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  1. woopxie

    Question Can a power surge damage a PSU even when it's switched off at the rocker-switch but left plugged in to a mains socket ?

    I often switch off my PSU from the back. however, i don't usually unplug the PSU from the mains socket as much as it wear the prongs when repeated hundreds of times. would it still be protected from the power surge even when plugged into the socket but switched off in the back? i currently use...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Help Me Find a Slim Case Fan. My New Video Card is too big and I can't return it.

    I have a very old design Silverstone FT-02 case and recently installed an RX 6800 XT Video Card that I now can't return (bought on Newegg). I still prefer this case due to the superior air cooling design. Unfortunately I had to remove one of the fans at the bottom to get it to fit inside the...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Corsair cv450 or Silverstone st50f es230

    I don't know which power supply to choose, i read some reviews saying that the Silverstone st50f is good, it's a little bit cheaper than the cv450, but Corsair seems like a reliable brand, I'm having trouble choosing since i want to save some money. I'm planning to buy an i5-3570, gtx 750 ti...
  4. Kev1n8088

    [SOLVED] Installing drive bay fans for Silverstone CS381

    I'm planning on buying a Silverstone CS381 for a NAS system with a gaming VM. From what I've heard, it seems the drives of the CS381 have nearly no airflow and can get quite hot. I'm looking at installing an 80mm Noctua fan for each of the two drive bays by double-sided taping 3D printed fan...
  5. I

    Question Silverstone AR12 RGB + i5-11400, high temps

    Installed Silverstone AR12 RGB air cooler on i5 11400 but temps still reaching 87degrees celsius on Prime95 stress test On stock cooler temps were reaching 88-90, now after installing the aftermarket air cooler, temps are reaching 87 degrees. I don't think these are normal temps. What could go...
  6. S

    Question Where is the power/reset slots for my Z390 GODLIKE?

    Hello all, Where is the power/reset slots for my Z390 GODLIKE motherboard because I want to install a wireless remote PC power switch?? Here is my Z390 Godlike motherboard: I plan on buying this remote control power-switch for my PC...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Custom Cables for Silverstone ST1300-TI

    I have a Silverstone ST1300-TI PSU for which I want to buy custom cables. So, I went over to Cablemod, but they do not have my model. On the other hand, though, they have a series of cables for the Silverstone ST models. When I contacted them, they could not tell me for sure if something...
  8. L

    Question Silverstone SG13 or Thermaltake Core V1?

    For context, I rehoused my system in The Phanteks Ethoo Evolv ITX, however, cooling my graphics card has become a seemingly insurmountable problem ever since I started using this case. I have tried everything from adding more fans, adjusting where the fans are, adjusting fan curves, getting an...
  9. GreyHound24

    [SOLVED] I'm not sure what psu to get

    I'm currently looking at the Silverstone Strider Essential 700, is it still a viable option? Any other recommendations around that price point?
  10. B

    [SOLVED] GPU for Silverstone ML09

    Hi there! I currently use an MSI geforce gtx 1050 ti in my SilverStone ML09 case, but recently the cooling fans have been making insanely much noise every now and then. I figured this might be a nice moment to upgrade my GPU, rather than going through the trouble of trying to fix the fans, so I...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] little confusion about setting up RGB fans

    I just bought a new case, Silverstone PS15-RGB which comes with 2 rgb fans in front. But i've never had more than just one exhaust fan before and i'm not really sure how to set them up despite extensive research on it. I can't find the model of the fans to find any info about it nor does the...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] What fans should I use?

