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  1. D

    Question Can't Power Tinkerboard 2S on

    I have been trying to power on the Tinkerboard, but I haven't had any luck. The red power light never turns on What have i tried so far: I have tried connecting it to my PC using USB-C using a 12V power supply Using the Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Supply I have even exchanged the device, but...
  2. jcmatoskx

    [SOLVED] Fastest Write speed Single Board Computer?

    I am looking for a small/portable device (Linux or Windows) that will need to have at least 4 USB ports 3.0 (ideally, even if its through a usb hub/extender) and has the fastest write speeds possible (Probably hooked to an SSD?) Essentially the intention is for this to be a small portable server...
  3. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] 4X4-V1000M for media, voice & game servers

    Hello, I've been looking at 4X4-V1000M from ASRock: Would it be able to run: Torrenting A Teamspeak server A media server Various game servers of new games. I'm also not sure whether I should be going for this instead...
  4. F

    Question Best single board for stereo camera + audio processing?

    I am trying to figure out what is the best single board for building an IR stereo camera and to perform audio processing. For audio output, I plan to use an audio expansion or the HDMI output or an external sound card. I also value the expandability of the board. After an entire afternoon of...
  5. A

    60% Memory usage with nothing really opened. (16 gb ram) Why is my computer using more than 10 gb of ram practically idle?