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    Hello, What is name & address of idea mob. no.-9090464608.
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    Problem with user names

    My problem may seem trivial, but it's an itch I need to scratch. So, we have three user accounts in my house. My account as admin "Austin", my wife's account "Manda" and my son's account "Rx1337". My problem is that whenever I see a process being run under my administrator rights the shown is...
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    SM Bus Controller dirvers

    Hello, Where can I find SC drivers for an old pc. It says it is an inter board.
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    Intel r grapich windows xp eror

    Hello, hello can sharing
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    PC/Windows XP freezing during start up

    Hello, Mom's desktop won't boot, not even in safe mode (any of them) or to last good configuration. It freezes in the same spot each time. No updates, hardware or software have been done recently. I haven't tried anything yet because I don't even know where to start. I put it in the drivers...
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    Support@satellitedirect com

    Hi, when i go to log in - it's saying it registerd to a diffrent pc ??
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    Free sony pcg- X18 vga drivers download for xp windows

    Free sony pcg- X18 vga drivers download for xp
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    Hytech 5520 install

    i wanna get driver of HT 5520 webcamra driver
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    Sony vaio pcg-4a1l derivers

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    My Dell A920 revs up like its going to print, but then stops. It says the ink ca

    My printer says the ink cartridge is missing and shows no ink levels, black or color. Both cartridges are in but it won't print. The docs are in the ques and says the printer is ready. I have changed the cart but still doesn't work
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    HelP! Vista 64 bit or Vista 32 bit??

    Hi, I am about to order Vista, but Im not sure whether or not to get the 32 or 64 bit version. I have ordered a: Q6600 Quad Core 8800 GTS 640mb GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R 2GB or Ram(will get 4gb) Which one do you guys think I should...
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    Intex tv tuner card softwer

    tv tuner softwer for intex
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    Wireless hook up no modem

    Hello, how can it be done
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    task bar too big

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Windows XP SP1, OEM install Today, I did something to my taskbar. Now, it is too thick; that is, it is twice as thick / wide. Usually, it consumes one row. Now, it consumes 2 rows. If I try to reduce the size, my only...
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    Reinstalling Vista..?

    I heard you can only reinstall vista once? i like reinstalling my XP to just clean everything up everyonce and a while and i heard vista does not work that way?
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    No sound!

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    Re: Microsoft.NETframework

    Hello: I do not know exactly what the .NET framework app. is supposed to do but I know I need it. My question is which .NET framework version do I need? I have versions: 2.0, 3.0 and 4 since re-installing win xp (and sp 3) in a Dell 3000 desk top. Someone said I should get version 2.0 but I...
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    Free install windows xp sound device driver

    no sound ,do i need audio devive, or sound device ? thanks
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    Is there a way to delete restore points in windows xp

    Hello, i tried to restore computer to the earliest restore point and it tells me it can't restore to that point? why is that? I don't have any audio and seeing if this restore would correct it
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    Aol system information

    I'm getting a 65-Fonl error on my desktop. How do I correct this so I can launch AOL?