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  1. seraphaye

    Question does verizon charge me if i put my sim card in a phone i got from a friend thats already verizon locked?

    also if they do or dont, do you know if theres a charge for putting my sim card in an unlocked phone?
  2. demajor

    Question Windows 10 Hp 840 Laptop

    Hello guys I don't know if this is the right place to ask, I recently bought a New Hp laptop 840 G2. It has a 4G card and my simcard works well, my question is, is their any application I can use to manage the simcard in it for instance like top up, text or even make a call, it's a pain when I...
  3. G

    Question Connecting 4 monitors using only vga and dvi?

    I need a video card that supports either 2 vga and 2 dvi or 4 of either/or. Can anyone help. My ViewSonic Monitors only support these 2 connections. No gaming just spreadsheets and open web pages for business. thank you!
  4. D

    Question Asrock itx x470

    I have never built and am so confused. Am I reading the specs correctly that I could only connect ONE case fan to this mobo??? I started worrying about this when I saw something on reddit where someone said most itx mobos only have 1 header for a case fan. What sense would that make to have it...
  5. R

    Question PerfCap Idle, while playing Fortnite stretched

    So, hello Guys! My Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x @ 4.00 GHZ GPU: Inno3D GeForce GTX 1080Ti x2 (I dont run 2 of them, its just the name) Mainboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC x470 RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Vengeance RGB After running in Fortnite into some insane FPS problems, i started investigating...
  6. M.AGamer

    [SOLVED] Reddragon K552-Rgb worth it?

    Hello,i want to buy a mechanical keyboard and i found k552 red backlight #bestseller but i will get rgb version so worth it for 45$ or you guys know a better keyboard blue switches and for 30-45$ range K552-rgb...
  7. M

    Question PSU

    can someone with more experience help me with this 2 PSU Corsair HX850 80PLUS Platinum vs COOLER MASTER Vanguard 850W
  8. B

    Question “No display connected” on monitor

    A few nights ago my pc shut off on its own and wouldn’t reboot so I let it sit for about 20 minutes and everything booted normally but the next morning I wasn’t getting display to my monitor. I’ve tried hdmi cables, vga cable, another monitor reseating all hardware and switching slots, my...
  9. B

    Question HP Compaq SFF different case better PSU and GTX 970

    Hey there, I have a HP Compaq 8300 Elite SFF, and was wondering if it would be possible to take the motherboard out, place it in a bigger case, get a better PSU, and use a 970? If I can do this, any links to cheap cases, and power supplies would be appreciated as I am not great at this PC building
  10. K

    Question motherboard compatibility and suggestions

    I have an Alienware 17 laptop that I bought in 2014, and the Motherboard is starting to give out on me, I wanted to know what Motherboards would be compatible with my laptop. I understand that it is an old laptop, but if I am replacing the motherboard I would like to get something that would...
  11. W

    I want to know if there is a kind of confinfiguration or setup needed

    I want to know if there is a kind of setup or configuration that is needed before any kind of upgrade on your computer or a kind of datasheet that one can go through for any information.THANKS,GOD bless.
  12. L

    Build My PC

    Already have 1080TI & Asus 165mhz Monitor Want I9 9900k CPU Want faster then 3200 RAM Rest is up to you Price doesn't matter
  13. P

    ModMic 4 too quiet even with a usb soundcard

    Hi! I recently purchased a modmic 4 and antlions own usb sound card (new model), but the mic is way too quiet even with the sound card. I have to boost the mic by 15db (with equalizer APO) to be able to hear basically anything and then the sound quality has been ruined by a bunch of white...
  14. A

    PS4 vs PS4 PRO or whait for PS5

    Hello forum! I always knew that sooner or later i would need to buy a Play Station. I love the Forza from Xbox series, but the staggering amount of PS exclusives games made me change my mind. There are several games (RDR2,GT Sport, DriveClub, Horizon0Dawn, The last of us, God of war) and...
  15. T

    Stuck in safe mode launch with black screen

    Hey there. I was trying to launch into safe mode (windows 10) after I encountered some issues with my graphic card drivers. However, whenever I tried launching in safe mode my pc would reboot, but my monitor would not be activated. Then I did something incredibly stupid: I told windows to reboot...
  16. L

    PC Won't Detect Ethernet

    It used to work properly until strong lightning struck and blew up several devices including the router (I'm only mentioning this as I think it may be a hardware problem). I got it replaced and pc won't recognise the new one at all. It won't show that it's connected to anything, and neither does...
  17. P

    Need a 1400 gaming pc build

    Sup dudes I’m looking for some help piecing together a gaming system for around 1300-1400 for just a tower with windows I have everything else I need thanks
  18. M

    Best Unlocked Board for LGA1155 Chipset?

    Need one for i7-2600k, live in the UK and this is my first pc so no crazy overclocks. Im prioritizing being cheap as well.
  19. C

    Stick with 1150 or upgrade to 1151, atx to mini itx

    I Currently have an 1150 based system i5-4460 8GB DDR3 500GB Samsung 860 EVO Seasonic PSU Gigiabyte ATX motherboard Dell XPS 700 /710/720 Case with bad BTX to ATX convertion Will be getting gpu soon. I want to switch to a mini ITX case so i will need a new Motherboard. Is it worth buying an...
  20. A

    What processor and motherboard to buy for gaming Budget:200$

    My gpu is GTX 1050 2GB and the cpu Xeon X3430