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    Question Do all Standard-ATX sized motherboards have a 3-slot spacing for GPUs and all E-ATX motherboards have a 4-slot spacing for GPU (For NVLINK only)

    Tell me if this is true or not and maybe explain why if you can. I am only talking about motherboards that are capable of supporting NV-LINK and not any other motherboards (not SLI or Crossfire) So, if motherboards come in these 4 common sizes, Mini-ATX Micro-ATX ATX Extended ATX I have a...
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    Question Nvlink size

    Hello, this is my motherboard: I currently have a 2080Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC. I want to get another 2080 Ti and...
  3. [SOLVED] SSD constantly writing

    Hi guys, i recently got a Kingston SSD SA400S37/240G and i noticed a constantly writing speed on it when my pc is idle, that happens over time (every 3 seconds, kinda) as you guys can see in the pics. The only task using the disk in the task manager is the "System". Is that normal? I also...
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    Question Can't change screen size for games

    so whenever i try to open a game i cant make the size smaller, its stuck at 1920 x 1080. this is annoying because i usually need to run games in a smaller window for them to run smoothly
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    [SOLVED] Need help,with a gigabyte rtx 2060 port bracket size.

    Hello currently building/upgrading my first computer was just about to buy my graphics card which is a gigabyte rtx 2060 oc pro (the one with 3 fans) however at the last minute I realised that the bracket that houses the graphics card ports might be a different size to what my case can...
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    Question If I buy this AIO CPU Cooler, will it fit the front top of my PC super tower case or its TOO BIG?

    Hello all, I am looking to buy this AIO CPU Cooler by Enermax: I have this Super Tower PC Case by Thermaltake...
  7. Mo.R

    Question Micro atx in mid tower case

    Hi, might was wondering if a micro atx motherboard would look weird in a mid tower case. As I think there would be a lot of space left around it, if I don't do water Cooling or uservices an AIO. Is this true? I'm thinking of getting a be quiet case, because they are quiet, but they don't make...
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    [SOLVED] Deleted a game, the game is gone, but it still "there"

    Hello guys, i deleted a game and some files from my school (yes i wanted to delete them). The game got unninstalled and the files from school got shift+del right into the abyss. The thing is, the files still ocupy their size on my hdd. After a short period of time, some error "can't read memory...
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    Question Why is the Micro ATX bigger then the Mini-ATX?

    By their names, why is a "Micro ATX" bigger than the "Mini ATX"? 'Micro' is used to describe something that is extremely small. But there is no way 'Mini' is smaller than 'micro'. What is the story behind this?
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    Question i7 8700k----£350-- worth it?

    hi, so recently upgraded to a gtx 1080 but its time to get rid of my i7 2600k and upgrade cpu, i7 8700k is currently £350 on new egg+ £100 for new mobo also, is this worth it, or would i be better saving money and going for the ryzen 2700x, i already have a corsair liquid cpu cooler. i will...
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    Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H and i7 4770k

    will gigabyte ga b85m d3h motherboard work with i7 4770k for gaming? will i be able to game on this motherboard?
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    using a msata for win 10 would it be worth it and what would be a good size

    I am a little out of touch technology and I was given a cyber power pc laptop it has a 1tb Hyderabad segregate hd in right now it has a slot for msata would it be worth it to and msata for the os and the 1tb as storage, if so what side what would be a good size for a msata
  13. hyzzle

    jacked up Seagate 2TB Barracuda HDD

    ok i have had this 2TB barracuda drive for a few years but never had any problems until i put it in a synology NAS and I got a report that the drive had crashed. I was out of town for about 2 months so i just had my wife power down the NAS till i got back. I pulled the drive out and hooked it up...
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    Pc turning off then on by itself randomly

    Hello, My computer turns off then on by itself (especially while playing games) I thought the problem was solved after i replaced the psu, cables and connected more fans. First i thought it was a heat or psu problem, but now i'm clueless. i've called the hardware provider multiple times too...
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    Should i buy it?

    Hello guys ! First of all, i'm sorry if i'll make gramatical errors, English is not my native language. I want to know if it's ok to buy this second-hand computer: CPU: AMD Vishera, FX-8350 4.0GHz Motherboard: MSI 970A GAMING PRO CARBON Memory: HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL10 Dual...
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    Upgrading PC, compatibly check

    g'day, just about to upgrade my processor and not 100% on if it'll all be compatible. I Have: AMD A10 7700K 4-Core Processor Kingston ValueRAM KVR16LN11/4 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 (two of these) Corsair VS550 ATX Power Supply Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM003 ASRock FM2A68M-HD+ Motherboard MSI Radeon R7...
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    Is this pre-built PC good for the price?

    I'm looking for a new desktop, because my current computer's specs are quite bad. The PC I'm looking at is the iBUYPOWER Gamer WA583R7 that can be found at ...
  18. N

    950 Pro M.2 With ASUS x99 STRIX issues

    Just finished my first build, but am having problems with my M.2 drive. (500GB Samsung 950 Pro) I installed Windows 10 fine, but everytime I restart my PC it boots to BIOS (I removed other drives) I have to select the M.2 to boot to Windows. Have already installed the NVMe driver.
  19. G

    Laptop/Netbook for TEFL

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new laptop/netbook for TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) online. Requirements are: - Must support Skype conversations and have headphone/microphone jack - Must support Google docs and MS Word - Excellent Internet connection - Don't like Google tracking me around the...
  20. Jayras

    ASUS 99x-Delux II : Updated BIOS and M.2 no longer selectable.

    So, last weekend I built my new machine. ASUS 99X-DELUXE II MB, Corsair 32g RAM (4 X 8 Sticks) 2 SSD Drives (one 512MB, one 1TB) My old mechanical 1TB Drive (For backups) And a shiny new Samsung Pro 512 M.2 Drive (plus some other card, fans, etc...) Plugged everything in, Set the...