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  1. sa07kaiser

    [SOLVED] Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 (sTRX4) upgrade

    Has anyone tried to install more powerful fans instead of the standard ones on Dark Rock Pro 4? I mean add Silent wings 3 120mm 2200 rpm and Silent wings 3 140mm 1600 rpm. How much does this help? I want to assemble a working machine with a 3960x (don’t tell me about water ahah)) And every...
  2. C

    Question 4 fans on an asrock z370 extreme4?

    Hello all, As the question says, I am looking to run 4 fans on an asrock Z370 extreme4, which from what I can see in the bios can only run three. I am currently running the stock fans from the fractal meshify c - which I know aren't great - so I was looking to get some be quiet BL065 silent...