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  1. B

    Build me a gaming pc 1100$

    So my friend asked me to pick the parts for him to build a gaming pc. Including moniter,mouse,keyboard. Nothing fancy. He wants a gtx 1070 for sure and his buget is 1100$ though he would like it under that if possible thanks.
  2. K

    GPU not reaching 100% load.

    Hello, yesterday I installed a GTX 760 just to find that it doesn´t run at 100%load. I just use Rivatuner while playing and it only reaches like 20% while playing CSGO. my CPU is a i5 - 3570 at 3.4 GHZ, and I have 12 GB of DDR3 RAM. My PSU is a Corsair VS 650w, maybe not the best, but more than...
  3. C

    Does anyone know what this means

    Not sure if this is correct forum or not, but about a week ago I started getting stuttering and freezing when playing games. On occasion I would have to push the power button to restart the PC. Here is the error: kaby Lake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1 driver not working I've tried to...
  4. B

    Cant get replacement ssd for smart status hdd to work-no display upon boot

    Hello, I recently received a smart alert on my asus rog g20 so I decided to replace the hdd with a 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd. The ssd arrived and I successfully migrated the contents of my old drive using a sata to usb cable. I shut down and opened up the case, and put the ssd exactly where the...
  5. D

    disk space full

    in task manager all my disk space is being used up by "System" and my computer is really slow. how can i lower the disk space back to normal I have a windows 8 my drive capacity is 932 gb
  6. L

    Hyundai ‘Blue Link’ Vulnerability Allows Thieves To Start Cars Remotely

    Hyundai's use of cleartext communications and hardcoded passwords may have allowed car thieves to remotely unlock and then steal Hyundai cars (2012 and newer). Hyundai ‘Blue Link’ Vulnerability Allows Thieves To Start Cars Remotely : Read more
  7. glytch5

    LG UH12NS40 blue ray players, should I send it back?

    So I got a killer deal on a new CD/blue ray player.. I needed one. Got this LG UH12NS40 shipped to my door for 35 bucks... I however DID NOT notice it was an OEM. Got the box in with absolutely nothing but the drive, no discs or anything. My uh oh sensors are going off already. I checked...
  8. L

    CPU running a bit hot...

    Hey all i built a rig back in august 2016. I have been running into a bit overheating lately reaching 84C non overclocked. I tried re applying thermal paste even got a new paste from phanteks and reapplied the new stuff tonight under full load it reached 84C. The room temp is around 80F I have 2...
  9. M

    I have issues with my Router

    Hey guys. Can you just look at this log file, and see if it is ok? I would appreciate it alot. I am experiencing sudden dropps of ping. And sometimes it completely stops working, and I solve it by powering it of. For several years it worked perfect, and it works perfect in between these...
  10. F

    Can it handle?

    Hi, i was wondering if my Intel Core i3-4170 CPU 3.70GHz can handle a ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Dual ?
  11. F

    Asus VG248QE with ROG GL552VW laptop 144hz?

    Hi! I got an Asus VG248QE monitor which is being connected to my ROG GL552VW laptop. However there is no 144hz option available when I go to the monitor settings but 60hz. I'm using a 1,8 meter long HDMI 2.0 to DVI-D cable at the moment. HDMI is the only output port on my laptop, along with...
  12. S

    Laptop won't turn on. Doesn't show charging light unless power button ribbon is unplugged??

    Okay, so I gave an Asus laptop and I've had it over 2 years. A few weeks ago we were going to replace the keyboard and we were careful and e eveeything, but now it won't turn on. The power button does nothing. If I unplug the power button ribbon, suddenly the charging light comes on. What's...
  13. T

    Computer shuts down if power strip is moved at all, cords are moved or if the case is moved.

    Here's my build first of all: Ever since I built this 4 months ago I've been having this problem. Though these past few months it only did this every few weeks. Whenever I move my power supply, to plug something in or unplug something it will...
  14. D

    +1 GTX 950 , or GTX 960 ?

    Hello, i wanted to have a triple monitor setup, even if it runs games on medium-low settings i currently have 1 GTX 950 OC Windforce, should i get another one and make a dual connection between the two. Or should i sell my current GTX 950 and just buy one GTX 960?
  15. L

    Graphics Card Upgrade

    Current system specs: Athlon x4 880k rx 460 16gb ram @1600mhz msi a68h-e33 v2 600w psu (I know it's overkill) Would I see any noticeable difference in performance if I went from a 460 to a 470? Secondly, because of the cpu bottleneck, would it even be worth it? Budget of $180
  16. S

    i7 6700hq too hot after ssd replacement and OS clean install

    Hi there! I just got a Samsung 850 evo 250 gb and i installed it on a Asus N552VX laptop, replacing a toshiba 1tb 5400 rpm hdd. Doing so, i did a win 10 clean install on the ssd and updated the usual drivers. Now for the differences i cannot explain: i use this laptop for some light gaming, like...
  17. N

    what's the range of 2 standard wireless routers?

    Lets say 2 Linksys WRT54G in open field, in theory how far can you connect each other while keeping a strong signal?
  18. 1

    Should I return my graphics card?

    So the past few weeks I have been experiencing many issues with my graphics. In game, I am lagging for no reason in games I shouldn't be lagging in and new drivers for my graphics card only make it worse. In the last 2 weeks, two new drivers for my card came out: i have an msi rx480...
  19. H

    Pc wont pass bios splash screen guys i am trying to create a frankenstein of a compter with all the components from my previous pc. Its a asus x79 mobo, intel i7 3840, kingston hyperx beast 4gb ram ddr3 and a corsair cx750m psu brand...
  20. S

    Strange crashes but no restart

    Not even sure if you can technically call it a crash. My computer randomly loses video signal. It can be sitting doing nothing, or while gaming and working on something. The monitor simply goes off as if the computer was shut down. None of the ports on the mobo or front of the case seem to have...