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  1. K

    Question What is the size of the fan on a Zotac 1050ti OC 6GB graphics card ?

    What is the size of Fan on the Zotac 1050ti OC 4gb graphic card? My fan is wobbling and making noise so I need to replace it. First I had ordered a 85mm 2 pin fan but when I researched more I found out there are different fan sizes for different cards. So Anyone knows here what is the size of...
  2. A

    Question Slightly Slower POST After RAM Upgrade To 64GB -- Is This Because Of RAM Size?

    Noticed the motherboard now takes about 7 seconds to POST after upgrading to 64GB. The machine does start up fine, It works fine. It just takes longer to POST. There are no crashes or instabilities. Does RAM Size affect POST times? I can see the EZ-Debug DRAM LED lights up for those 7 secs...
  3. J

    Question Will a 1060 6gb GPU fit in the case I picked?

    I was going to originally get a 1050ti 4GB but I found a 1060 6GB for the same price and I really don't know if it will fit in the case I have. I checked the measurements and to me, it appears as though it will but I don't want to end up with a GPU that won't fit. The case is a Zalman T6 ATX Mid...
  4. Question Windows 11 - Small Taskbar Size - Right Icons Clipping

    Upgraded to windows 11 recently and have one major gripe. I have made the taskbar a reasonable size using the “TaskbarSi” registry trick, however, my bottom right icons are clipping off the screen. I tried messing with windows scaling but couldn't get it to fit properly. Default A sane taskbar...
  5. helluvanidiot

    Question HP 304Bh motherboard size?

    To save some money on a case i was wondering what size this board is, everywhere i could find info says it's an ATX but i wanna be sure before i buy a new board and try to fit it inside.
  6. mech34cora

    [SOLVED] how to install 32 gb 2 x 16gb ddr4 2400 on incompatible motherboard a570 pro

    hi everyone. i have a msi a 570 pro motherboard. as i found out the maximum compatibility on each slot is 8gb. can i some how install 2 x 16gb on this board? is there a way to do this? as i install the 2x 16gb the system wont start. ive tried 1 x 16 gb stick and 2 x 16 on various channels. do...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Asrock H81M-VG4/Asus H81M-CS.Is it Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX?

    Asrock H81M-VG4/Asus H81M-CS.Is it Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX? Both Asus and Asrock's offical product page says that these mobos are micro-atx. But their size (Asrocks: 7.5-in x 6.7-in, 19.1 cm x 17.0 cm, ASUS: 7.5 inch x 7.0 inch 19 cm x 17.7 cm) says otherwise. I was planning to buy a cabinate...
  8. TerraCorbix12345

    [SOLVED] Does this 1050 Ti model work and fit in my old office PC?

    Found a GTX 1050 Ti by Asus and wanted to get it to upgrade my old office PC so it can play a few games. My current office PC is an HP Envy 750-287c and it has a 300W PSU with somewhat limited space inside. Will this GPU fit inside my case and will it be able to function by just plugging it into...
  9. O

    Question do new notebooks in general accept 10mm high hdds?

    do new notebooks in general accept 2.5inch hdds having a height of up to 10mm? Thank you.
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Will i be able to use nh-d15 with corsair rgb ram?

    Im have been thinking of buying a nh-d15 but i have not idea if it will fit with my ram Specs; Case: tg6 gpu: rtx 2060 Ram: corsair ddr4 rgb 3600 mhz Cpu: i7 9700kf mobo: msi z390 a pro
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Will the 1660 super fit in my case/mobo?

    So I will be getting a Gigabyte gtx 1660 super gaming oc and I was wondering if it will fit fine on my mobo which is the gigabyte b450m s2h. Also my case was from a prebuilt pc so its a basic case one and i am not sure about it. Can someone help me?
  12. D

    Question Gigabyte 1660 Super Gaming OC Size?

