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  1. T

    160$ i5 4950 or 180$ i5 6500

    In micro center there is a 160$ 4950 and a 180$ i5 6500 which should I get? If I get the 160$ i5 I have 20$ on other things.
  2. G

    HP Pavilion 15 Suddenly Shuts Off!

    My Laptop: Hp Pavilion 15 Notebook BIOS: InsydeH20 Version 03.72.38F.68 Intel Core i5 After checking the fans, cleaning and mounting with thermal paste, and the battery, my laptop still suddenly shuts down. I clocked it and it suddenly turns off every 21-22 minutes of usage. I installed a...
  3. MallowOni

    Which pins do I use? I have the same question as the person I the link above but those answers don't solve the problem for me. I have a new case with separate cables labeled power switch, reset switch, HDD LED, power LED+, and power LED-. The...
  4. E

    Phenom ii x2 555

    Hello I have AMD Phenom II x2 555, running on M2N SLI motherboard, on 3.2Ghz My power supply is MSI 400W I was wondering something, was trying to search on google, but mine English isn't that great and I know that people who use tomshardware know everything about things like these :D SO my...
  5. B

    Can someone read my minidump files?

    As in the topic. Ive created other thread but i didnt get answer there. Can someone read them and tell my what causing bsod? They are compressed:
  6. S

    What should I upgrade my HD Radeon 6950 to?

    Hello there, here is my specs CPU: i7-2600 MoBo: ASUS-P8P67 RAM: 8gb DDR3 (x4 2gb) GPU: HD Radeon 6950 2gb - 800MHz Power Supply - 1000W Bonus: Logitech £13 combo keyboard and mouse + Microban mouse mat! My budget is around £150, although anything around £110 is preferred :) I am only...
  7. K

    2012 gateway laptop

    Should I buy a 2012 gateway laptop from a guy? He says he only used it a few times cause he has iPads that are easier to use. He has no idea what the specs are on it, just that he bought it brand new in 2012. Should I buy it for 60 bucks?
  8. Jlg823

    Asrock H97M Pro4 overclocking?

    I saw an article saying that Intel disabled overclocking on all H97 boards and asrock had a bios update disabling all overclocking. Is this true? If so can I just downgrade my bios when I get my motherboard and overclock on Windows 10?
  9. F

    Where can i buy a cx 430 power cord online?

    Im helping my friend build a computer. I have a power supply but no cord to plug into the wall. Anyone know where I can order one online for 15$ or less?
  10. S

    Samsung 850 EVO randomly disappearing

    Hi guys, I've been having a weird issue lately, one of my SSDs (used just for games) sometimes doesn't show up on Windows 10 when I boot up, if I reboot it still doesn't show. I have to do a full power cycle (actual shutdown and turn on). After that it then shows up but if I go do "Optimize...
  11. T

    What should i upgrade

    Hey everyone, I've got a question, my pc is about 2 years old ( specs below) and i'm looking to start upgrading soon. My question is what would be better, Just upgrade the GPU (to a gtx 1080) or just build an entire new system I feel like my pc is getting a bit old, some programs start to do...
  12. akaneflyers

    i3 6100 + gtx 950 or i5 6500 + gtx 750 ti? for world of warcraft

    hi,which one have better fps i3 6100+gtx 950 or i5 6500 + gtx 750ti to play world of warcraft only
  13. Prawnapple

    Uninstalling / Wiping and Re-Installing Windows 10

    Hi All, I currently have a completely activated (Legal) copy of Windows 10 (not that this matters) and I was wondering if I run the Windows 10 / ISO setup file from my Windows drive (C:/) and choose the option to "delete all settings / files etc" will it keep my installation in a file / cache...
  14. eviltothecore94

    Is Nvidia GT710 worth buying?

    I have Asus P5G41T-M-LX3 motherboard with a Pentium dual core E5700 processor and 4 GB RAM. I need a reliable graphics card which will be used for CAD modelling and occasional gaming. My budget is just under Rs 4000 ($ 60) since I am a student. I have checked used cards ( HD6670,GTS 450,GT...
  15. S

    Pink vertical lines running through screen

    Hi, So just recently there has been vertical pink lines running through my laptop screen. When I move the screen a certain way (sometimes) it goes back to normal. but the lines and discolouring is worse and it's not going back to normal. I've disconnected the cable from the screen and...
  16. H

    Does Hitting a pc affect its hard drive?

    Hey, A week ago, someone woke me up at the bad timing, hence I got my rage out on my pc. I hit the keyboard several times until the screen took a pink with stitches. Since that day, all problems came to that pc. It worked at first, but I couldn't reset it or else. It took me a week to partly...
  17. Y

    Uninstalled intel hd graphics 4400 family i think it was now i cant install it again

    I had quite a bit of problems with the driver and minecraft so i uninstalled it, when i tried to reinstall it (64 bit version as my system is 64 bit) It told me "intel graphics does not meet minimum requirements" and i cannot install iti do not have any drivers my system is stuck on 800X600 And...
  18. J

    Question about fresh install onto new SSD, and my old HDD.

    So i've ordered the 500gb Samsung evo SSD. I plan to do a fresh install of windows 10, but before i start i'd like to know a few things. Before i start, my apologies for any ignorant or silly questions, but i'm not really an expert on PC's. 1. How does a fresh install from USB work? I've...
  19. N

    XMP button not showing on MSI Gaming MOBO

    Hello all, I have been trying to find the xmp button on my motherboard. My specs are: Intel I5 4690K MSI Z-97 Gaming 5 2x8 HyperX Fury DDR3-1866 MSI GTX 970 I have realised that my RAM is only running at DDR3-1333. I then tried to find the XMP button on my mobo bios. However I could not find...
  20. W

    driver irql_less_or_not_equal (e22w7x64.sys) already updated drivers

    hey guys, i'm having this BSOD error: driver irql_less_or_not_equal e22w7x64.sys unfortunately, it's not always consistent. I sometimes get differing BSODs as well. It doesn't occur when doing anything particularly stressful on the computer. for example, this latest crash just happened when I...