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  1. hunterstacy

    Question Stream is skipping frames when playing games when I stream in 900p/60fps ?

    Specs: i7 8700 GTX 3060 16 GB RAM 600 WATT PSU I am getting major frames skipping and getting really choppy even in games that aren't demanding... I know my bitrate is at 6k but all of my other settings in Streamlabs OBS are at default. I don't know what could cause this but my PC should def...
  2. Z

    Question Can someone PLEASE fix my pc?

    So, about a month ago, an issue started where after 7 minutes from boot, my pc would start to skip. It would pretty much be running at 5 Frames Per Second. To go with that, my audio also is skipping and sounds terrible. My pc is unusable. My Specs are: Ryzen 5 3600x Geforce 2070 Super Msi Gaming...
  3. C

    Question Frames skip on games all of a sudden

    So all of a sudden my frames have started to skip on apex and sometimes in other games. It’s really frustrating because I want to play ranked on apex but the skipping is holding me back. Here's my set up anyway CPU - Ryzen 5 1600X oc to 3.9hz GPU - Nvidia 1060 6gb RAM - corsair...
  4. Raerayu

    Question Mouse Sensitivity Halfed In Game

    All my games require my mouse to be double their normal sensitivity to be as fast as they used to. For example I was on around 3.95 on Overwatch but now it's unbearably slow, I had to go to 6 just to play the game. On CS:GO I used to play on 1 but now i have to go to 1.4 to be as fast as...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] Graphics Stuttering

    CPU: i7 9700k Motherboard: ASRock 7390 Phantom Gaming 4 Ram: 16GB of Team T-Force Vulcan DDR4 3200 SSD/HDD: 1TB WD-Blue and Sandisk 250GB SSD GPU: Zotac - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB AMP Extreme Core PSU: Corsair CX 750M Chassis: NZXT h500 OS: Windows 10 Pro Monitor: ViewSonic XG2402 24 Inch...
  6. S

    which cooler will fit?

    Ight I have a i5-6600k , Asus z170-A mobo and a would like ripjaw v series 2x8g, Im looking for a cool that will fit these parts. Im cool with paying up to 90-100 for this. I really would prefer air coolers, not really looking to have a liquid cooler. Any ideas? PS; I want to overclock
  7. F

    Which laptop is better?

  8. P

    BioShock: Infinite Crashes my PC

    Hi this is my first time posting. I am running Windows 8 64-bit. Here are my specs: Processor Information: Vendor: AuthenticAMD CPU Family: 0x15 CPU Model: 0x0 CPU Stepping: 0x1 CPU Type: 0x0 Speed: 1896 Mhz 4 logical processors 4 physical processors...