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    Hi all, I recently got a GO XLR, I plugged my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro's into the GO XLR and wasn't satisfied with the audio quality at all so decided to plug my cheap FX-Audio dac amp back in (which seems to power the headphones better) I did some research online on how I could make them both...
  2. L

    Question Which Microphone to get?

    Hello, iv got a list of microphones to choose from but I'm not sure what one to get. Id be using the focusrite scarlett solo. Id be using it for commentary, streaming and just normal use such as speaking to friends and playing games. The List: Audio Technica AT2035 (£135) RODE NT1-A (£137) RODE...
  3. seangerman7

    Question OBS and games constantly crashing in stream

    I have been experiencing lots of crashes while using OBS to stream games like Apex, Division 2, and even BF4. Not sure if my setting are messed up or what but I can play all these games at very high settings. Thanks to anyone that can provide any help. Specs are: CPU- Ryzen 1700x GPU- Radeon RX...
  4. B

    System not booting

    Hi Guys, I'm building a PC for my partner and ran into an issue, the powersupply is not starting up when switched on. Im currently testing with the motherboard,ram, cpu and gpu connected to test to see if it would boot and it just doesn't. The gpu has a red light on when not connected directly...
  5. Ryan_78

    Good price for 3TB hard drive?

    Hey I just got offered a 3TB used hard drive for $45 bucks, it's a Seagate 3TB barracuda. Is this a good price nowadays? I haven't been in the PC market for a while :)
  6. saintequila

    Which is a better headset for gaming

    Hi! Im slightly confused of which one to get, the redragon siren 2 or HyperX cloud stinger? Cheers.
  7. S

    what's wrong with the gpu?

    So PC shut downs normally but when I turn it on again it hang after bios splash screen, on a black screen with blinking underscore, so I tried some things like clearing CMOS,taking out ram,disconnecting HDDs but it would either hang at bios splash screen or after that and yes I only connected...
  8. xoVague

    OC Ram with OC CPU

    Would my OC'd CPU have anything to do or effect my what I set my Ram Frequency too? 3000mhz on box but I set it to 2500mhz I've been getting BSOD's running Linx to test my memory i7-7700k 4.2ghz, 4.8ghz OC (1.210V) Manual Mode, LLC Auto, C-States & Speedstep enabled x2 8gb (16gb) Corsair...
  9. S

    Just a simple question about an ethernet port

    I heard that there is a difference grade on ethernet port even though two ports have same gigabit ethernet specification. Is it true?
  10. S

    Does shadowplay affect the gpu in any bad way?

    Does shadowplay affect the gpu in any bad way? Like is something bad happening to it when im playing h1z1 and streaming with shadowplay
  11. T

    Speakers no longer working?

    Hi, a few days ago I had my headphones plugged in and turned sharply, pulling the cable from the audio jack which seemed to do a little bit of superficial damage. Since then my speakers no longer work, but if I plug headphones in, I can hear everything perfectly. Could pulling the jack, could...
  12. M

    Is this PSU good enough for my system ?

    Hey, i'm just building a new system. My budget is about 1050€. The plan is: CPU: i5 6600 Case: Cooler master elite 430 RAM: Kingston HyperX fury 8gb (2x4gb) Hard drive: WD 1TB 7200rpm 64MB GPU: geforce gtx 1070 PNY Motherboard: Asrock H110m PSU: XFX 600w XT 80+ Will the PSU be powerful enough...
  13. W

    is this power supply safe to use?

    in my current pc i have a gt 610 and a 300 watt power supply ive just upgraded to a 750ti and ive had a 500 watt power supply still in the box so i decided to get it out and install but there a small dent on the top right above all the wires coming out of the pcu the dent is very small in the...
  14. G

    [WTB] Full Build, Parts for Full Build, Budget 40"-ish 4k monitor

    I'm looking for parts to build a workstation. I'm open to any offers, but am looking for something in the range of: Processor: i7 6700k or 5820k Cooler: Anything, shoot me an offer! Motherboard: Anything, as long as it's compatible with the rest of the system Memory: 32 GB Storage: pm me your...
  15. S

    Will any adapter work for 144hz

    Okay so i have a 144hz monitor and a msi ge70 2qd apache and it dosent have displayport or dvi dual link. it only have usb 3.0, hdmi 1.4 (and i can output 4Kx2K), and it also have D-sub vga. is there ANYWAY that i can watch 1920x1080 144hz. and like in anyway. i have already contacted a guy that...
  16. HawkofNight

    New SSD won't accept OS win7

    I have been getting grief from current ssd for a while now and finally bought a new one. I unplug all hardrives except the new one. Go into Bios and select dvd drive as boot. At the end of the installation it says missing or corrupt file cannot finish install. I've tried several times I can't...
  17. M

    Best pci-e wifi adapter for ~$50? Speed differences?

    So I just got my 60mbs charter internet set up, but it couldn't go in the room I wanted it to. I'm a gamer and want a good fast, stable connection. They gave me a dual band router with 2g and 5g on it, obviously my pc will be using the 5g. So my question is, what's a PCI-E wifi card to get...
  18. R

    WD My Passport USB 3.0 - not accessible. Parameter is incorrect.

    HP Pavillion 15 Notebook Windows 10 WD My Passport USB 3.0 Hi, I cannot access my external drive (WD My Passport). As I was using photoshop, editing a file from the external drive, when photoshop lagged, the drive didn't show up in my laptop. I plugged it out (it was my mistake, I should've...
  19. A

    G600 and Cheap gaming Headset?

