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  1. Y

    Question Wanting to build a pc unsure where to start

    I want to build a pc for casual gaming, the Sims, Minecraft, and maybe fps. This is the first time I will have done this and it's overwhelming to say the least. If someone could give me a list of components from most important to least that would be helpful. Also is there anything I should...
  2. oneGamerE

    Question Cooler Master RS400 over GTX 560 or GTX 660

    Hello everyone. I wanna buy standard versions of GTX560 or GTX660 depending on my budget. My PSU Specs are , and it comes with a single 1x6 PCIe connector. Running a GTX560 adapting one more...
  3. D

    Question Looking to buy a Macbook Pro 15'', 2015

    I'm looking to buy a MBP 15'' 2015, for force click touchpad and better performance SSD (otherwise I'd have gone for 2014). I have a few questions: . Is 2.8ghz or 2.5ghz a huge jump from 2.2ghz as base clock speed? I believe the first 2 model can turbo boost up to 4.0ghz while the base model...
  4. S

    Question DisplayPort and freesync with nvidia (I have used the search bar)

    Thank you in advance for your time. I have GTX 1070 and want to get a freesync monitor. Gsync monitors are insanely overpriced and it's virtually impossible to get an AMD card in my country (NZ). I am stuck with NVIDIA card and freesync monitor. My questions are as follows: Question 1. I've...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Why do we have a master and slave compute cluster setup? Why can't they be equal?

    For this to make sense, look at the EPYC's infinity fabric. You see how all the dies are connected to one another, why can't this work for compute clusters? Instead of having 1 master processor and multiple slave processors, why don't we have them equally connected so any processor can talk to...
  6. A

    Question Boot loop from start up, but able to boot from bios.

    I think this question is in the right location, feel free to move it if it is not. I recently upgraded some parts and everything went well until the windows 10 install. I booted from the Disc and went through the first portion of installation. When it went to restart the PC it went into a boot...
  7. W

    Question Ping giving me a hard time in game

    Hey everyone so i'm having a problem with my ping all of a sudden i got a tp-link t6e archer installed in my pc for 4 months now AMAZING no problems great ping perfect streaming no problems at all. well the owner wants it back fine no problem i got...
  8. A

    Question LG 34GK950F-B Orange on Text tint at 144Hz

    Just got my first 144Hz monitor, LG 34GK950F-B, and having a bit of a problem. At 120Hz, works just fine. At 144Hz, though, things get a bit ugly. Text is blurry, and appears to have a slight glow around letters. Certain combinations of letters are immediately noticeable. Like if I write...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Corsair h60 VS Cooler Master ML240L VS Dark Rock 4

    I am deciding between the Corsair H60, the cooler Master masterliquid ML240L and the Be Quiet Dark Rock 4. The H60 is $20 cheaper and was wondering which is one best. I have a R5 2600 and the nzxt h500 case.
  10. W

    [SOLVED] Available Physical memory 2.41GB when 8GB is installed

    installed Physical Mem... 8.00 GB Total Physical Memory 7.94 GB Available Physical Me... 2.41 GB I disabled all background apps. installed all unused apps. disabled all services at startup. I have no viruses. I have the latest bios.
  11. O

    Adding another 8GB ram

    Hi, I am planning to add another same model Ram to my current rig. I am wondering how much would the performance boost. I do watch some comparison video about 8GB vs 16GB Ram video, some game gained a lot of improved (game like bo4), but most of the game only gained abit(5-10+fps) . Please...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] i7-9700k with an old stock i5-4460 cooler

    Hi, so I just did a full upgrade on my processor+motherboard+ram. The new processor is an i7-9700k. A very knowledgable friend helped me put it together, but he didn't realize I hadn't bought a new CPU fan. All I have is the old stock fan my i5-4460 came with, and the i7 doesn't come with one...
  13. J

    What CPU should I get for a home server?

    Hey, I was given a free copy of Windows Server 2019 and decided I want to make a physical at-home server. What CPU would be good for this? It doesn't have to be anything SUPER overkill, but I want to use this case...
  14. I

    Did i win silicon lottery (6700k)

    Is my 6700k performing good if the cpu is delidded and watercooled with h110i v2 4785mhz at 1.4v 61C°
  15. U

    Hp Elite 8300 tower PSU Compatibility

    Hi I hope you could help me. Would a Seasonic S12 ii 620 watt psu be compatible with the Hp elite 8300 tower? Thanks
  16. Supahos

    User benchmark runs for fun

    I thought it might be fun just to kind of show off your oc\build quality a bit here This isn't about scoring as many points as possible as simply spending more money will ensure this. Lets see how well your relative performance is with the parts you have on hand using the percentile of same...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] I can't find a pc case please help!!!

    Having trouble finding a pc case to fit all my parts... I am water cooling my PC so I bought two 360 radiators (they fit three 120 fans so they are quite long). I also want a dvd drive. The problem is I cannot find a pc case that fits both radiators and has space for a DVD drive. I had bought...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Motherboard for high end p.c .

    What would be the best motherboard to buy in 2019 using a 32 core threadripper amd chip.. Its For cad work and rendering.. Some gaming involved.?
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Will i7-3770k work on joshua-h61-uatx (joshua)?

    Hello, Will i7-3770k work on joshua-h61-uatx (joshua)? or should I get i7-3770
  20. S

    Looking for a new mouse

    I have had an original Steelseries Sensei for several years, and mine is finally dying. I've done a lot to try to make it last longer, but it no longer works on my black mousepad, and it's no longer accurate enough for aiming in games. I've been looking for a while at different mice from...
  21. T

    home wireless router supporting multiple LAN subnets?

