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  1. P

    About dvi-d sound

    Hello, i heard if u have a dvi-d dual link plugged into monitor u won't get sound, does this mean i wont get sound even if i put headphones/speakers?
  2. J

    How to download bios update for dell dimension 9150

    hey guys, i have a dell dimension 9150 and i wanted to update ithe bios, but when i go to dell support in their website they can't recognize my computer and i don't have the product id too, and if i manually choose for the product for downloading bios updates there is no Dimension 9150 there...
  3. 1

    anyone familiar with cryptolocker

    basically i had an email from a mail company saying an item has been detained with an attachment. long story short i downloaded it and it opened as .zip in winrar, i didnt click on it after that and deleted it after i downloaded it. i've scanned my pc with malware bytes but im still worried. can...
  4. F

    need help overclocking

    Okay, so i am very new to overclocking my GPU. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 660, i dont know what to do and if you guys have any good combos, please respond
  5. O

    Problem with volume

    Hi guys, I've recently encountered this problem while using Windows 10. That problem being that turning the volume up or down has no effect, it stays at the exact same volume. The headphones work fine on my ipod and electric piano. I can still adjust the volume in videos or on Itunes. But it...
  6. I

    Need some advice please.

    1. What is the best resolution I can play world of warcraft at with a single gtx 1050 2gb ( will be getting a new monitor soon and may consider sli gtx 1050). 2. What is a cheap 24" or bigger monitor for gaming ( would like 4k if it's doable at some point) Running i5 2300, 16 gb ddr3 1600mhz...

    Asrock H170 and crossfire 2x480 question

    was wondering does the H170 crossfire board I have does anyone know if it does crossfire without going through the chipset? also I believe it supports 8x/4x or 16x/4x not sure wich from asrocks page looks like 16x/4x anyways the second graphics card having only 4x speed/lanes however will be...
  8. I

    Is there a possible way to upgrade bios on bare mobo?

    So, I have this problem, I have a i3 7100 and an MSI b150 motherboard. The mbu mobo does not support the latest generation of Intel proccesors. So my question is this, is there any way to upgrade the bios without it having power,cpu etc.?
  9. M

    still same problem with bluescreen error 0 0x00000133

    Hello , after do a format of my computer still crash and do the same error log file. I had the same problem before the format and i though that would help to solve the problem but it seem no , installed the lastest driver of my graphic card(asus gtx 1080 styx) -updated my bios to the lastest...
  10. S

    Windows 7 to 10 Compatibility Issues

    Buckle up kids because this is gonna be a long ride. Backstory: My father runs a successful medical business practice and uses a program called Allscripts MyWay to keep digital records of his charts and patients and the majority of all the information for his business. Allscripts discontinued...
  11. C

    Samson CO1 only white noise?

    Hi, my Samson CO1 (which is connected to an Art Tube Preamp) using phantom power strangely isn't working anymore. It was perfectly fine yesterday but now it randomly stopped..?
  12. H

    Wait for zen or upgrade cooler

    I was wondering if I should wait for amd ryzen or upgrade to an Aio liquid cooling solution (corsair h60) or a better air cooler (cryorig h7) to overclock my amd fx 8350 further. I have a msi 970 gaming motherboard and if I were to upgrade my cooler how far do you think I will be able to push...
  13. L

    Gigabyte Motherboard 4 1/2 Beeps

    I'm working on my new build and I ran into an issue. I got a motherboard speaker and when I power on my computer, the speaker beeps 4 and a half times and in the middle of the 5th beep the computer cuts its own power. I checked my CPU, double checked my ram (which lights up, so it's getting...
  14. T

    Gpu Overclocking is such a joke like a santa claus

    MSI Geforce GTX 760 is not designed to overclock?! guys help
  15. J

    Trouble with Samsung Galaxy Luna screen dimming and constant need to push HOME button

    I like my new phone but I need to adjust the settings to not automatically switch off (Phone still on but need to go back to HOME button to continue refresh) Probably some adjustment in timing but I can't find it.
  16. amalts01

    Please help am really worried

    Guys all my programs opened suddenly i was typing then of a sudden all my installed programs opened suddenly i don't know why this happened and my antivirus can't download any updates from server i am really worried if my computer is hacked or something please help me i have personal files in my...
  17. T

    Voltage and TDP question

    Does increasing the cpu voltage increase the max TDP of the cpu ?
  18. B

    Is my build fully compatible and will this be good?

    I have made this build and want to know if this case can fit my ssd, since the case doesnt have a 3.5 form factor slot, how do i make that work? Also is this build good for its price? Any suggestions about what i can do to make it better without a big price difference...
  19. Y

    How do I get a NaBi XD tablet unlocked?

    I have a NaBi XD 10".1 tablet that has a locked code is there anyway to reset system?
  20. F

    Motherboard overheating, bios shuts down the desktop

    I have a Asrock MATX 970 pro3, gigabyte gtx 1070 Xtreme, AMD FX6300 and a Cooler Master Hyper 103. My desktop has three case fans (two in, one out), and it kept crashing whenever I was playing any game. Then I deactivated the 'heat' failsafe in the bios, and the computer stopped crashing. My...