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    [SOLVED] CPU connector caught fire URGENT HELP

    I just bought this motherboard off of someone. Long story short I plugged everything into the motherboard and as I turned it on with a screwdriver by connecting the power sw pins (I have done this hundreds of times so knew what I was doing) the CPU Power Connecter made a noise and started...
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    pc upgrade help/ordering platform

    Hello thanks for taking the time. So I received a free relatively weak gaming pc a while ago that I've been trying to upgrade I'll give you the specs and based on my questions I'll give more info if needed. Current build A10-6700 Gtx 1050ti 12 gb ddr3 (8+4) Msi 2ae0 fm2+ 2 tb hdd 650w psu...
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    Gtx titan evga Hydro

    I have evga gtx titan hydro copper and im wondering can i use nzxt x41 kraken for the gpu and i buy a new better one for cpu?