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    Question PC shorting in case, but works outside. PSU sparked ?

    Someone I know attempted building a PC, but once they powered it on, their Segotep PSU sparked with smoke. I have been working on this PC since then with a new Corsair RM850x PSU they bought. The problem is the PC will only post outside of the case and I have no idea why. I have built several...
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    [SOLVED] Possibly Broke My Motherboard, What Should I Do?

    I was recently adding new parts to an old computer when I was trying to connect the wifi chip (AC8265) to the motherboard (b36h4-ad) but was silly enough to attempt to plug it into a SATA power cable whilst powered on. The computer didn't work after however It attempted to load the computer and...
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    [SOLVED] HELP - Recurring problem indicates MOBO Dying?

    Good day, before i have to go shopping for new parts i just wanted to be sure, so any help will be greatly appreciated. I've had a recurring problem happen twice. Pc would freeze, and then would not boot. Both situation both times. Pc powers on, all lights, all fans, no beeps, no video. HDD...