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  1. khodex1997

    Question Best SFTP Storage service for renting?

    I cant build my own server at the time so I am looking for a good storage server online to upload files. I would like to maximize storage space for price. I eventually plan to close it out but I'm looking for a good money-storage ratio and a reliable site. Can anyone give me some...
  2. S

    Question Which file sharing protocol would be the best for remote access and supported by Windows 10?

    I have a little home server. I have set up an SFTP and SMB share. The problem is that SFTP is not supported by Windows 10's File Explorer, SMB is good locally but as I read feedback, it's pretty dangerous to open it on the router. The reason why I need it to be supported by Windows is because I...
  3. Onyxacek

    Choosing new 144Hz monitor on limited budget

    Hello, I'm looking for a decent monitor on budget. I currently have BenQ GL2460 which I guess works well enough, but I want a second screen. Some time ago I bought another one (a bit newer) and I had it for a while. It was 1080p and 23.8" which bothered me and I sold it to one of my friends. Now...