuda HDD 7200 rpm -1.0TB
  4. J

    Are BIOS Updates Permanent?

    Is updating you BIOS completley seperate from you Hard Disk and saved to the motherboard somehow and are the updates permanent?
  5. P

    can my psu handle new graphics card

    I am looking to buy new graphics card msi gameing 760 2gb oc my psu is fortune 500w can i handle it
  6. C

    PSU braied power cables

    I have a Cooler Master v1200 platinum.Does anyone know if you can order braided power cables for cooler master power supplies? Corsair sales sets of individually braided ones. 24-pin also. Ive searched everywhere and found nothing. Do they make them and if so where can i order them. Thank You
  7. S

    Graphics Cards Comparison

    Hi people please help I'm going to buy a new gtx 970 but I don't know which one. Some cost more than others but I don't know for what reason!!! If you could please tell me why this graphics card costs more and if its worth it that would be awesome...
  8. S

    my dell 1tb hard drive not showing up on my hp 405 laptop.

    my dell 1tb hard drive not showing up on my hp 405 laptop but showing up and even working on my acer. i frequently use the hp, so am facing problems. please help.
  9. D

    Is the NOS purposely ment to be installed on computers in an organization or schools that the main purpose is to share data on

    I want to know if the Network Operating System (NOS) is the best OS suitable to be installed on computers purposely or meant for sharing data in a school. Like a school has one computer in each class, whereby teachers input the class exams report, check class attendant etc. Whiles the...
  10. J

    Building a gaming pc

    Hi, i am trying to build a gaming PC for about: 25,000 RS Case: strictly: Zalman Z9 plus or Cooler Master Force 500 or Cooler Master Elite 431-plus monitor: have it! 1280x1024 Game: BF4, ultra street fighter 4 Settings: high FPS: 60 FPS TIME: all the time in the world! = 730 DAYS = 2 YEARS=
  11. B

    Major stuttering in games

    i want to know why FC3 is stuttering this much it didnt happen before link here
  12. M

    Computer freezes during installations

    Right, I recently assembled a PC with entirely secondhand components. It worked fine for a short while but after about a month it would not boot. We had suspected the motherboard to be a problem component (fortunately it was free) so we replaced it with a brand new Sabertooth 990FX. After a...
  13. G

    AMD A10-7850K Running Very Hot

    Hello everyone! So, I just recently (by that, I mean yesterday) finished building my first new PC in about five years. I've got Windows 7 64-bit installed on it, and I have all of maybe three non-standard programs installed so far (Namely Chrome and Speccy). I've been using Speccy on the PCs...
  14. T

    Is the Corsair H75 enough to keep the Intel i7 4790K over clocked cool?

    Will it keep it cool if I OC it?
  15. Warsam71

    AMD Project FreeSync FAQ

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know we just released the FAQ for our Project FreeSync; click here to view it. Please, feel free to post any other question(s) you may have about FreeSync and we’ll make sure to update the FAQ accordingly.
  16. ArchiTom

    3d Modelling PC custom build advice

    I am looking to build myself a pc capable of running various modelling programmes but primarily 3ds max with the addition of adobe products and the standard windows (7) setup. My budget for the pc without screens is approximately £1300. I will be using it for advanced 3ds max models and...
  17. Lag

    High temp and vcore reading on newly installed I5 4690k

    In bios, the temperatures read about 40 degrees (extremely hot in the room). but in Hw monitor it reads about 50-55 degrees with vcore at 1.7! Is hwmonitor reading the voltage wrong, or is the BIOS in need of a reset?
  18. C

    Dont know what to do

    My laptop is a toshiba satellite c660-1d7 with windows7 home premium. There was a virus on my laptop and my screen froze. Then the taskbar went and all my icons went with it. I opened task manager and went to processes and i accidentaly clicked on explrer. I then killed the file. After that it...
  19. P

    HTPC & Gaming Build Advice

    Hello, I am looking to move our HTPC from our basement upstairs and build a new HTPC & Gaming machine to go downstairs with our 75" screen. I will be running XBMC Gotham + Steam Big Box for gaming. We watch a lot of movies downstairs and I don't think I'd be able to get by without XBMC and...