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  1. I

    how's vista doing?

    I'm thinking of getting vista (again) is it still to soon or is it fine now? I've heard xp is still better for gaming so i'm considering doing a dual boot. if I install vista on my second drive would xp still be bootable? also does it cause any issues installing the os on the back end of a hard...
  2. Z

    Multi lan drivers for all for all pc

    Hello, i need window xp drivers for ompacq sr5433wm
  3. J

    My computer video not delet

  4. D

    When my cpus red light then what i do?

    Hello, when i start computer then my cpu so me red light i dont know about it therefor i said please help me
  5. ServiceGenie

    Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 will not boot with

    Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 will not boot with wireless card installed. Actually it is media center version 2005 installed from factory, touchpad & USB ports all quit & I changed the motherboard. It would not boot past "Windows Starting" or boot from original CD & says...
  6. I

    driver for sounds and auto devices for win xp free download

    Hello, i have problen i dont sound on win xp professional .would you like help me
  7. C

    Free Dell Latitude Drivers

    my computer chrashed what do i do
  8. R

    Download pixel shader 2 0 for pc

    how do i get pixel shader1.1
  9. M

    Free download windows xp code 28

    please help me,thank you
  10. M

    Cd dvd not showing my computer for the xp command

    cd ore dvd not showing my computer for the xp command
  11. J

    Suddenly Windows Does Not Recognise My USB Mass Storage De..

    Hello, My usb storage device was prematurely shut down, not my laptop does not recognize it. Tried it on another computer, same results. Help!
  12. M

    Echo microphone

  13. I

    XP Code for Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 cpu 3.20 GHz

    I have just instaleed xp, bur all my device drivers are code 28, I have tried upgrading and installing \, dtiver boosters , sp2 nothing seems to work, can antone help me? Thank you, John.
  14. A

    Bad mother board or CPU

    How can you determine a bad mother bd. or a bad CPU?
  15. Tasha87

    HELP-Things are gone on my computer.NEED BACK

    Ok the other day I downloaded a computer game off the net and iwon a another program downloaded with it and i ended up with 70 threats because of it,well I ran my AVG whole computer scan and it took them all off..Well that didnt fix the problem.I have missing things on my Windows XP computer,the...
  16. I

    Free download intel pentium 4 motherboard drivers

    I want to install the intel(R) prntium (R) 4 motherboard.please help me
  17. L

    How to install windows 7 on windows xp laptop

    Hello, My computer use to start up just fine an then would even let me sign on.. My couzin had deleted everything off my Acer 2011 that was a windows 7 at the time but know is a Windows XP.. How do I go about of getting this back to normall?
  18. E

    Windows 2003 printer driver not installed

    I'm trying to install an HP Color LJ 2600n that is networked on my Windows 2003 server. The installation goes fine but when I right-click and go to properties, it keeps telling me I need to install the printer driver. I've seen numerous posts on the 'Net for this issue but can't seem to get a...
  19. N

    My cd dvd drive will not open

    Hello, my cd dvd drive will not open and the light dont come on what can i do?
  20. R

    Www hardware com

    Hello, who i us usp in ram