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    [SOLVED] Changing to a mini-itx motherboard, just replace the motherboard or upgrade PC and i7-3770?

    Greetings, I decided to go to a SG13 case, to have a smaller and more compact case due to the high amount of traveling I'm required to do. Do you think that it's a good opportunity to upgrade my PC altogether? or should I just change to a mini-itx motherboard and keep the current cpu and rest...
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    [SOLVED] Mini ITX 9th Gen Intel Motherboards

    I'm about to purchase the parts I need for a mini itx build in the SG13, but I need a motherboard that has out of the box compatibility with 9th gen intel cpu's so I can pair it with the i3-9100F. I really need some help because I can't get ahold of any of the manufacturers due to covid-19, but...
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    [SOLVED] Will All This Fit In The SG 13?

    I assembled this list of parts on PCPartPicker and I really would like to use the SG 13 for it but PCPartPicker seems to think they won't fit. I've compared the parts and their dimensions to Silverstone's SG 13 description and can't find any reason why they wouldn't fit. I don't want to start...
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    Monitor vs TV refresh rate and mirror dilemma

    So I have my PC monitor and a TV that I mirror the desktop too. I used to run everything at 1080p 60fps but that time for PC monitors has passed... So if I buy a new hdr 4k 144hz blah blah blah... how can I locally in my house stream the output from the new monitor to the tv. I don't need...