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    Question Random PC shutdowns

    Hi everybody, I have been using PC for last 3 years without any problem but for the past few days I am facing random shutdown, the pc turn of completely without any warning like a power blackout. Sometimes i keep working for 1 hr then it goes off, sometimes it goes after 2 hrs and sometimes it...
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    Question Gaming PC with 5 fans reboots while gaming?

    Hello. I bought a gaming PC few months ago and I noticed that while playing some games (Fortnite, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, League of Legends) my PC shutdowns and reboots, i check the back of the computer (where one of the fans is) and it's warm. I use MSI Afterburner to increase the fan speed...
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    [SOLVED] PC Shuts off When Playing Graphics intensive games

    Hello, I have a custom built PC that I built a few years ago that has recently been shutting down and immediately restarting after varied time lengths in graphically intensive games (Mafia 3, Quantum Break, Metro Exodus, etc.) I have checked the temperatures of my CPU (i5-6500) which does not...
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    Question Why my hdd Restart when i shutdown my pc?😣😣

    After my pc upgrade , and installing all driver when i shut down a click sound comes.(which tell pc shutted down) but the powe led still on and fans too. But the hdd led stops glowing after first click sound the after 4-5 sec it starts again hdd led turns on and the moter spinning sounf comes...
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    Question What's happening with my system?

    Hello everyone, I need some help determining a problem with my system. Just this week, my PC has begun crashing in games, the screen goes black and the fans spin up to maximum, or the PC just shuts off completely for a few minutes. This is concerning me because my PC serves as my gaming system...
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    Question [troubleshooting] [suggestions wanted] PC shutting down under GPU load

    As the title suggests my PC is shutting down during use. time-to-shut-down appears to be related to GPU load (discussed below). SPECS: My system is an HP pavilion 500-141ea desktop, which I have made some piecemeal changes to over the five years I've...