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  1. Riverdye

    [SOLVED] My PC Random Shutdown

    Help! my low end rig randomly shutting down by itself without warning or anything, it just shut down randomly and it happened like once/day, CPU temp are only below 40 degree celcius already tried following fix from google like limiting cpu usage by 90% also running on power saver mode, full...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Q6600 CPU causes my PC to shut down after Bios screen ?

    I have Installed a Q6600 CPU on Asus P5gc mx motherboard, was working well for two months but now my PC shuts down after BIOS screen ? So I have re-installed my old CPU ( E2160 ) and my PC boots to Windows 10 no problem ? My Rig :- Motherboard:- Asus P5gc mx. Processor :- q6600 ( 3 core and 3...
  3. 2

    Question Pc shuts down while playing games

    Greetings! I hope someone has a good idea to fix my laptop, please help :) I have an asus rog gl503vm notebook, specs: i7-7700HQ Gtx 1060Mobile 6gb 16gb ddr4 RAM It isn't overclocked. Roughly 2 months ago it started to shut down instantly during gameplay. I've run different benchmark tests, like...
  4. P

    Question turning off and on suddenly

    hello to friends. i bought a whole pc recently and i have a serious problem which i couldnt find any solution for it until now. my pc turn off suddenly without no error and crash or even freezing then after 2 or 3 second it turn on again and still doesnt show any error or bug.... this problem...
  5. MrCharlieee

    [SOLVED] HELP! New pc keeps shutting down :(

    Hi! Recently I built this new PC which Im struggling with because it keeps shutting down unexpectedly, after I finished the build I installed windows 10(from official page), then installed the drivers and just after I finished it happened for the first time, the screen went black but fans and...