    So I will be getting a Gigabyte gtx 1660 super gaming oc and I was wondering if it will fit fine on my mobo which is the gigabyte b450 s2h. Also my case was from a prebuilt pc so its a basic info quest one and i am not sure about it. Can someone help me?
  13. S

    Question What size crossfire bridge do I need for a Z390 Godlike motherboard? For 2 x AMD RX480 8GB

    Hello all, Here is my motherboard, Z390 Godlike MSI: godlike&cm_re=z390_godlike--13-144-209--Product&quicklink=true I plan to run 2 AMD RX-480 8GB crossfire but I dont know what size the crossfire bridge is. For Nvidia, they kept it...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Laptop gaming experience 15 - 17 inch screen

    Hi guys Im looking for a new laptop and I haven't ever play games on 15 inch before. That's why I need an advice from someone who has experience with booth sizes. My question is: How different is the gaming experience on 15 inch screen. I absolutely don't need any mobility what so ever. I only...
  15. Guppu

    [SOLVED] Does the 0K83V0 Dell Inspiron 560s Motherboard have a PCI-e slot?

    The system is a Dell Inspiron 560s. It's a pre-built PC but I am planning to upgrade the Graphics Card. The question is whether the motherboard comes with PCI-e x16 (2.0) slots or not. My issues are: The motherboard seems to be attached to the case. The case is just 80mm in width. That means...
  16. freezingpickles

    [SOLVED] Need help finding a compatible case for my girlfriend's motherboard.

    My girlfriend has an HP Z220 SFF Work Station and wants to install a GPU into it, I've already seen the GPU can be installed fine however the boxing case it comes in is just ever so slightly too tiny to fit it. (Just in case anyone ask, she got the workstation for $60.) She just needs a case...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] Will this cooler fit my motherboard without blocking the memory slots?

    Building my very first PC. Got a question before I start buying anything. Motherboard: Processor...
  18. E

    Question Why transistor's Size is so Important ?

    Hello guys . i know for you professionals out there its a silly question but why transistor's Size is so Important ? and they try to make it smaller to have more transistors in a chip ? why dont they make the CPU bigger ? wouldn't it be better in terms of temperature ? what is the myth that I'm...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Does this motherboard fit together with my setup in terms of size?

    So i have been shopping for new parts for my rather old PC. CPU and RAM are still to be decided, so they are excluded from the list. I am sorry if i am asking any stupid questions, as i am still rather new at building PCs. My list of parts are as follows: Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU cooler...
  20. AtomBombTheWonderBomb

    Question Dell Xps 8930 To New Case+

    Hello, i currently have a dell xps 8930 and would like to upgrade my case to a CORSAIR Carbide series 175R but i dont know if the components will fit into the new case I will also be making some upgrades to the graphics (1050ti to rtx2070) and installing a 1tb SSD if someone knows if this will...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] What size hard drive can I use?

    I have an old Sony Vaio All-in-One model VPCL216FX that I'm looking to replace the hard drive in, however I'm not sure what the maximum size hard drive I can use in it is. Best Buy has a 1 TB (which is the size it came with when I bought it used) for $49.99, but they also have a 4 TB hard...
  22. U


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the smallest be quiet case. Many Thanks
  23. S

    [SOLVED] If these are both the exact same model of GPUs, (RTX 2060s) then how can one be physically bigger? (On the inside)

    Compare these 2 GPUs. One is a "Mini" and the other is a "3-Fan"
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Noctua-D15h in a Rosewill S500 case

    Hey all, The title is pretty self explanatory for what I'm asking. Can a Noctua-D15h fit in a Rosewill S500 case? I'm trying to cool an I7-8700k and OC it and I want to use this cooler for it, but it's hard to find any info whether this Rosewill case will fit it. Ive measured from the cpu...
  25. E

    Question My pictures have expanded in size when transferring from SD card to computer

    Hello, I have recently transferred all my files from a 32GB SD card to my computer, as I purchased a 128 GB SD card and wanted to transfer it all on the new one. I managed to copy everything from the old card to my computer, then I removed it from the phone, inserted the new one and tried to...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] Correct cooler size

    I recently got an hp omen obelisk with an i7 9700. I wanted to change the cpu fan I don’t know what size fan I need. I’m pretty sure it’s not a full size atx because it only has 2 ram slots. And also, will I be able to change the fan speed if I change out the fan
  27. H