    Hi If I use the case SilverStone RL06 PRO, which comes with three red LED fans installed in the front, and I wanted to install a 240mm radiator on the front along with one of the included fans, can I mount the other two included fans on the radiator or should I buy two static pressure 120mm fans...
  13. islandwalker

    News Hands-On With SilverStone’s Latest Cases: Blending Old School and New Cool

    We went hands-on with six new cases from Silverstone at Computex 2019, from a Shuttle-like ITX chassis to a premium E-ATX monster. Hands-On With SilverStone’s Latest Cases: Blending Old School and New Cool : Read more
  14. raisonjohn

    Info PSU Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop PSU/SMPS)

    A consolidated list of Desktop PSU/SMPS (Power Supply Units/Switch-Mode Power Supplies) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: POWER SUPPLY UNIT COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of...
  15. E

    [SOLVED] Can this SilverStone Micro Atx Case fit into most carry on luggage suitcases?

    I have a standard carry on luggage suitcase that I want my computer to fit into but my current cooler master case is too big. If I get this cooler master micro atx one (SST-SG11B) then would it fit? It looks small enough based off the dimensions though I am not sure of the exact dimensions of my...
  16. E

    Question Would a Ryzen 3 1200 and RX 570 work with this power supply?

    I want to build a small form factor building using an sfx psu to keep things as low profile as possible. Here's the link on Amazon...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] gigabyte GA-Z77z-Ud3h

    Prior to my vacation my system: MB-Gigbabyte Z77X -udh GFX=Geforce 1070 Ram-16 GB DDR3 Boot-Samsung Evo 850 SSD Second platter-Western Digital Black 1TB Power-Corsair 650w windows 10 was functioning buttery smooth-no issues whatsoever, and had been for at least 6-8 months. I shut it down for...
  18. H

    Question Computer started crashing recently after upgrading psu and gpu.

    Hello people a month ago I upgraded my gt710 with Rx 570 8gb oc and switched rampage 600w psu recently my computer started crashing while gaming everything is ok when im surfing in internet or watching a movie or playing low spec games(crusader kings 2 and some text based games) but when i try...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] New and first build LEDs on, fans spinning, no monitor display

    I put together a new PC to replace a old one that my family owns, and when I power it up the LEDs on the front light up and the fans on both the CPU and PSU spin, but no monitor display except "entering power save mode." Also there is no POST. Can someone help? I used Computer case: Fractal...
  20. A

    Question Windows heavy lagging

    Hello, For a long time now I´ve had problem with Windows lagging - dropping to like 1 frame per 3 seconds. This usually lasts for a minute and then PC returns back to normal. I have got this problem like 1 month after the PC was build, last half a year there was no problem but lately it came...
  21. Andrei1744

    [SOLVED] Can somenone help me find a compatible power supply .

    My motherboard is Asus EX-A320M-GAMING and I can't find a compatible power supply.Can someone help me please?😞😞
  22. T

    Question Fan Hub and RGB Fans, How does this work?

    My Phanteks p600s case came with a Fan Hub. I am looking at the RGB ML140 Corsair Fans. My Mobo is a z390 Gigabyte Designare. (only 1 usb internal connection) The cpu cooler is a noctua D15s just to include all details. Is this a pain to install? I know the 3 pack of 120's comes with...
  23. H

    Question Rx 480 worth it 2019

    I am building a pc and don’t want to spend to much and I was looking I could get a rx 480 for near half the rx580 is priced, Is a rx 480 worth it in 2019
  24. C

    Question Would I regret getting an origin over a Maingear

    I built two identical computers from Maingear and Origin. Origin I get the $1500 34” rog monitor, shipping for the pc free So it’s abour $600 in savings versus main gear for essentially the same thing. Would I regret getting an origin pc or should I just suck it up and go for the Maingear?
  25. I

    asus b250f motherboard help

    can i use 3000mhz ram with this motherboard?
  26. H

    Strange Rebooting while playing games only

    Hello all, recently I moved and after I did so my Pc started to act very strange, It started to reboot at very random times and only during gaming. It will shut down like if you pull the plug and start up again as nothing happened. I have been battling this for 3 months now with no luck. The pc...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] PC not posting! Help!