    I'm replacing my home network router and would like to find a one that provides routing between multiple subnets on the LAN side. I do technical support from my home office and need to set up lab equipment which, by design, has two Ethernet interfaces on two different subnets, and which...
  22. D

    [SOLVED] Best Pre-Built for Alienware AW3418DW $2000 budget

    Hi. I’m in need of a desktop upgrade for gaming mostly and I have never built a computer before, I’m not sure how I feel about putting together a $2000 machine so I checked out some Pre-Built. Monitor I have is I live in New...
  23. F

    [SOLVED] Nvidia gtx 1060

    I'm looking for help I'm having an issue in games I'm not running them as good as I feel I should be and don't understand why. Dome games run amazing others not so much. For example r6 siege perfect 90+ fps doom same thing ac origins ac oddesy a subnautica the division anything high demand I...
  24. S

    Which one is correct????????

    Hello, My SSD is ADATA SU650 120GB. According to the ADATA Toolbox, I've only written 0.01TB (about 10+ GB). But using CrystalDiskInfo, the result is different! Which one is accurate???
  25. K

    My CPU Doesnt work

    When i was building my pc, i pulled out my cpu cooler and the cpu sticked on it and i pulled the bracket down. Now my pc wont give signal on display. When i boot up my pc 2 lights on ez debug led goes on (lights are CPU and DRAM). After 2 seconds the lights turns off and the VGA red light turns...
  26. C

    PC Completely Freezes and Little Blue Squares Start Appearing in a Pattern

    Hello, I have been having this problem recently, sometimes it could be in an hour or in even minutes my pc completely Freezes, and after it freezes about 5 minutes later little blue squares in a diagonal pattern starts appearing horizontally filling a row and going down, this are the solutions...
  27. B

    Bought Team Group Ram That Came Defective Now They Wont Replace it because I removed the Warranty Stickers

    I bought a Team T Force Vulcan DDR4 3000 mhz 2 x 8 gb Ram Kit from outlet PC and it came Defective :/ I contacted both Team Group USA and Outlet PC to get my ram replaced and they both stated they cant because I removed the warranty stickers. I searched online and saw that warranty stickers...
  28. B

    Dell Alienware 18 Upgrade Help

    Hi all, I've got an Alienware 18 with a motherboard ID of VAS10 LA-9332P. Its a Rev1.0 (A00) and the mobo was made in 2013. My wifi was cutting out strangly for a while, then some keys intermittently stopped working, the battery would not dependably keep it running so it had to always be on AC...
  29. E

    Blue screen of dearh (BSOD))

    I have a big problem with blue screens in my laptop. Is a new laptop just 1 month old. It has an 8th gen intel cpu: i5. An AMD gpu: Radeon 520 and 6 GB of Ram. It does the last week a lot of blue screens with the following errors: Kernel security check failure Kmode exception not handled And...
  30. C

    What should I upgrade in order to increase stream quality?

    Hi, I just tried streaming some Overwatch and MTG on to get a feel for the programs, the stream seemed fine at 720p for the most part, but the game was not great, even though it still said 60fps, it felt much more choppy and had instances of heavy framerate drop despite remaining at...
  31. N

    8 years old thermal paste

    I have a MX-2 syringe, it's 8 years old or something, Is it still supposed to work after that long? My main issue with buying a new one is that I have to do it online and it will take a week to arrive.
  32. M

    Changing to AP mode

    I have an ASUS RT-AC5300 modem and would like to add my ASUS RP-AC56 as an AP with my Cat6 cable. Please explain how this is done. Cannot seem to get it to work
  33. K

    Gtx 960 to 1050 ti, Is this worth??

    I ws wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade from a 960 to a 1050ti. I currently have an i7 4790k.I feel as if the gpu would be bottlenecking my cpu correct? Is this worth the money and how much of an improvement would it make?
  34. J

    Do I need a new mobo?

    Hello everyone, about a year ago I bought a PC with an i3 7100 and a gtx 1050 ti, and now I want to upgrade to an i5 8400. Since they're the same socket I'm just wondering do I need to buy an entirely new mobo?
  35. M

    I can't get any internet connection from my router.

    Hello, i am Having trouble with my Wi-Fi router I was using the internet and everything was OK but today I can't access the internet and a weird notification popped up and said 'Sign in to WiFi network' It wasn't there before I am using this router for 3 years and this notification wasn't there...
  36. R

    Help on budget gaming pc build!?

    Any suggestions to this build? Trying to keep the price low. Its going to be a app build. This is what I have so far
  37. V

    There is old thermal paste outside the CPU metal surface. I need to clean it?

    It looks that it is in a fragile surface and i don't want to damage it.
  38. S

    Help pls my pc

    Hey guys so i keep getting the error the default gateway is not available i have tried used trouble shoot to fix this but i dont need to know how to fix this i need to know if its a pc problem or my wifi my wifi is perfect on my phone and ps4 but it keeps saying this so i meed to know if this is...
  39. M

    Blurry Movement on Monitor

    I have a Dell S2716DGR, 27 inches, 1440p with 144hz refresh rate. For the past couple of months, all movement onscreen has had the slightest blur to it, like a permanent motion blur setting. It's especially evident on any text, and is starting to get annoying. Is there anything I can do to fix...
  40. K


    Is this configuration good? ryzen 3 2200g gigabyte am4 b350m-ds3h toshiba 1tb 7200rpm crucial balistix lp red 4 gb 2666mhz (2 modules) aerocool cs 100 mini tower corsair vs 350w