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  1. A

    Sound card driver free download

    in my pc i cant ear any sound
  2. E

    Dowload driver for free for canon lbp 660

    driver anon lbp 660
  3. Reiboy

    Computer turns on, but monitor does not..

    Computer turns on, but monitor does not display, i changed the RAM and Processor but still nothing
  4. Y

    Download drivers for sony vaio laptops

  5. D

    Choppy 1080p videos

    Hello, I have a PC with 1GB RAM and 128 MB of inbuilt graphics. All the 1080p videos used to work fine. But from past 2-3 weeks all the 1080p videos are playing choppy. I re-installed the OS and scanned for virus, no virus was found. I changed the "Skip H.264 in-loop deblocking...
  6. S

    Can i delete a user on my dell computer

    i got a used computer that has a user that I would like to remove for more memory. Will it remove anything major on my computer
  7. K

    Unable to register to SIP server

    unable to download and install mobeestar (new user) pls guide me
  8. S

    Dell inspiron 1450 driver download for win xp

  9. I

    Different BSOD everytime

    Hi, Im having AMD 64bit processor with 3GB Ram MB is ASUS A8R-MVP and 320 GB SATA HDD. Operating System is Windows XP 64bit.and Up to date AntiVirus. PC refused to boot suddenly with various diff. BSOD Sometimes it says IRQ NOT LESS Or EQUAL, Sometimes says DRIVER IRQ NOT LESS Or EQUAL...
  10. H

    Why my screen get blank for a while at startup

    while booting, my screen get blank for few second and then starts. Any solution please.
  11. N

    How to connect samsung galaxy y mobile to pc for internet

    Hello, i have samsung galaxy y s 5302 mobile. for this i have downloaded kies from internet. But this is not good for me because at installation time it takes 3hours and 37 min of internet to complete its installation. even that also my mobile is not connected to internet. i have seperately...
  12. U

    When i double click on drive, it is asking for format but when it try to format

    Not able to open drive, i suspect pendrive got corrupted. When i try to open it is asking me to format but when i try to format, system neither format nor open, it throughs error message as window unable to format
  13. A

    [Solved] Laptop Screen Turns white?

    hi iam abdullah,iam having my laptop toshiba,today suddenly my laptop off and it become hot and when restart its show white why can u guide me please
  14. D

    My computer says diskette needs failure what do I do

    When turning -on,my computer says Diskette seeks failure,to continue press F1,this works allright,however would like to ditch this. I suspect it is causingl
  15. H

    Freshh install hangs indefinitley

    This is a brand new computer and so does not have any OS installed currently, when i try install windows vista, it will stop randomly either while the black and white "windows is loading files" screen is up, or the green windows loading bar immediately after, or this green windows bar will...
  16. R

    Www kodak com/go/downloads

    I can't get my all-in-one printer softwear to load
  17. G

    Sound in MSGina.dll (voice authentication)

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize (More info?) Hello! I'm writing GINA.dll with voice logon. So I have a trouble - when the system starts at first time waveInGetNumDevs() returns 0 and waveInOpen() returns 2. How should I initialize my sound card or what should I do to...
  18. S

    Registry error

    bagaimana cara mengatasi masalah Registry error dan Privacy security ada Problem....?
  19. R

    Monitor goes to sleep when playing movie

    my monitor going to sleep when watching movie online in mozila, my monitor is Hp and i have to setting in control panel"never" but it doesn't working, plese help me..
  20. M

    Computer keeps freezing any ideas?

    I recently developed a problem with my computer that it now for some reason will freeze at any time that it feels like. I have even seen it freeze while starting up and still in the bios so i don't think that it is an OS related problem. and I don't have anything overclocked at the moment so...