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  1. T

    Random shutdowns, reboot loops, boot errors, eventually it even turns itself on by itself!

    Hi all, So I recently upgraded a bunch of hardware in my computer. The first round of upgrades was my CPU, mobo, and RAM. Everything was going well, there were no issues whatsoever. Fantastic, right? Well, then our local construction guys fudged something up in the underground electric grid...
  2. W

    Could I run a game with very low graphical on it??

    For example could I run fortnite with lowest graphics on this ?? specs in desc
  3. H

    Audio sync problems

    Hi, since I was forced to upgrade to The Fall Creators Update (yes forced) the audio from my Realtek HD audio gets out of sync the longer i watch. it's delayd by about 0.5 sec every minute and it get really obvious really fast. If I pause the video and resume it, the audio "snaps" into place...
  4. N

    intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz 2.80GHz is this dual core?

    intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz 2.80GHz is this dual core?
  5. C

    core i5 6500 vs core i3 6100

    does core i5 makes more fps than a core i3 with an msi gtx 960 gaming 2gb? the components would be: msi z170m mortar g.skill ripjaws 8gb dual 2400MHz games that I wanted to play: the division far cry primal nfs 2015 bf4 black ops 3 gta v any thoughts? thank you!
  6. H

    PC or monitor glitching.

    Hi, my monitor or PC seems to be having issues. Whenever I try to play any game, if I move around ingame, the monitor displays patches of pink, red and sometimes green. I am using a PC with an i5 4460 and integrated graphics. I don't really know what is happening, it has been doing this for as...
  7. S

    CM N200 or Aerocool VS-9

    So it all started when I wanted to buy a GPU and that is a GTX 750 Ti to upgrade or "step up" from my Intel Hd Graphics 2000. But the PSU is built on and one of those very low quality PSUs that don't belong to a brand. I'm going to buy a SeaSonic S12II Bronze 520W 80 PLUS Certified PSU but I'm...
  8. OP_Chief

    Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Graphics

    Sorry I'm a bit of a noob, I've been using the same pc for about 5 years. It had an Intel Core 2 duo @3ghz and only 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram with an EVGA 8800gts. I did very little gaming on it. But Within the past week, I've acquired my new pc parts aside from a new gpu, and a new power...
  9. D

    Took everything off and reloaded Windows 10. It did not reload Windows apps store??

    When I reloaded Windows 10 (due to problems) I saved my files and removed everything else. When it was done, I didn't have Windows store loaded any more. It says I need an app before I can download any games, but I don't know what app, or how to get it. Can anyone please tell me how to get...
  10. Glen Viraj

    Compatibility issues with motherboard and ram

    I'm trying to set up a pc with ASRock Mod 1150 Z97 Extreme4 ATX Motherboard and I want to know the g.skill RAM that I'll need. 4gb*2 is what I'm looking at
  11. K

    To have some advice regarding my rig

    Hi, This is my first build. So, I decided to have some advice from all of you. This is my rig: Intel core i5 4690k MSI Z97 Gaming 7 WD 1 TB 7200 RPM Corsair force ls 120 GB SSD Kingston hyperx beast 8 GB stick 1866 MHz MSI Geforce GTX 660 gaming 2GD5/OC Cooler master K380 Cooler master 500...
  12. michaelhall

    shadow of mordor

    whats your opinions? im finding it a bit faffy.... any good tutorials can't seem to find any on youtube
  13. N

    Custom Built Gaming PC Freezing Issues

    So I've had this custom-built gaming pc for 3 years now and recently its been having freezing issues. I play games like League of Legends and WoW mostly and it seems to only freeze during LoL. I know for a fact that its not the game, which complicates things. I had a family friend build the...
  14. L

    What psu should I choose?? this is my build...what psu should I take ??
  15. E

    Nothing Appearing on Display

    I have seen this question asked once before on here but I thought I would ask again with a few more details to see if there is any further support. I recently purchased the ASRock M8 and here are the components that I have placed in it: i5-4570 Zalman CNPS8900 Extreme 1 256GB Samsung 840 Pro 1...
  16. D

    Budget Mini ITX PC ?

    I'm looking at this case (M350) due to it's small size: Something similar in size will work as well, I just need something to sit next to the DVR and Xbox/ps3. Anyway, I'm not sure what else I should be buying...
  17. S


    Hello, i need a reasonably priced 1500w atx psu, iv been told to get as high as possible as i want to run as many hdd as possible, in the future anyway, is this needed say i had 10 1tb hdd?
  18. G

    Upgrading to XP-Pro

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) I am currently running XP Home Edition and want to upgrade to XP Pro. I've read the instructions for quick upgrade and am a little fuzzy about what to choose for configuration settings. Currently I have my computer...
  19. G

    Unable view Internet om my Wireless Laptop

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?) I'm using a Dell Desktop and a IBM Thinkpad Laptop. I'm using Windows XP Professional on both. I am on a Network and have a Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router 2.4 GHz. Since yesterday, I have been able to view the...
  20. G

    Blank Screen after logon

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Hi I regularly logon to Windows XP HE after my daughter has logged off. When I do this, I often but not always start up with a blank blue screen with no taskbar, icons etc. If I then do arestart, all returns to normal. Anyone...