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    [SOLVED] Why Can't I Access These Start Menu Shortcuts?

    After upgrading to Windows 10, I found that Microsoft has locked access to some of its default shortcuts in the Start Menu. So apps like Skype, 3D Viewer, and more (ones that come default with the OS), block access to the root folder. However, some other apps I have installed are now adopting...
  2. B

    Question ctrl + alt + left click stopped working

    Hi, me again. I am now facing another problem. I am a 3d artist, who uses a program called Blender. This app has its own input shortcuts to allow you to access certain tools more quickly, and I am facing a problem with one particular keyboard and mouse shortcut. The shortcut is, ctrl + alt +...
  3. A

    Question None of my shortcuts works on Windows 10

    Hello, Since the last month the shortcuts I put on my desktop from my external hard drive doesn't work. Only the web links shortcuts are working. I hope you can help me.
  4. bigbobsmith1968

    [SOLVED] Random Chrome shortcut appeared on Desktop ?

    Hello, a random chrome shortcut for a twitch channel named Mod's appeared on my desktop today. I know I did not create this shortcut because I have never been to this account before. If anyone has any suggestions on whether or not this is malware, and if so what to do about it. they would be...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Defining a library in Windows 10

    I've looked up several explanations of how to define a library in Windows 10. All of them say in effect: right click Libraries in the Explorer window, then click New and Folder. Which is exactly how it worked in Windows 7. But I don't see "Libraries" in my system's Explorer window. What's...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] I have a shortcut virus

    shortcuts appear everywhere on the computer and when i delete them they return , i have avast and it doesnt detect any viruses also the virus causes a blue screen of death when i shut down the pc I tried set up windows but it returned again
  7. Aleksivv

    Question Shortcuts not working properly

    Hello! I have a play and pause shortcut on my keyboard, so when I press a key it plays or pauses my music etc. Recently things have been different though. Now it plays and pauses youtube videos if I have any open on the background while I'm doing other stuff but the skip buttons work for...
  8. zmoore12

    Question Shortcuts images not showing

    Hi, This isn't a very big problem at all, its just a bit annoying to constantly see. A majority of my desktop shortcut images have been replaced with a blank white page. if anyone has a solution please let me know.
  9. Question How to connect Adafruit 24 RGB LED Neopixel Ring onto motherboard?

    Adafruit 24 RGB LED Neopixel Ring Is it possible to connect this onto an mini-ITX motherboard and be powered by it without a micro controller? Adafruit Trinket - Mini Microcontroller - 5V Logic [ADA1501] If not, can you plug that micro controller onto the motherboard? 5V DC Wall...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Motherboard turning on but other components are not

    I have a problem with my first pc that I just build. So when I turn my power supply on I get lights on my mother board but when I press the power button none of the other components turn on Here is a list of my components
  11. W

    Task Manager showing wrong Memory speed

    Hello, I have Acer Aspire 3 A315-41G-R5U3. It has 4gb of RAM (DDR4). This what's written on the memory's sticker: 4GB 1Rx16 PC4-2400T So it's 2400mhz right? But when I check it on Task Manager, it only shows 1333mhz, also showing Slots used is 1 of 1. But it has 2 slots. I checked it using...
  12. TimmyBuildsAComputer

    Making a Game Server

    I have been thinking about making my own rust server. I dont really feel like paying 20-40 bucks a month for a server so I guess i can run it myself. Though I was thinking, if you need my IP to connect, can't some determined teen decide to DDoS me and think hes the coolest kid ever? Is there any...
  13. D

    ssd wont boot

    I recently installed a Western digital 500 gb ssd to replace my hard drive, when i try to boot from it the screen will just be black with the cursor stuck on loading. If i try to boot from my hard drive it works just fine
  14. D

    Will I get roughly the same fps if I connect my laptop to a TV of the same resolution?

