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  1. M

    5.95 Gb usable out of 8gb of ram?

    So I just built my pc and I just checked my pc properties and says 5.95 gb usable out of 8gb usable. Can anyone help me Mobo: asrock b250m-hdv CPU: intel pentium g4560
  2. kol12

    4690K with GTX 1080 Ti?

    I'm considering a high refresh G-Sync monitor and a GTX 1080 Ti. I would like to do this upgrade before a cpu+mobo upgrade as I think my 4690K machine still has some go left in it and monitor upgrades always outlast other component upgrades. My question is what sort of bottleneck the 4690K...
  3. A

    windows won`t start

    I tried to install windows 10 pro on my new aspire e15 laptop,but it seems something freeze. It is showing me to select language ,aea, keyboard,etc. one this is done and select express setting it showing that restart but afterward again is showing same thing over and over again. how to exit from...
  4. Cravez

    Windows 10 Bootup slow after complete fresh re-install

    Hi all Wondering if anyone can advise. I was recently having an issue where my computer was taking a few minutes to boot up instead of seconds. When the computer gets to the Windows 10 logo and the spinning circles, it stays like that for approx 1-2 minutes before continuing for me to log in...
  5. P

    Looking to install Windows XP or Linux on an old laptop (see description for the problem details)

    Hi, I have just acquired an old Fujitsu Lifebook P5020 and am looking to restore it for fun. However I have run into a small problem. It came with a Windows XP SP1 CD and every time I finish the setup, the computer reboots to the bluescreen of death. I thought this must be an issue with the OS...
  6. D

    RAM for gaming?

    Currently, i have a 4 gb single stick ram in my motherboard, which has only 1 slot. Should I buy another 8 gb or 4 gb ? Mostly, i will be gaming but i see some games recommend 12 gb? So, is 12 gb worth the hassale and the money or should i just get another 4gb? Thanks in advance
  7. I

    5gb load when on idle

    i've recently had to install a new drive with my main one dying on me, for some reason my memory is sitting around 51% to 70% load just being on idle while my cpu sits at 2%. The software i have installed took up around 18% before, nothing else has changed. I've tried changing the...
  8. H

    Computer shuts off randomly

    Computer randomly shutsdown, then restarts. my best guess is the PSU. The PSU fan is functional, but only spins up when i go into boot menu, otherwise it doesnt spin, then overheats (i think) i have a evga super nova 550w g2
  9. S

    Internet without provider

    Would it be possible to use my router as a stand alone internet provider without to connect to an internet provider so to get a better internet connection with depending on providers and thus saving money on monthly fees?
  10. Mathsnerds

    Good SSD for upgrading a 6 year old PC, SATA 2/3

    Hello, I was going to make a entire new computer to replace this old HP Compaq but, as the budget is tight, and I am in need of quick solution I have decided instead to upgrade it with an SSD. I am pretty sure the PC supports SATA 2. I was thinking of upgrading it with a Crucial MX300...
  11. D

    My monitor is not displaying

    My monitor is not displaying but cpu is starting normally this is happening because accidently I disabled some settings in advanced chipset features in how I make my monitor able to display. It just showing no signal. Help me.
  12. A

    How to share files on servers with workgroup PCs

    Hello Everyone, Could anyone help me with this problem? On the workgroup PCs that use the same network, i entered the shared folder's path and then i entered the username and the password of one of the domain users and saved the credentials so the folder can be opened any time and it worked...
  13. R

    PC stuck in Bios load screen.

    Hi Ive been recently getting a problem where my PC gets stuck in the bios loading screen from 1st turn on and freezes as i am unable to enter the bios or boot menu, but will boot into windows after i press restart button and loads with ease past the boot screen etc. I have tried numerous...
  14. A

    Anthony Basile - Do I Still Need A CD-ROM Drive ?

    Well I am in the market for a new computer here and I found myself asking a question that I really thought I would never ask. Not that I did not expect the CD-ROM to ever fade out, but it just kind of crept up on me. I am not sure if they are even called CD-ROM drives anymore now that they play...
  15. S

    Audio Technica Μ50x vs Sennheiser HD 598

    Hello which of 2 headset are suitable for music especially for heavy metal music?. What are the differences? Thereis a better choice of headset? Under 100euros?
  16. D

    How connect headphones to sound card??

    Hallo! I have hyperx cloud 2 headphones and Asus Xonar DX/XD 7.1 Sound Card PCIe. I can use my headphones in usb but i think the some quality is not the same if i connect them to my Asus Xonar sound card. My problem is, i have just 1 input in my headphones but in sound card i need too input 3...
  17. R

    windows 10 pesky files that i cannot delete

    so i have windows 10 and i am the admin. i have some files on my pc that i just cannot remove... any advice on how to remove them? i think they might be viruses