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  1. Sejuru

    Question PC shuts down and then automatically restarts with games or while working

    Hi! I currently have a R5 2600X that is not overclocked and works with the stock cooler, I've had this pc since almost a year ago and it has been working perfectly, until recently, my pc started to shut down and restart when its required to "work more" or at least that's what I think, I can...
  2. Akram Sidena

    Question CMOS going crazy ?

    I don't know the exact forum on which I should post this issue I have an old laptop (goes back to 11 years ago), I have encountered only a few issues with it along the way, nothing unusual, until a few weeks back. The second I turn on my laptop, there is this "CMOS" error code popping up ...
  3. Suitlax

    [SOLVED] PC wont run for more than two seconds?

    Hello, So I just got all the parts in to build an new pc and once I was almost done with the build, the PC wouldn't run for more than two seconds. I tried troubleshooting everything but the CPU because I don't have another intel i5 6400 skylake. I'm thinking the reason to why its not running is...
  4. majorwardaddy

    [SOLVED] computer shuts down exactly after 2 hours

    i have a hp z200 workstation with an i7 870 a 4gb rx 560 and stock psu never ocd, temps never above 65 degrees. It somehow always manages to restart after 2 hours, what seems to be the problem?
  5. M

    Question HD7770 shuts down my pc after i open any game

    I had a GTX1050Ti with no 6pin connector and it worked just fine, it fried so now i'm using an older HD7770 that i had around. The problem is that it shuts down when i try to play any game, it lets me enter the main menu, but when in-game it almost immediately shuts down the PC(tested with CS...
  6. A

    Build Advice Computer turns on, fans run, rgb runs, no display to monitor and after about 40 seconds pc turns off

    I was having the same problem im about to explain with my old pc, so i bought new case new motherboard new ram and new cpu, kept my liqued cooling and psu and gpu to transfer over and im still getting the same problem. Computer turns on, fans run, rgb runs, no display to monitor and after about...
  7. M

    Question pc shuts off after 30 seconds

    okay so this is how it all started , I was having a high percentage disk issues so I watched a youtube tutorial to fix it . in this tutorial I was told to change the valu from 1 to 0 for the pci-express firmware . as soon as i did that my disk usage went up to 100% , so i changed the value back...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down while under load.

    PC shuts down randomly, while I'm trying to play Insurgency: Sandstorm. Other games are seemingly fine (tested CITIES:Skylines, CIV6, Crysis 2, Kenshi, etc.) It happens either on start, or when game transitioning to post-match\lobby screen. Instead of "Blue screen of Death" - PC just shuts off...
  9. pirx_the_pilot

    Question PSU shuts down with a click within half a second after turning on

    Hello good people. I'd really appreciate your assistance with my issue. The story: I built a new PC (all parts brand new), it was running fine for a few hours, and then shut down unexpectedly and wouldn't start any more. Upon pressing the power button it would either not react at all or turn on...
  10. C

    Question MSI tomahawk z270 won’t boot with ssd

    So my old ASUS Mobo bit the dust and I bought a msi tomahawk z270 to get back up and running. However it will not recognize my Samsung 850 evo as a boot device. The bios will not allow me to switch from raid to ahci since my evo is ahci I thought this might help to read it and successfully boot...
  11. U

    2 1gb ram dual channel with 1 2gb of ram

    The title says it all. Will that work, or should I get another 2gb of ram? But I don't really need 6gb of ram. I play games on this PC, it's got an Asus p5b with a dual core clocked at 2.33ghz and an Nvidia gtx 650 ti. It's actually not that bad, it runs most games well, it's just the lack of...
  12. B

    Seagate external drive stopped lighting up.

    My seagate 2 Tig external hard drive does not light up. I hear it begin to run then clicks a couple times and goes silent. It is not recognized on device manager.
  13. B

    Sapphire Radeon RX 480(Sli) vs GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070

    How would 2 Radeons in a Sli do compared to a 1070 on its own in the performance categories when ur gaming, because I've currently weighed the other factors like heat in my head, but I don't fully know the performance difference to make a decision. Any responses are appreciated thank you.
  14. L

    i5 i7 How much is too much?

    Building a gaming pc. I've read countless threads about bottlenecks and wasted processing power many of which contradict each other. Currently Im looking at an i5 6600 as I was told that anything beyond that is really a waste based on current gaming demands and whats handled by the GPU. Do I...
  15. T

    Is this computer good for gaming?

    Is this a good computer for the price? It will be used for gaming
  16. P

    I'm not sure whether my current motherboard will match my new CPU

    Hello, I recently purchased an AMD Fx-8350 and I currently have an Angelica 2 motherboard (M3970AM-HP). It came with the HP ENVY h8-1534 Desktop PC. I would like to know if I am in need of a new motherboard or if i'll be fine with the one I currently have. Thank you for reading this! P.S. I...
  17. K

    Good PC Specs yet still low FPS

    Hello Ive recently upgraded my graphics card and my fps in minecraft only dropped. I dont know why but my pc specs are below: Intel Core i5-4670 CPU 3.4 GHz 16GB Ram 64 Bit OS NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 ASUSTeK Computer INC. B85M-G Mother Board
  18. Z

    What can you say about my Budget gaming Rig

    Is this build okay for playing Online games like Dota 2, CS:Go, Black Ops and other steam games such as Skyrim, DayZ, Shadow of Mordor and maybe Battlefield 4. In High settings? I'm not sure with my GPU. Maybe you can suggest something better Pentium G3258...
  19. A

    Redeem a gifted book from iBooks

    If someone gives you a book from the iBooks store as a gift, it’s easy to download and access the content. Here’s how you can redeem and save a gifted digital book. Step 1: First, open your email and locate the original gift message. Click on the Redeem Now button, and wait for a confirmation...
  20. S

    Sli Not Detected on Windows 8.1 (Code 43 Issue)

    I had to resort to my old 2 GTX 560 Ti's as my GTX 780 has failed and must be returned. At first, Sli had not worked, but after several updates and installations on my Asus P8Z77-V motherboard fixed the problem, but only temporarily. I come back the next day to realize that Sli had stopped...