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  1. seraphaye

    Question does verizon charge me if i put my sim card in a phone i got from a friend thats already verizon locked?

    also if they do or dont, do you know if theres a charge for putting my sim card in an unlocked phone?
  2. demajor

    Question Windows 10 Hp 840 Laptop

    Hello guys I don't know if this is the right place to ask, I recently bought a New Hp laptop 840 G2. It has a 4G card and my simcard works well, my question is, is their any application I can use to manage the simcard in it for instance like top up, text or even make a call, it's a pain when I...
  3. G

    Question Connecting 4 monitors using only vga and dvi?

    I need a video card that supports either 2 vga and 2 dvi or 4 of either/or. Can anyone help. My ViewSonic Monitors only support these 2 connections. No gaming just spreadsheets and open web pages for business. thank you!
  4. D

    Question Asrock itx x470

    I have never built and am so confused. Am I reading the specs correctly that I could only connect ONE case fan to this mobo??? I started worrying about this when I saw something on reddit where someone said most itx mobos only have 1 header for a case fan. What sense would that make to have it...
  5. R

    Question PerfCap Idle, while playing Fortnite stretched

    So, hello Guys! My Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x @ 4.00 GHZ GPU: Inno3D GeForce GTX 1080Ti x2 (I dont run 2 of them, its just the name) Mainboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC x470 RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Vengeance RGB After running in Fortnite into some insane FPS problems, i started investigating...
  6. M.AGamer

    [SOLVED] Reddragon K552-Rgb worth it?

    Hello,i want to buy a mechanical keyboard and i found k552 red backlight #bestseller but i will get rgb version so worth it for 45$ or you guys know a better keyboard blue switches and for 30-45$ range K552-rgb...
  7. M

    Question PSU

    can someone with more experience help me with this 2 PSU Corsair HX850 80PLUS Platinum vs COOLER MASTER Vanguard 850W
  8. B

    Question “No display connected” on monitor

    A few nights ago my pc shut off on its own and wouldn’t reboot so I let it sit for about 20 minutes and everything booted normally but the next morning I wasn’t getting display to my monitor. I’ve tried hdmi cables, vga cable, another monitor reseating all hardware and switching slots, my...
  9. B

    Question HP Compaq SFF different case better PSU and GTX 970

    Hey there, I have a HP Compaq 8300 Elite SFF, and was wondering if it would be possible to take the motherboard out, place it in a bigger case, get a better PSU, and use a 970? If I can do this, any links to cheap cases, and power supplies would be appreciated as I am not great at this PC building
  10. K

    Question motherboard compatibility and suggestions

    I have an Alienware 17 laptop that I bought in 2014, and the Motherboard is starting to give out on me, I wanted to know what Motherboards would be compatible with my laptop. I understand that it is an old laptop, but if I am replacing the motherboard I would like to get something that would...
  11. W

    I want to know if there is a kind of confinfiguration or setup needed

    I want to know if there is a kind of setup or configuration that is needed before any kind of upgrade on your computer or a kind of datasheet that one can go through for any information.THANKS,GOD bless.
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Build My PC

    Already have 1080TI & Asus 165mhz Monitor Want I9 9900k CPU Want faster then 3200 RAM Rest is up to you Price doesn't matter
  13. P

    ModMic 4 too quiet even with a usb soundcard

    Hi! I recently purchased a modmic 4 and antlions own usb sound card (new model), but the mic is way too quiet even with the sound card. I have to boost the mic by 15db (with equalizer APO) to be able to hear basically anything and then the sound quality has been ruined by a bunch of white...
  14. T

    Stuck in safe mode launch with black screen

    Hey there. I was trying to launch into safe mode (windows 10) after I encountered some issues with my graphic card drivers. However, whenever I tried launching in safe mode my pc would reboot, but my monitor would not be activated. Then I did something incredibly stupid: I told windows to reboot...
  15. L

    PC Won't Detect Ethernet

    It used to work properly until strong lightning struck and blew up several devices including the router (I'm only mentioning this as I think it may be a hardware problem). I got it replaced and pc won't recognise the new one at all. It won't show that it's connected to anything, and neither does...
  16. M

    Best Unlocked Board for LGA1155 Chipset?

    Need one for i7-2600k, live in the UK and this is my first pc so no crazy overclocks. Im prioritizing being cheap as well.
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Stick with 1150 or upgrade to 1151, atx to mini itx

    I Currently have an 1150 based system i5-4460 8GB DDR3 500GB Samsung 860 EVO Seasonic PSU Gigiabyte ATX motherboard Dell XPS 700 /710/720 Case with bad BTX to ATX convertion Will be getting gpu soon. I want to switch to a mini ITX case so i will need a new Motherboard. Is it worth buying an...
  18. A

    What processor and motherboard to buy for gaming Budget:200$

    My gpu is GTX 1050 2GB and the cpu Xeon X3430
  19. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] Will a MicroSD to SD adapter bottleneck a fast MicroSD?

    I am very tempted to buy the Samsung Evo Plus U3 128gb card as it's at a crazy price of 32$ in France, it's tested by many people as 90mb/s write speed and 100mb/s read!! It's a microSD card that I will be able to use it now with my fuji camera with the adapter and in a couple of years with a...
  20. M

    mixing ram sticks

    So i bought a pre built pc and it came with a team 8GB T-Force Vulcan and now i want to upgrade it onto 16gb of ram and i couldn't find the same stick in the market since i live in the middle east but i found T-Force Delta RGB and i'm worried that it might not work together. they both have the...