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  1. J

    NIC for Steam Link - Is there any point in buying a more exensive card?

    I've been repurposing my Steammachine into an office PC and Plex Media-server and also plan to use steam a Steam Link I bought last year to get my games back into the living room now the PC has moved. It's going to have a wired connection to the router in the office and to minimize latency for...
  2. R

    IsGPU Broken? Please help/

    hey guys and girls i have been having this issue for a while now and am looking for some help pls help. WHENEVER i play games i am not seeming to get the full fps that i used to and now my gpu usage is realllyyyy joggggy in msi afterburner. i have an r9 390 and i5 4690k and its really joggggyyy...
  3. F

    Need suggestions building a 3d rendering desktop

    I am going to be building a desktop for gaming and 3d rendering. Any suggestions as what kinda processor , mother board and graphic cards would be best or at least pretty good?
  4. R

    Is an I5-4460 3.2GHz Quadcore going to hold back my 1070?

    I want to build myself a PC I don't have that high of a budget do I im going to build it with an i5 since I really want max graphical Performance but I don't care if my teammates in games run in circles. But recently I have found out that a bad CPU will hold back good GPU's so I wanted to ask is...
  5. L

    Power button won't work. Used to work

    So I have the nzxt noctis 450 case with the gigabyte gaming z170-x motherboard, I built it over 3 months ago, no problems. Since about a week ago my power button has stopped working. I have the 2 large power connectors from the psu into the motherboard and the pwr switch and +_ p led things in...
  6. D

    Upgrading my low-end PC.

    So, I recently discovered that I could upgrade my PC that is years old. But I don't know what components to buy, and I don't want to buy something that isn't compatible. So, what do you guys recommend I should buy? My PC:
  7. H

    My laptops Video card is getting hot while gaming

    I have an asus x550j with a i7 4720hq and a 950m 2 gb After 10 min of gaming my cpu gets to 95C and my video card to 90C. I observed that the gpu clock gets to 800mhz from 900mhz. When i first launch a game i get 60fps but after 10 min it goes as low as 20fps. I have a cooling pad but it dosent...
  8. A

    PC shuts down suddently, fans running. Problem with GPU or PSU?

    I've searched for the last week or so, but I haven't found a solution that fits my problem on any forum, so I'm really hoping someone can help, or at least give me some advice. My rather strange problem is that I can't figure out whether the fault lies with my GPU or my PSU (or at least that's...
  9. J

    Need a 2 into 1 Digital Optical Audio "Joiner"

    I've been searching all over for an adapter or anything that can join together 2 separate optical audio channels into 1, single optical output. Both Channels must play simultaneously at the same time. I need this because I have an Audio Transceiver that broadcasts only one optical output to my...
  10. K

    What's the best gaming mouse?

    I'm looking for a gaming mouse under $70, the colour has to be white because that's the colour of my case, it should also be windows 10 compatible, thanks in advance
  11. T

    Harddisk partition not showing after blue screen error

    dear sir my name is tayyab rehman from pakistan i am big fan avast antivirus i am using last 8 year today my system auto resart ofter i have 1 tb hard disk and windows 7 core i3 system problem is sysem auto resart afer 2 drive not show no data D and E C drive is ok please help me were is my...
  12. S

    lenovot510work fine on battery after unplug but won't turn the power on

    if I unplug the power code from Lenovo t510 ,work fine until I turn off the computer. but won 't turn on battery only if I plug in the power code.
  13. rakigaboy

    CPU for a 210 USD PC BUILD budget

    i wanna build a rig for a friend for a tight budget of 210 USD using this processor mainly for browsing and playing dota2(low-mid settings). Let me know what you think. and please suggest other builds too for this processor or maybe if you have a better idea show me what you built for 210 USD...
  14. G

    Really poor performance and huge fps drop on HP Pavilion 15 bc021TX (i7-6700HQ 4GB GTX960M)

    Hi. I have very poor and bad performance by using HP Pavilion 15 bc021TX (for more information about this Notebook I have 20-30 FPS in Battlefield 1 and rarely get 60+ FPS for 1-3 second and then it drops to 1-10 FPS, then repeat. I also have this problem in...
  15. I

    CPU suggestions gigabyte GA_78LMT Mobo.

    I have a FX4130 cpu and I bought a GTX960 Nvidia Gpu, & 500 watt power supply and had that installed, it already was equipped with a F6XT cooling fans in a Cybertron pc case. I have bottleneck problems when playing COD3 BLack-ops. Is it because of the cpu or could it be something else. Any...
  16. R

    CPU and Radiator not compatible [HELP]

    So i have a i7 6700k skylake and i baught a h100i v2 i installed them and i'm using my pc for 2 days now and i just realised that they are not compatible after visiting the corsair page What could happen? I...
  17. Y

    Stuck on windows 10 preparing automatic repair

    When I turn my computer on it's stuck on preparing automatic repair, I have triedholdibg down f2 and del button but it won't work, I would prefer not to have to reinstall Windows
  18. Arjesh

    Recommendation request for PC parts

    Hello there, I'm thinking of upgrading my PC further very soon but I'm confused on which part to upgrade, my graphics card (AMD R390) to GTX1080, or my CPU (i5 4760K) to i7 4790K or the new SkyLake series. Your advice is appreciated Here are my specs btw: CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K @4.1Ghz Cooler...
  19. G

    Can i play sims 4 with my hp laptop

    Can i play sims 4 on my hp laptop HP 15-af131dx Best Value Notebook, 15.6" AMD A6-5200 Quad-Core 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Radeon HD8400 Shared Graphics DVDRW Win10Home 64bit 1y. Thank you
  20. A

    My HP Laptop's speaker are making scratchy noise like the speakers are blown

    After updating to the WIndows 10 Anniversary update, my laptop's speaker started acting weird, when I play any video the sound is good but when I pause and resume the video the sound start becoming noisy like speakers are blown.