    How do i grip Logitech G600? i mean it has button on the sides?? is it uncomfortable? for general use What is a cheap gaming Headphone?
  20. H

    Looking for a new lens to replace the kit lens

    Hello, for the past months I have been looking for a new lens which is either going to replace my kit lens or just be an extra one. I have three options and I just can't seem to feel comfortable enough with one of them to actually buy one, so i'm seeking help. My options are: Sigma 17-50mm...
  21. E

    New Drive won't show in Disk Management

    New drive shows up in BIOS and Intel RST but missing in Disk Management. What happened was : I had 2 RAID-1 pairs as disks 0 &1 (C & D). Then I "reset to non-RAID" disk 1, removed one of the pair, installed the new 250GB SSD . In Disk Management I see C & D as before, and no new disk...
  22. M

    Transfer photos to desktop computer

    Can you tell me how to transfer photos from mi I pad to my desktop computer
  23. B

    I have a dell Inspiron that went into sleep mode and now it won't let me do anything, I can't even force it to shut down. Plea

    My computer will not do anything it is all the way charged and stuck in a no wake up sleep mode that won't let me even shut down.
  24. C

    4gb of ram,but only show 2gbram

    hi hi have a gatewaydx 4840 intelr i5 cpu 64bitzs, windows7 ult.. it have 4 slot,for the ram. i putin 2,4gbof ram it it only show 1/2 thas 4gb.. if i load 1,,4gb,it only show 2gb.each channel only read 2gb.out of ther someyhig i need to change on the motherboard,thanks'
  25. K

    HDD Currently not sitting properly in slot

    Recently I purchased a second HDD for my computer, so I had to do some rewiring in order to organize my case. However after installing everything, I noticed my original HDD now had a rhythmic hum, and if I touched the case or the drive itself it would stop. It is attached with two black clips on...
  26. B

    question about frametimes

    i've begun doing frametime analysis of all my games, and on all of them there's some variance, none are perfect. Is frametime variance indicative of drivers, game's coding, or physical gpu hardware not working correctly?
  27. M

    Do I need to change my wireless network adapter?

    Okay so here's the thing. I have been using my old ancient 6mpbs internet for some time now. And this is my wireless network adapter model, DW1525 (802.11n) WLAN PCIe Card. And I've been getting decent download speeds on my torrents and direct downloads. like 600-800kb/s . Now I'll be switching...
  28. F

    R9 270x windforce oc 2gb getting low fps in most games

    Farcry 3 no matter what seeting i put it i get 30 fps and lower. My cpu is a fx-8120 @3.1ghz stock cooler. asus motherboard m5a97 pro and i dont no what the problem is can you help.
  29. J

    CM Hyper 212 evo and Corsair Vengenace

    I have the ASUS M5A78 LMLX with 8gb of corsair vengeance highprofile ram, I wanna upgrade from the stock cooler to the Hyper 212 evo, will it fit? if it doesnt, what other cpu cooler is good for that price or lower?
  30. Rocko1976

    Small and Light Benchmark?

    Are there any small and light benchmarking programs for a laptop? Thanks.
  31. A

    Acer Ipimb-AR Compatible?

    I have the task of putting a graphics card, and cpu on the Acer Ipimb-AR Motherboard. Although, No where can I find a list of compatible parts for this Motherboard. So I ask the gods of Toms Hardware to aid me.
  32. J

    windows 8 on tablet with intel cpu

    Hi guys, since i have no access to my pc atm, i would like to know if i could run windows 8 on my android tablet with Intel Atom Z2520 32bit cpu? The architecture is the same i guess, x86. Sorry, im a real noob at this, just need ur opinnion if it is possible somehow..
  33. S

    Can't install new SSD

    I recently bought a brand new Kingston SSD to replace my old hard drive, but it's not working. When I plug everything in and turn on the computer, I get an error message saying Operating System is not detected and tells me to reboot. Tried rebooting multiple times, but it doesn't work. BIOS is...
  34. A

    Can a 350 watt power supply work with a Geforce GTX 750 ti or do i need to find a less power consuming GPU?

    I have a custom built computer with a 350 watt power supply, a Gigabyte AMD FX-4300 quad core processor, 4 GB memory, and 1 TB hard drive. The processor has a 95 watt requirement, and I don't know the power requirements for the other parts and fans. Would the Geforce GTX 750 ti work or do I need...
  35. C

    NEW SSD, Disk error occured

    So, I've just bought an SSD, formated both disks, the 1 TB HDD i had and the new SSD and installed windows to the SSD, however i've had problems during the windows install ( i'm using a USB for the installation ), so firstly i was in a loop of windows installations and after checking up how to...
  36. B

    is win8 is good for Latest Photo shop version

    is wind 8 is supporting all futures of Photoshop cs6 version i want to install i am professional Photo Editor, so i dont know about wind 8, help me
  37. R

    error code 0x8007045d at expanding files when installing windows 7

    Hey guys, I have a custom built pc that's getting the message "windows cannot install required files" with the error code 0x8007045d during the expanding windows files section. Tried deleting and creating partitions, chkdsk, and removing 1 stick of ram as well as a few other things. Generally...
  38. W

    Looking for a budget graphics card

    I'm currently looking for a new pc and am having trouble choosing a graphics card that fits my needs. I'm looking for one that would be able to run 3 screens at 1080p maxed out. I was thinking I should get 2x gtx 750 ti's or a gtx 760. Any other ideas?
  39. B

    can my psu support r9 270x ?

    i have 460w psu and i5 3450 and 4gb ram can my psu handlle r9 270x ?
  40. D

    Wifi Adapter Driver needs to be Uninstalled/Reinstalled after every restart

    Every time the laptop restarts (or runs out of batteries, and boots up again), or generally goes into the OFF state, when it comes back online, the wifi does not work. The wifi is 'enabled' but no networks are found, even though my network is working. I can temporarily fix it by...