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    six monitors and 2 GTX 1050ti

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum but I follow Tomshardware everytime I need! Basically, my intention is to mount 6 monitors for stock trading on two Nvidia GTX 1050ti Strix 4GB My specs Mobo: Asus tuf z270 mark 2 CPU: Intel i7 7700k 4.2Ghz VGA: 2 x Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti Strix...
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    m.2 and sata ssd combor or no

    ok so im buildig a new pc soon and im going to get a 960 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 as my boot driive and have some of my main games and programs on there, and was wondering if getting a 1tb sata ssd for everything else was a good idea over a normal hdd.
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    Want to upgrade GPU which graphic cards should i buy? 1070 or rx580

    Hi, ZOTAC GTX 1070 Mini 8GB or SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RADEON RX580 8GB?, i know zotac 1070 mini is better performance in term of the spec and also slightly expansive then rx 580, but i have a 1080p 60hz AMD Freesync monitor. Currently using sapphire R9 270x 2G. Do the two GPU above worth to upgrade...
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    any helps appreciated

    i haven’t purchased it yet but i’m planning on building my first pc for around 1100$ (cad) i’ll be running a ryzen 5 1500x and a gtx 1050ti (4gb). am i able to run games such as battlefield 1, and other titles along that line at steady 45-60fps on high/ultra? or should i hold off another month...
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    Wait for 9th Gen ?

    Hi Everyone, I am wanting to build a new gaming PC, haven't built one since 2004, and want to get back into PC Gaming. 8th Gen CPUs just came out, but the Intel schedule has 9th Gen 10nm lithography chip coming early 2018, should I wait for that chip or build now? What is everyone's thoughts?
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    i7-2600 + GTX 980 in 2017

    I've been thinking of buying i7-2600 and GTX 980. I can get them plus everything else needed for PC, including monitor and m&kb, for $700. Sounds like a good deal to me but my experience with computers is very limited. Processor is pretty old but seems to be fairly powerful even today. How well...
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    looking for low budget laptop with nvidia gpu

    I'm looking for a low budget laptop that meets the following requirements 1. less than $140 including tax and shipping 2. has at least 1gb vram 3. supports sata hdd 4. supports directx 11 5. is NVidia NOT amd 6. works and 7. preferably comes with battery and charger (I can get those separate...
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    PC flickers several times before starting(video supplied)

    Ok so like the title says I just upgraded from a corsair RM650 to an EVGA 1000 GQ(B stock) but it flashes/flickers multiple times before actually starting I'm wondering if this is a PSU . Uploaded a video to youtube to show the problem. Any help is appreciated. Pc not booting right youtube
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    My motherboard will not post!

    So this all started a week or so ago I came home one night to a dead pc,.. Specs of that were Intel I3 6100 16 gb of Gskill ram Gtx 1050ti On a HB150 mobo with a 450 watt psu Went to turn it on and no post or display. So I opened my case and saw things were a bit dusty so I dusted it out...
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    Any tips, or advice for new PC

    Okay so I'm buying my first full PC (my current one was built like Frankenstein's Monster), with a budget of $2400 AUD. What I'm looking at is $2260 AUD, here it is: I'm going to use it for daily gaming, at 1920x1080, looking to max out most my games. Some info: - I'm...
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    CPU spike when [ALT+TAB] out of game

    While playing my temp stays at around 53, but when I [Alt + Tab] it spikes to 83 and immediately goes back down. Is this normal?
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    crack/static sound when changing channel and on start up

    hi. my home theatre speakers make a loud'ish crack/static sound when i turn the tv on (less than a second), and when i am changing channel. they work fine otherwise. any advice? thanks also there is a long (3-4 seconds) delay (as though on mute) before sound is resumed.
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    HELP: Computer dosen't detect Monitor's Displayport [No Signal]

    Hello. Yesterday I bought Predator XB271H 144hz monitor. It had a DisplayPort with it, so I know i'm not using a bad one. My PC is also a Predator. My GPU is Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB. I have another monitor that works perfectly with VGA since my PC Doesnt have a HDMI port. When I connect the...
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    All the other fans spins except the ones on the graphics card and nothing shows up on the screen

    My builds specs are: -Intel Kaby Lake Pentium G4560 -AsRock B250M-HDV -Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti -Silverstone 400W Strider Essential ST40F-ES230 Thanks in advance
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    Noob needing help with VR and vr compatibility for my pc

    Hey guys so im a beginner to the pc world, but i know enough to get by. I am wanting to upgrade my pc so i can run a HTC vive. My PC is not up to date with current standards so if you guys can let me know what parts i need to upgrade and what a good product for that part would be, thatd be...
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    How to migrate exclusively windows

    I want to move windows to an ssd, but the ssd is 256 gigs so I can't move everything off of my main 2 terabyte hard drive. Every forum and tutorial shows how to migrate your whole system, but is there a way to migrate exclusively windows?
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    Unable to access the internet after system update

    Hello, Yesterday I could connect to Internet without any problems, normal connection, even faster than normally. Before going to bed, I start the very short system update, then shut down my computer, and go to sleep. When I woke up, no internet connection, I restarted my computer but nothing...
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    H115i pump noise problems...

    I recently built myself a PC and I've been a bit disappointed by my h115i cooler. At first it started making the type of rattling noises an aquarium would make which was quite loud. I wasn't sure what to do about it even after looking on forums i found no solution other than to RMA the thing...
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    Windows 10 install loop

    When installing windows 10 pro onto my os-less pc, I insert my installation media, and go through all the necessary steps until it says that I have to restart to continue. When it restarts, it goes back to the beginning of the installation process (language selection. Any/all help is...
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    MSI GTX 960 help

    Hello, Running GPU-Z, I took a screen shot of my resource usage and don't know how to understand it, if I am using too many resources or if this is normal.