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  1. M

    Fans going crazy after reinstallation of Windows 10

    When I open a game, my fans start to spin really fast, and it wont stop until I restart my pc, not even if I shut down the game. This started a occurring after I had just reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch. I have a Corsair AF140 in the back of my case, and 2 SP120 on a radiator for my CPU...
  2. B

    Which CPU Cooler

    Hello. I am lookng to replace my current 120mm AIO cooler for a 280mm. Currently I have my eye on two, the Corsair H115i and the EVGA CLC 280 but cannot decide on which one. I do intend to overclock my CPU however the noise generated from the cooler is also a factor because I am going for a...
  3. F

    crazy Internet connectivity

    so today i installed windows 10 onto my PC, the wifi was working fine up until i downloaded steam & path of exile, after doing so the wifi is still connected to the router with a strong connection however I cannot use the internet at all.
  4. S

    Computer to TV Trouble

    I am helping my father-in-law setup Pro Presenter in his church. I have done this kind of work many times. Their budget is really tight. We purchased the Lenovo - 510-22ISH 21.5" Touch-Screen All-In-One - Intel Pentium - 8GB Memory computer. 50 feet of HDMI cable that goes to a Kanex Pro 1x4...
  5. A

    i5-7200u stuck at 3.8Ghz

    Hi! my CPU is an i5-7200u it should run at 3.10 Ghz but Task Manager and Intel XTU says it only runs at 3.8Ghz.... help me...
  6. S

    First build ever, judge my build!

    Hi! I am a newbie to building PCs and have recently made my first gaming PC that I plan to purchase by the end of this summer. I have a budget of around $1500, including monitors and operating systems. I would love some input and criticism from a community like this to help guide me in the...
  7. S

    Should i sell my laptop to buy a gaming console

    I have a laptop which was originally bought for £200 2 years ago. I use it for mainly youtube and surfing the web and one or two games on Steam. Everything is fine except for 4 keys aren't working. I am growing an interest in video games and was wondering if I should trade it in for a console...
  8. saadidas

    Gigabyte Z97MX compatibility with Samsung EVO 960

    Hello I would like to know if the EVO 960 will be compatible with my Gigabyte Z97MX gaming 5. I would like to plug it into the M.2 slot and store my OS on it. Will I be able to exploit the full potential of the EVO 960? Thanks
  9. Q

    Rate PC Build

    Hello everyone, I recently got my first "real" job, and have decided to decommission Ol' Faithful and try my hand at building something from the ground up. I'm a big PC gamer, so that's what I'll be primarily using it for. I also capture and edit video from time to time. Longevity is a must...
  10. K

    Uploading video to a Panasonic VXF990

    I've edited a movie and I want to export it to my camera. However I get a message saying the disk is write protected. The SD card isn't locked and I can record video fine. I presume it is the camera blocking this kind of transfer, any tips ?? Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Water Cooler in my cabinet

    I have foxin fc6605 cabinet,amd fx 6300 cpu,HIS 4GB gpu. Can I set install a water cooler in my cabinet?
  12. M

    Is the security setup for my new pc good?

    Im using window 10, Firewall on, window defender off, BitDefender for real-time protection. I mainly use this pc for gaming. Im a pretty secure person, i wont click on those "sketchy link". Most of the time on internet, i only go to Youtube. Antivirus, Malware: (I scan with all of these once a...
  13. S

    Can my processor run this?

    First build: This is the RAM I am using. I plan to use it with a maximus IX Hero motherboard and i7 7700k. It has a 3200 mhz frequency, can my processor run it or do I have to underclock or get another memory module?
  14. C

    Ethernet connection dropping out periodically (PUBG)

    I recently upgraded a few pieces of hardware in my system, and I'm having some weird issues. My PC used to have a rock solid connection, but ever since I upgraded hardware my connection drops out periodically for no more than a second and then reconnects. The kicker is that this only appears to...
  15. G

    This Smart Ring Can Unlock Your Entire Life with a Tap

    With a fingerprint sensor, NFC, Bluetooth and secure element, Token is a wearable device that aims to replace your wallet, car keys, and passwords. This Smart Ring Can Unlock Your Entire Life with a Tap : Read more
  16. K

    will the new evga 450 b3 be able to run a 980ti

    im getting a 980ti from a friend because im giving him an am4 motherboard and 2 gpus that i dont use and was just wondering if this power supply since its new will be fine consindering my ryzen 7 1700 isnt overclocked and i dont plan on overclocking the 980ti
  17. MaxTehLegend

    Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 rev 1.0 Won't boot

    I recently bought this brand new motherboard. When I first installed it, it booted fine and was able to enter windows, then I tried entering bios and changing boot priority to my ssd. After I reset my screen seems to be frozen. I see the white "gigabyte ultra durable series motherboard" post...
  18. D

    Gaming build $800 - $1200

    My friend would like to know the best builds she can get for both $800 and $1,200. She lives in the United States. Please let me know if any additional information is needed.
  19. S

    My Lenovo Thinkpad wont turn on when I press the power button and when I plug it in to charge the red dot above the i flashes

    My E455 Lenovo Thinkpad wont turn on nothing happens. When i plug it in to charge the red dot above the i flashes for a few seconds and thats it. Anybody have any ideas on whats wrong or how to fix it?
  20. B

    Getting low fps in games that i used to run extremly good !!

    i have been getting low fps in games that i was able to run completly fine a few days ago so far i have tried to reinstall graphic drivers . Pls help :D MY SPECS - - Gainward Geforce Phoenix 1060 6gb gpu Intel core i7-6700 cpu 16gb ram 550w power supply Windows 10