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  1. 2.17josueagonzalez

    Question 5450 not working

    i bought a card for my sister from newegg brand new and the seller was VisionTek, my dad and i called them and they gave us drivers and those didnt work, we tried all videos we can find about this but none of them worked, so i need help. the monitor isn't receiving any signal from the gpu but it...
  2. P

    Question Will RX570 fit in a Dell optiplex 790 mini tower

    I'm planning to get a Dell Optiplex 790 MT and i'm wondering if an RX570 will fit.I will upgrade the psu as well. The exact model of the card is the ASUS EX-570-4G
  3. enkidoe

    Question i5 4690K alternative for virtualization

    I use my pc mainly for virtualization and some gaming(no FPS, more civilization like games). I got 32gb of memory but i am noticing the cpu is the bottleneck. Am using 4 to 8 virtual machines simultaniously. Beause of that, i would like to replace the CPU. Anyone who can advice a cpu that is...
  4. R

    Question ram

    Hello i want to buy leptop ram and when i search it all i see is desktop ram does leptop ram has specific name or something ?!!
  5. Oragirimono

    Question Will this be fine? An RX 550 with a 240w psu?

    Rx 550 with a recommended 400w psu (no powerconnector needed) but I have a 240w power supply. Will this work or will it break my gpu and all the other components?
  6. N

    Question USB 3.1 can only be used for data storage. What does this mean?

    Hi, Today I was checking the manual of my Asus Strix x470 f gaming motherboard and saw that it is written that the USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices can only be used for data storage. I am new to this so not sure what does this mean? Will normal peripherals like printer, scanner, etc work on it...
  7. S

    Question Need help to install my new RTX 2070

    Dears, I just buy PNY RTX 2070 8 GB and try to install it on My old x58 Motherboard Asus Rampage2 extreme ( 6GB corsair ram) . but my MB issues one long and 3 shorts beeps means no graphic cards deducted . I update the Bios to last formal one from ASUS and problems still as it is . Are...
  8. E

    Question Windows 10 No Driver for ASUS GeForce GTX 580

    Windows 10 Driver for ASUS GeForce GTX 580 Is there a Windows 10 Driver for this card ?
  9. benjamin_a_hu92

    Can I run two 21:9 2560 x 1080 monitors by a GT1030 2GB GPU?

    Hi guys! I need some help with a new setup. I plan to buy a desktop PC in my office only for multitasking work purpose, not heavy tasks, and I have two LG 29WK500-P 2560x1080 monitors for this. My choices are i3-8100 + GT1030 2GB or i5-8400 + GT1030 2GB -16GB DDR4 ram in both cases-. Question...
  10. M

    M.2 + hdd or 2.5 inch ssd 960gb

    Can anyone suggest to me which one should i take and worth? Kingston a400 960gb- Read 500mb/s Write 450mb/s Or Adata xpg sx8200 pro 256gb + 1tb wd blue 7.2k - m.2 Read 3500mb/s Write 3000mb/s Or Kingston a1000 480gb + 1tb hdd - m.2 read 1500/ write 900mb/s Adata + hdd a bit cheaper $20...
  11. A

    New Build Assessment

    I'm building a system that is going to be specifically oriented for VR gaming. Not that I wouldn't be able to do anything else with it, but VR is where I'm really focused. The problem is that I don't know what "good" looks like. I understand the numbers, but I don't know where they will actually...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] veineda and yeston?

    Anybody know if veineda and yeston are offical partners of nvidia? Reviews seems good for both brands. thanks
  13. S

    Z97 motherboard with rgb fans

    Hi, I was wondering if someone would know if I could run coolermaster rgb fans from an MSI Z97 Guard Pro motherboard? I have tried searching online but I honestly don’t know what I’m looking at.
  14. B

    I managed to get past the boot loop but now every time I sign in the screen goes black and a cursor pops up. What do I do now?

    I managed to get past the boot loop but now every time I sign in the screen goes black and a cursor pops up. What do I do now?
  15. F

    Would a 144Hz monitor be overkill with these specs?

    Currently using a 75Hz monitor and never used anything higher, however I'm looking for a new monitor and right now I'm thinking about getting a 144Hz monitor My specs are: CPU: i5 7400 @ 3GHz - 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti RAM: 8GB Games: Battlefield V The Witcher 3 GTA V Hearthstone Will a...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Cable Modern

    My internet seems to be lagging a lot. I am using wireless but I would really like to try it out with an ethernet cable. The problem is that we rent the second floor of our house and the modern is down stairs where the owner lives so I have no way of plugging in an ethernet cord. Anybody that...
  17. N

    PC Won't Output Video

    So, my friend has recently built a new system, and I sold him my old graphics card to be in it. The first time that he tried to boot it up, everything seemed to be fine, but there was no video output to the monitor through HDMI. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening? Spec list: Cpu -...
  18. F

    Need tips for optimizing my PC

    From the results I have from UserBenchmark, my PC performs way under compaired to other PC with the same components : Seems like I have a high CPU background and probably heating issue. I removed the thermal paste recently and ordered a new SSD. I...
  19. markc1999

    Just booted up NUC8i7HNK with USB 3.0 drive attached to install windows. Empty Boot menu

    Hit the f10 Gives me boot menu Nothing there Tried plugging in the drive to the diff USB ports, nothing. Plus, shouldn't my Samsung 970 Evo be showing up? O.o
  20. X

    Fan config Questions

    So to start this off I will give you list what case I have because it probably matters :) It is a Thermaltake Core V31 mid tower. Can be found here I have been looking into getting new fans for this case because it was a prebuild...