    Hi all, SPEC: Ryzen 5 2600 (5 days old) 8gb ddr4 3200mhz (5 days) Gigabyte RX 480 4GB (2 years) MSI B450M Gaming Pro (5 days) Corsair 600watt PSU (5 years) SSD x2 HDD x1 Yesterday I was playing a game with my GPU over clocked stably (settings I've been using for months without issue) with MSI...
  28. kilo24

    What slows down my computer in-game?

    In Doom 2016 for example, I hover around 60fps when not much is happening but during combat I get stutters and the FPS can often drop into the 20's (medium vs. ultra settings makes no difference). Here's a list of my specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit RAM: 16GB CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @...
  29. T

    [SOLVED] Are g-sync monitors must for Nvidia cards ?

    I'm gonna build a pc for the first time (with a really tight budget) & I can't really afford a g-sync monitor, so are the Radeon GPUs my only option or can I look for Nvidia ones too ?
  30. A

    How to fix HDD's head that can't get on a platter?

    Hello First of all, I'm a noob when fixing hardware of HDDs although I've watched some tutorials. I managed to recover my data so I'm good here, but I want to talk to you guys mainly for academic purposes. 1. My external HDD fell on the floor - not that high and hard but apparently high and...
  31. N

    Samsung 970 evo overheating?

    So recently I've been thinking about getting a new ssd since I'm low on memory and I've ended up choosing between 970 evo and 860 evo. And the deciding factor for me would be the temperatures of 970 evo, overheating and how much of a problem they are. So basically if I'll struggle with the...
  32. G

    [SOLVED] First Gaming build. Need help with compatibility and possible errors.

    Okay, my girlfriend and I are wanting to build our own gaming PCs, and she knows squat on anything. I'm the one she goes for if she needs help. But What I plan to do is to make the same build twice, but with hers i would put it in a different case (more feminine), and what I came here to ask is...
  33. B

    Help Choosing the right PSU

    Hi, I just upgraded my GPU to a Sappire nitro+ rx 590, and added 8 gb of ram, and now I'm concerned about my PSU, I had a rx 460 2 gb and just 8 gb of ram, and my current PSU is an EVGA 430 w so I want to know about which would be my best option according to my budget, if it's really necessary...
  34. C

    My build: PSU and OEM Qs

    Wanted some other opinions on this build, if the OEM cpu is over clockable, and if I can get away with a lower PSU, since I've read that the new GPUs take much less power than before. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  35. P

    How do I get a security lock off so I can get going on my macbook pro

    I have a security lock on my macbook pro and it messes my I'd and all my password so I keep changing password id's still locked
  36. L

    My laptop not starting

    I had Mcafe installed in my pc and today i was installing caspersky antivirus, but i choosed not to remove mcafe. But just after finish if installation and opened the caspersky my laptop stopped responding, then i did forced shutdown and tried to start it again, but it is not starting, it is...
  37. P

    Laptop screen goes black after power supply plugged in

    My toshiba M840 screen instantly goes black if power supply plugged in and would never turn on back. I've tried many method but none of that work , the screen goes black even in the save mode and I think it either the power supply problem or my motherboard. I hope I can find my solution here...
  38. G

    Battle Robot GEIO Is Ruthless Against AR Foes

    Robots, virtual violence and augmented reality (AR)—we’re having all the fun these days. GEIO, a battle robot from China's GJS Robot, is getting souped up with AR. Battle Robot GEIO Is Ruthless Against AR Foes : Read more
  39. M

    My Asus laptop has M.2 SATA3 slot, is it also compatible with M.2 PCIe?

    The specs wrote SATA3 M.2 SSD there, how to confirm it is compatible with M.2 PCIe SSD also? By the way, I am using Asus Zeenbook UX331UN laptop.
  40. A

    [SOLVED] USB-C switchable hub

    Is there such a thing as a switchable usb-c hub? Just usb-c. Looking to connect two laptops (or more) through usb-c to a port extender/display box. They work individually, but would like to be able to use both with no moving of cables.