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    Question DIY H-Shifter Forza Horizon

    Hi guys, Im planning on building an diy h shifter to play games like forza horizon. Im going to use micro switches to shift in a gear. When a micro switch is activated I want it to make it look like its touching a button. So when I switch to like gear 3 it seems like I just touch the f3 button...
  2. S

    Question Sim Racing setup help

    Hi there! Has anyone here have/had the CLS Elite Wheel Base or ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 from Fanatec? I would like to know the major difference between those two as the price difference is a bit high. Is it worth paying around £150+ for V2.5? (Could have the shifter for that price). Main...
  3. S

    mid or full? and PSU help

    Hello guys, I am going to switch to a new chassi and I was wondering if I should get a mid or a full tower? Im also upgrading to a gtx 1070 soon so I was wondering if my 500W PSU is enough. (ps im really kinda bad at pc stuff). thank you,
  4. unlimtedgamers

    Pre built pc vs custom built pc

    ok my birthday is coming and i want a pc for it a gaming pc and im thinking which one is better pre built or custom build i know how to build but i dont want to work on my b-day im thinking of alienware