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  1. deathshound7007

    [SOLVED] Question About VIM in scripts

    Hey all, I have been tasked with specifically making vim commands work in a shell script for an assessment and I cant for the life of me find stuff to help figure out how to do it. I have searched around online and only ever found things that gave answers like "just try this instead its easier"...
  2. 2

    CPU Cooling help

    I am planning a VERY budget pc build, and I need a bit of help. My processor is Pentium gold g5400. I don’t know if I need to buy a fan to cool it, so if anyone can tell me how to cool it, that would be great!
  3. alexandrugalu0

    Which monitor is better for Gaming?

    I have a i7-8700K and an GTX 1080 so no problem into running them on 1440p, dont know much about monitors so i decided to ask for some help. I am only going to use the monitor for gaming on my computer and also my ps4. First monitor...
  4. S

    need a psu

    i need a psu for my build it should be cheap please dont say cx550m because it is overrated over here THANKS
  5. M

    How To Where to Find the Crab, Llama, and Fox in Fortnite Battle Royale

    To those who are new and wondering what these animals have to do with Fortnite, well, these three animals are part of a weekly challenge. Yes, the season 3 of Fortnite gives a new challenge every week and you need to complete all challenges before the season ends. Anyways, there are many guys...
  6. E

    PC Problem (?) Micro Stutters in Game Menus + Disk Usage High on all apps when idle on dekstop, GAMEPLAY normal

    This is my problem. Whenever i enter any games like (CS:GO, PUBG, Factorio, World of Tanks) The main menu lags. Like lets say i turn up PUBG the fps is very low while launching up the lobby it goes from 20-30 FPS back to the normal 60 FPS and stays there and i can enter the actuall game and it...
  7. O

    Will PSU Fit?

    Will an RM1000x 1000W Fully Modular ATX 80 PLUS Gold fit in CiT VANTAGE MIDI ATX GAMING CASE?
  8. T

    Windows Will NOT Install

    My PC will not install Windows. I've tried multiple windows installation media. Cd and usb, they just don't work. My computer installs Windows 10 perfectly fine, until it starts "installing features" or updates. Then it says "Your PC ran into a problem. We'll restart it for you". It gets really...
  9. S

    64-bit capable CPU won't work with/install any 64-bit OS

    First time posting about really any tech problem so please bear with me here. I had windows 8.1 64-bit running on my pc for about 18 months or so just fine, but then randomly one day it blue screened, one of the ones with the " :( " saying that it will gather info and restart. At first it would...
  10. T

    Help with budget "family" PC build, please.

    Hello. I am looking to build a budget PC. The PC will be used for general web browsing, occasional movies and streaming (media files from the PC to TVs and devices on home network) and Microsoft Office...just general stuff really. I will also need it to have wireless internet capabilities. I...
  11. G

    I have a mouse and have connected it to my windows 8.1 laptop and it appears with an error message.

    I have a mouse and have connected it to my windows 8.1 laptop and it appears with an error message - " Windows does not reconise the USB device and the last USB device you plugged in malfunctioned. Please Help. Thanks
  12. D

    Hear me out! Pls!

    I know I'll get poked at a little for this, but it may be worth it. I have an EVGA GTX 760 2mb w/ACX. I wanna give SLI a try. Even If there's a better option, I've never tried it and just wanna. It seems most people will recommend something in the 700w power range for this. Well I already...
  13. B

    How do I access my encryption type on my Sony Blu-ray player?

    I need to access it, check it, and possibly change it...but I first I need to find it. Where do I go within my Blu-ray menus to find my encryption type?
  14. Brownies

    Are this components compatible ? And is this a good rig to run next gen games on Ultra ?

    I'll update my rig for this one : Case - NZXT H440 White / Black Mobo - Asus Z97-A CPU - Intel Core i7 4790K GPU - MSI GeForce GTX970 TWINFROZR V Gaming 4G OC 4GB Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Ram - 8 GB Corsair Blue Vengeance Fan for the case - Corsair Quiet Edition AF140 Power Supply...
  15. A

    PC UPgradation Help & Advise

    my PC Current Specification :- Mercury PI945GCM Mobo lga775 socket, 2 gb ram ddr2 dual core E5700 processor 1 gb ddr3 Nvidia Graphics card (geforce 210) 250gb hDD -------------------------------------------- I want a mobo which should have great Internal graphics memory shared upto above 1 Gb...
  16. S

    ~900$ Gaming PC Build.

    Here's what I am thinking: I would like suggestions on especially CPUs and other parts as well. i5 3570k vs i5 4670k I'm curious why 3570k is coming with 1155 socket. Is this a move to continue sales for 3rd gens? Would you prefer 3570k vs...
  17. N

    LG sesktop

    Hello, my lg wiring problem..can anybody help me..
  18. U

    Windows 7 compatibility with office 2007

    Hello, I am considering buying a laptop with Windows t Home Premier. Will I have any compatibility issues with the powerpoint and word programs from Office 2007 that I have on my current desktop that has Vista
  19. Catsrules

    Task manager disabled

    I have been playing around with windows deployment service, in a attempt to easily reinstall windows, really fast. My first attempt, the task manager is disabled, and I don't know why, I even reactivated the Administrator account and it is disabled on that account too. I checked my original...
  20. S

    Games keep crashing on 64-bit

    I just got done putting together my new computer. The components: Motherboard: MSI 890FX Processor: AMD 1090T Graphics: Sapphire 2GB 5870 Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws (4GB) PSU: Corsair HX750 HDD: 1TB WD Caviar Black OS: Windows 7 64-bit After getting everything together and installing Windows, I...