    Question Gtx 1650 help please!

    hey guys, I am thinking of what version to order for the gtx 1650, and the one that seems to fit my needs so far is the msi gtx 1650 ventus. was wondering if the graphics card would fit into this case. Oh and if you have better versions that isnt bigger than the ventus and doesnt require 6-pin...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Do all Standard-ATX sized motherboards have a 3-slot spacing for GPUs and all E-ATX motherboards have a 4-slot spacing for GPU (For NVLINK only)

    Tell me if this is true or not and maybe explain why if you can. I am only talking about motherboards that are capable of supporting NV-LINK and not any other motherboards (not SLI or Crossfire) So, if motherboards come in these 4 common sizes, Mini-ATX Micro-ATX ATX Extended ATX I have a...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Nvlink size

    Hello, this is my motherboard: I currently have a 2080Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC. I want to get another 2080 Ti and...
  30. [SOLVED] SSD constantly writing

    Hi guys, i recently got a Kingston SSD SA400S37/240G and i noticed a constantly writing speed on it when my pc is idle, that happens over time (every 3 seconds, kinda) as you guys can see in the pics. The only task using the disk in the task manager is the "System". Is that normal? I also...
  31. B

    Question Can't change screen size for games

    so whenever i try to open a game i cant make the size smaller, its stuck at 1920 x 1080. this is annoying because i usually need to run games in a smaller window for them to run smoothly
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Need help,with a gigabyte rtx 2060 port bracket size.

    Hello currently building/upgrading my first computer was just about to buy my graphics card which is a gigabyte rtx 2060 oc pro (the one with 3 fans) however at the last minute I realised that the bracket that houses the graphics card ports might be a different size to what my case can...
  33. S

    Question If I buy this AIO CPU Cooler, will it fit the front top of my PC super tower case or its TOO BIG?

    Hello all, I am looking to buy this AIO CPU Cooler by Enermax: I have this Super Tower PC Case by Thermaltake...
  34. Mo.R

    Question Micro atx in mid tower case

    Hi, might was wondering if a micro atx motherboard would look weird in a mid tower case. As I think there would be a lot of space left around it, if I don't do water Cooling or uservices an AIO. Is this true? I'm thinking of getting a be quiet case, because they are quiet, but they don't make...
  35. R

    [SOLVED] Deleted a game, the game is gone, but it still "there"

    Hello guys, i deleted a game and some files from my school (yes i wanted to delete them). The game got unninstalled and the files from school got shift+del right into the abyss. The thing is, the files still ocupy their size on my hdd. After a short period of time, some error "can't read memory...
  36. C

    Question Why is the Micro ATX bigger then the Mini-ATX?

    By their names, why is a "Micro ATX" bigger than the "Mini ATX"? 'Micro' is used to describe something that is extremely small. But there is no way 'Mini' is smaller than 'micro'. What is the story behind this?
  37. W

    [SOLVED] i7 8700k----£350-- worth it?

    hi, so recently upgraded to a gtx 1080 but its time to get rid of my i7 2600k and upgrade cpu, i7 8700k is currently £350 on new egg+ £100 for new mobo also, is this worth it, or would i be better saving money and going for the ryzen 2700x, i already have a corsair liquid cpu cooler. i will...
  38. T

    Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H and i7 4770k

    will gigabyte ga b85m d3h motherboard work with i7 4770k for gaming? will i be able to game on this motherboard?
  39. T

    using a msata for win 10 would it be worth it and what would be a good size

    I am a little out of touch technology and I was given a cyber power pc laptop it has a 1tb Hyderabad segregate hd in right now it has a slot for msata would it be worth it to and msata for the os and the 1tb as storage, if so what side what would be a good size for a msata
  40. hyzzle

    jacked up Seagate 2TB Barracuda HDD

    ok i have had this 2TB barracuda drive for a few years but never had any problems until i put it in a synology NAS and I got a report that the drive had crashed. I was out of town for about 2 months so i just had my wife power down the NAS till i got back. I pulled the drive out and hooked it up...