    I'm planning to stream my laptop display which is 1080p to a 1080p TV so I can stream movies, videos, and games. Since the displays are the same resolution, will I get roughly the same frame rate streaming games to my TV as playing on the laptop itself (assuming I turn off my laptop screen while...
  15. morpheus1870

    Are these benchmark speeds good?

    Do these look about right? Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD WD My Book DUO 8TB USB 3.0 in RAID 1 (x2 4TB WD Red Drives)
  16. X

    asus rog hero viii +NVIDIA gt 740 ddr3

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I want to know if you can have an NVIDIA GT 740 DDR3 4GB, with a motherboard asus rog hero viii. While I hope to buy a better one.
  17. A

    System boots up on its on while powered off.

    I just finished a new build. i7-6700k Asus Z170 Deluxe Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4-3200 (2 x 16gb) Asus GTX 1080 Strix Corsair HX850i Corsair H75 cooler Samsung 850 1TB SSD Lately I've noticed that my pc has been on in the mornings when I get up, when Im sure I shut it down. This...
  18. Y

    When reach Max DL speed - Internet cuts

    Whenever I am downloading a large file and reach my allotted DL speed of 50mbps my internet cuts out within 10 min of maintaining speed DL speed and I have to power cycle my modem and router to get it back up. I run a Powerline connection from a Wi-Fi router into the motherboard of my PC...
  19. 7

    Custom Computer - Motherboard seems to not be getting power >

    Hi all, I am totally new to building computers, i've worked with them. I work as a programmer and understand how they communicate with each other and setting up servers, but im having issues building a computer. So first off my issue is when I try to turn on the power just a red light on the...
  20. N

    Lg g3 new battery problems

    Hello i bought a brand new original battery for my lg g3 because my old one got broken (it was causing bootloop).Now the problem is when i'm still on 40% the phone shutdowns and tells me i need to charge it cause its on 0%. When i boot the phone while charging the phone is on 40% and in the...
  21. I

    Transparent White Ghost Rectangle On Dell Laptop Display

    I have a Dell Inspiron15 5000 series laptop, and until a few days ago it was fine. However there is now a transparent white rectangle. Is this a software or hardware issue(I think its hardware). And if so what could have caused it and how do I fix it?
  22. T

    How do I make my 1080p monitor 1050p without having the black bars.

    I have a dual display setup. One monitor on desk then the other above it. The top monitors resolution is 1050p and the bottom one is a 1080p. On my old computer I was able to set the bottom monitor to 1050p without having the black bars on the sides. Does anyone know how to set a 1080p monitor...
  23. E

    Could my PSU handle A 750 ti's OC?

    good day sirs! I was wondering if it would be safe to OC my 750 ti with this PSU? My other components are i3 4170 h81m-ds2 8gb ram 1333...
  24. S

    Similar Motherboards Like Intel DH55TC

    Hi guys! I am currently using the Intel DH55TC mboard and the sad thing about this board is that it is not accepting a new udimm 4b 1333 frq ddr3 ram that i bought. I want to buy a new mboard wid similar specs so that i can use the new ram along with my old one. The old ram is 4gb too. Same...
  25. Z

    Reference R9 290 or 7970 Matrix

    Hi all I am stuck as to which video card I should buy. Its between a 7970 matrix for £120 from a friend or an r9 290 for £115 from ebay. The only thing putting me off the 290 is the insane amount of heat that it produces cos of its reference design. Could a 7970 Asus matrix be oc'd to out...
  26. I

    GTX 770 messed up CS:GO?

    I just got a GTX 770 this month and noticed CS:GO was locked at 60 fps at all settings. I've tweaked some settings in the Control Panel and in game and I now get around 100 according to net_graph 1. But it's pretty laggy and unstable. What setting do I need to change?
  27. A

    please help me

    My specs are CRT of 1024*768 i5 4440 8gb ram power supply 600watt motherboard as rock h81 pro btc 2 tb hard drive .it has no GPU yet . It is only 5 days old as my dad was playing solataire on it it restarted automatically. Help iam very upset right now
  28. A

    PC Build Help

    What would be a good motherboard to go with this build.