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  1. Koesherbacon

    Question Any way to replace a "Fractal Design: Focus G" Side-Panel?

    Hello Tom's Hardware Folks. This may seem like a strange request but bear with me. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a replacement side panel for a "Fractal Design: Focus G" case? I'm asking because I get migraines and the lighted fans and other internal components can be a trigger. If...
  2. K

    Question White case with optical drive bay and side window

    Hello, Im looking for a white case with optical drive bay and side window (temperd would be the best) It's price should be max 60€/$.
  3. M

    Memory ram crashing games

    Hey guys, I'll cut to the chase. Recently I purchased a 8 GB stick of ddr 3 model: Kingston KVR16N11/8 My Mobo is an Asus H81M-K with 2 slots available for RAM. I exchanged one of my dual channel Gskill Ares (F3-1600C9S-4GAB) with 4GB each with the one with 8GB. so far so good, windows starts...