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  1. J

    Resolution Issues on New Laptop

    I hope I am in the right area for this. Anyway, I was given an ACER Aspire E5-575G for work. It has an Nvidia 940mx card as well as an Intel integrated HD 620 chipset. OS is Windows 10 with a 7th gen core i5 and 8 gigs of ram. The monitor I am using is a Dell 3007WFP HC which supports 2560x1600...
  2. W

    Do you think it's worth returning a 27" 1440p monitor with a single stuck pixel?

    I've had my 1440p monitor for a month now, and just earlier i noticed it has a stuck pixel in the lower right corner. On white, it's blue. On black, it's red. On red, it's black. The pixel displays all other colors perfectly fine(which i find quite odd). This thing can be very annoying, but at...
  3. Sanjay_Vig

    My new GPU is not giving display on my TV. Help!

    I have an old Toshiba Power TV and it only supports input through HDMI. I was using a Sapphire R7 250X with this monitor using HDMI and there were no issue with the output (Just that it was overscaled). Recently my GPU stopped working (Fans stopped rotating and then it never powered up) then I...
  4. S

    VMware Workstation vs. VirtualBox

    Which one is better for Windows 2000/XP or newer OS?
  5. Verzy

    Green lines all over monitor, computer flickers then freezes up

    Hello, My computer was working fine earlier today until it suddenly just started to flicker a couple times then froze. I restarted my computer and it did the same thing. I tried unplugging the GPU and putting it in another PCI-E port but it was still the same. Right now I have it plugged...
  6. R

    Cant uninstall my wireless driver

    I want to uninstall my 802.11n wireless driver but its taking too much time in device manager.last time i tried to uninstall it it took around 10mins and it was not uninstalled.Help me sir as soon as possible.
  7. R

    How to get back to normal in transformers-the game

    Hello Guys. Can anyone help me out? If I am a transformer robot and I convert into a car in the transformers game, it works. But when I try to get back to a transformer, I cannot. I just stuck as a car unless the game makes me a transformer on a certain mission. Help Me :(
  8. J

    what are some song titles and lyrics you can read into

    and also read between the lines , for instance i know the 30 seconds to mars (jared letto) song named "Hurricane" is infact "sorry kane" , cause kane was the leader of the brotherhood of nod and he repeatedly says ,this hurricane , what he means is sorry kane , that's also funny but in a...
  9. I

    Sli on amd motherboard

    Hello, so I bought 2 gtx 970's for ny first ever gaming pc and I'm thinking of buying ryzen 1500x cpu and a msi b350 pc mate motherboard and I'd like to know if sli is supported on an amd motherboard?
  10. J

    PC random restarts after installed graphics cards?

    What causes a computer to restart without warning (once in a while) after installed graphics card? I put in a Radeon R9 graphics card recently. I'm running on Windows 10. Driver is up to date with Windows 10. I just want to know why my computer sometimes restart without giving me warning. The...
  11. S

    Upgrading my computer

    Hello guys, At the end of this month I'm going to upgrade some of my computer parts. I'm going to get GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6G (rev. 2.0) - Graphics card, HDD Western Digital black WD5000LPLX 2.5'' 500GB SATA3 7200RPM 32M and a new computer case Corsair Carbide Series™ SPEC-01 RED LED Mid...
  12. A

    Tomahawk b350 and fans

    Hi, I have bought a MSI tomahawk b350 mother board and I have been looking at this m.2 slot the first question is if I buy one will it take any of the sata ports away/reduce the speed , will it reduce the performance of my graphics card. The second is cooling I have with the board a ryzen 1600 I...
  13. O

    Does the quality of my panel affect how in-game objects like trees look?

    Hey Guys, So I recently bought Ghost Recon Wildlands and was, therefore, playing it on my [censored] poor (Very) 1080p TN panel/TV. I noticed even on the Ultra preset the trees looked absolutely appalling (as it does on many other games). So I went on my MacBook Pro (2560x1600 IPS) and watched...
  14. S

    Is the NZXT phantom 410 Good?

    I think it looks amazing but is it other than looks?
  15. G

    HDD Hybrid Array Taken To The MSI Extreme

    MSI treats future desktop systems with a powerful dual NVMe SSD system that acts as an all-in-one cache plus hard disk drive for increasing application and gaming performance. HDD Hybrid Array Taken To The MSI Extreme : Read more
  16. B

    i7-2630QM, CPU spikes when watching Netflix.

    Basically, 2 CPU cores spike to 100% when watching Netflix. They happen every minute, always 2times in a row. Gradually getting worse, checked temperatures, all fine. Same thing happens on WIndows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. (Using i7-2630QM / 8GB RAM / GTM555 / Ubuntu 16.04)
  17. J

    Drink Spill Predicament!

    Hello! Ive gone and done a stupid im afraid. I knocked a can of lager on to my pc tower the other night which has a mesh vent on it. I immediately switched it off and unplugged then lay it on its side to prevent anymore dripping on the mobo. Couple days later i took it apart and cleaned the...
  18. B

    Number of Fans required

    Building an i7-7700, most cases have the option for 4 or 5 fans, but come with 2 or 3. If I am not playing any games, just email, web and photo editing, are more than 2 fans needed ? (have 3 hard drives)
  19. K

    CPU Fan error/CPU overheating.

    Hello, i am getting a CPU fan error, and CPU overheating message after boot. My PC stays on long enough to get into BIOS, BIOS says the CPU temp is 85° celcius. Then it shuts down to protect the cpu from what ive read. I have a corsair H100 hydro cooler. I removed the heat sink from the CPU...
  20. E

    i7 980x or the Xeon W3690?

    I have this choice, in my case, the Xeon is more expensive than the i7, so yeah. Is the higher priced Xeon worth it for gaming?