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    Question XB270hu Flickering grey horizontal lines 2-3 times and then shuts off

    i7 6700k msi motherboard msi gtx 1070 xb270hu monitor 500 watt psu Problem started maybe 2 weeks ago, sometimes it doesnt happen at all. I suspected the cpu overheating so i reapplied thermal paste. CPU temps a bit high but still ok. Maybe it is a failing psu? Gsync is disabled. Monitor cant be...
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    [SOLVED] PC starts for half a second then turns off. HELP!

    I recently built a new Gaming PC, and It has been working fine for about a month. Just a couple days ago i went to turn it on, it began to start and then the fans and leds abruptly stopped. When i press the power button, the leds light up and the fans spin for anywhere from 0.3s to 1.0s and then...
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    Issue with an AMD system

    Firts,thank you for your support.Recently,I wanted to upgrade my PC.I bought a MOBO(Gygabyte AX370M-Gaming 3) and a Ryzen 5 2600 processor. When I installed the components in my computer,I tried to turn on it,and something was not matching.I thaught that my memory QLV is not available for the...
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    Can't get to pass 5.1 through optical

    Hi, I Just got my new 4k OLED tv and I have a few issues with my setup. I have my pc plugged on my home theatre (harman kardon bds 685) and then plugged into my tv. Now it doesn't work anymore because my home theatre bottlenecks the video resolution to full hd even tho i set it to 4k. So i...
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    Computer randomly freezing

    My computer will randomly freeze forcing me to hold down the power button to force it off. My screen is still showing what I was doing and my computer is still on but everything is frozen. No sound. Im pretty sure all my outlets are grounded. Could I have shocked something? My old computer did...
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    How do I get my laptop to use its in-built speaker or to recognize my headphones?

    I recently linked my HP laptop via bluetooth to my Creative MUVO Mini portable speaker just to see how it'd sound. Sounds great, btw. However, I was kind of expecting Windows 10 to automatically revert back to the laptop speaker once I disabled the MUVO Mini. No deal. I also tried plugging...
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    Moving cpu without reapplying thermal paste

    I just built my new pc. I have a h100i v2 water-cooler on a kaby lake i5 7600k. I don't know how, but I managed to place the cooler upside down lol. I am wondering if I can just turn it right side up without reapplying thermal paste because I didn't buy any. not expecting to do something like this.
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    I used system restore and my computer booted with windows 8 instead of windows 10.

    Hello! I recently uninstalled my wireless drivers by accident and I just decided to factory reset my Toshiba Satellite P50 instead of reinstalling the drivers. I had the free upgrade to windows 10 but my computer is now running windows 8. Is there anyway to switch back to windows 10 without...
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    R7 370 vs 1050ti

    Does it change something? Because I'm planning to buy the 1050ti, and now I have the Gigabyte R7 370 2gb. Thank you
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    Change graphic card

    Hello I want to change my graphic card but I don't know which card I should choose. I see on the side it say mini_pcie1. So can I use the pciex16 graphic card on that. [/URL][/img]
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    New gpu and psu required for a Hp desktop 550-122A.

    I have a hp desktop with an odense motherboard 9.4"x9.4" that I would like to upgrade with a new graphics card and power supply unit. What would be the best for this pc.
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    Missing Files in External Hard Drive

    Please help me when i plugged in my toshiba 1tb hdd in a previous computer it was showing all of my files. But now when i plugged it in my laptop at home it doesn`t show a single folder, but as you can see it still shows that it has only 96.8gb left out of 931.. Should i just reformat it? or is...