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  1. S

    PC Shuts down when playing games

    Hi i need information about why this happens, I can play games like Roblox, Minecraft, League of Legends, and Team Fortress 2 but my pc shuts down when i play games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Garry's Mod. There are no "Shutting down" screens or anything...
  2. stefanos50

    Question PC suddently suddenly losing signal.

    Hello guys before one day i moved my computer to another case and added some custom extension cables and a vertical gpu mount.Now my pc randomly losing signal from the monitor and my headset have a beeping noise. Moreover , i think the gpu fans go to 100% speed. I have to shut down the pc from...
  3. Abraham R


    Something very annoying and worrying is that when I turn on my PC it turn off and on again until it finally gets started. I always worry about keeping my PC clean, free of dust. This occurs only (and not always) during power up. CPU: Intel Core i7 4790. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97 Sniper. RAM...
  4. R

    Question Thermal paste and shutdown

    Hi! just replaced my dell precision 5510 laptop's motherboard with a new one because it was said to be malfunctions by the dell lab here. the new one started off great, but after a while (about two hours of installations and updates) it showed a blue screen of windows, said there was a problem...
  5. D

    Question PC shuts down when playing games

    Hi, Recently I have problem when playing video games. After 10-20 minutes the sound stops, the screen goes black and I hear buzzing from the speakers, after a couple of seconds the monitor says no signal, but the pc is still on. Sometimes it starts to reboot, but sometimes its not happening. I...
  6. Question I don't even know what's broken, but I need help ASAP

    So, this started happening about a week ago. The game I was playing doesn't matter but after like 2-3 hours of gameplay, I heard a loud buzzing sound in my headphones and my computer had frozen entirely, after five seconds the computer restarted itself. I want to tell y'all that I've changed my...
  7. K

    Question Computer shutting off while playing games

    My computer has been turning completely off while playing games, usually after about 5-10 minutes. No blue screen, just shuts off like I unplugged the power cable. It started when U installed a new CPU/Motherboard, but i’m not sure which could be causing it. Not power supply, have tested 2 and...
  8. E

    Question Graphics Card Won't Turn On: PSU Problem? Help Please!

    Hello all, I was playing Apex Legends on my PC when all of a sudden my power cut out. I tried to reboot several times and my PC wouldn't turn on at all. I opened the case and smelled traces of a burn. I unplugged my PSU from everything and then tested it with each component to see what was...
  9. E

    Question Random Shut Downs While gaming

    I have done extensive research on my part but still can't find a solution. I've updated all drivers (have NOT uninstalled drivers and reinstalled manually yet), I checked for windows updates and installed the updates (this solved the issue for a day or so), I put all my fans on full blast 100%...
  10. elyo

    Question PC Randomly shuts off after hardware upgrade

    Hi, I recently bought a new motherboard, RAM and CPU. After installing these, my system randomly shuts off (as if the power cord was removed) and boots up on its own again. This happens at random times, I can be playing games for hours or a whole day without any problem, and some times it...
  11. K

    Question Asus x55a randomly shutting off

    I got an asus x55a and it will randomly shut down no warning, i tried different cpus and ram ,any ideas?
  12. J

    Question 1 USB port short circuiting computer - What is the cause?

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a new CPU, motherboard and RAM combo. Since this upgrade my computer shuts down if I plug any USB device into one specific back port. There is a small spark and the pc instantly turns off, no warning messages that I could see in time. The USB device does not...
  13. A

    Question Radeon Rx 480 Overheating and Shut down

    Hello everyone. So my problem is i've been running a system with a Radeon Rx 480 GPU for a time now and everytime i play a graphically demanding game, it shut downs the computer after 20-40 min. of gameplay. I've been struggling with this problem for a while now, and after consulting forums i...
  14. S

    Question PC shuts down Windows 10

    so recently i have been having a issue that my PC. it stops sending a signal to my monitor and stops sending power to all USB devices i have a tempered glass case. i can see that all RGB lights stay on like the PC is still running my build is RTX 2070 asus Turbo . AMD R7 2700 16 GIG ram...
  15. H

    Question PC shuts down Overclocking has failed?

    Hi just hoping somone has seen this before. My pc likes to shut down randonly claiming overclocking has failed when no overclocking is applied. It does this very regularly but now wont turn on at all? I am only getting no video signal on my monitor after leaving it for ages and rebooting just...
  16. N

    Question Booting problem, unresponsive PC

    Heyo, first time posting, so don't know if this is the perfect thread for it, but here is my problem. I've problems turning my PC on. The thing is, once its on, it works normally with no problems at all, I'll turn it off for the night, but the next day it would not start up. It usually boots...
  17. Question PC shutting down suddenly, I think its because of an overheating graphics card

    Since last friday, my PC has been suddenly shutting down unexpectedly. I suspect it is because of an overheating graphics card. My suspicions are due to this: If I am correct, how do I stop this from happening? I mean, I havent' opened a game all week and it shuts down daily, even when the PC...
  18. D

    Question Windows 10 shut down seemingly not working.

    Hey all, A little background, skip this if you think it might be useless: A couple of days ago, while using my PC, it randomly shut off to later refuse to turn on. After a little testing I figured that the CPU had died. A bit later I found out that my cooler also stopped working, so that must...
  19. Shuuen

    Question Computer Randomly Crashing

    Hello I built a new computer recently (early November 2018) Specs are: CPU: I-5 9600k @ 3.70GHz CPU Cooler: EVGA CLC 280 Mobo: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E gaming Mem: G.Skill Trident Z 3200 Ddr4 16.0GB Dual-Channel Hd: 931GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB 5589GB Western Digital WDC WD6001FZWX-00A2VA0...
  20. M

    Question Why when i play with high fps my PC shuts down?

    So when i play games with 150~ fps or more my PC just shuts down. Specs: MB ASRock G41MH/USB3 PSU 430W CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz GPU AMD RADEON R9 280 RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 552MHz