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signal loss

Forum discussion tagged with signal loss.
  1. J

    Question Losing signal specifically on Asus monitor when plugging in 3rd monitor

    Whenever I have my two PC monitors and my OLED TV connected to my GPU at the same time my Asus monitor loses signal. My monitors are connected using displayport cables for the PC monitors and a hdmi for the tv, I can get signal on both of the monitors at the same time or a single PC monitor as...
  2. S

    Question Getting random reboots and/or signal losses

    Hi, these past few days i have been getting random problems with my pc that have been hard to pinpoint and i still don't know if i got it right. It started after i lauched a game and my computer randomly rebooted, i thought it was something to do with the game so i tried another one, it did the...
  3. G.russell10

    [SOLVED] Computer stuck in power cycle after RAM installation.

    Recently, I updated my RAM from 8 gbs of 2666 MHz to 16 gbs of 3000mhz. When I first installed it, I checked BIOs as I had trouble getting a signal to my computer. In BIOs, I was only getting 2166 MHz speed. When I changed the target speed to 3000MHz, I could not get signal once again. Could...