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  1. D

    Question ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 fan speed and fitting.

    Hi, i saw a great deal on this card ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5. Unfortuantgely there is almost no reviews, youttube videos about it. Even Asus website gives almost no information about it. If anyone has it could you answer any of theees questions. Would be appreciated. Does the...
  2. T

    Bios or AI suite ii? which is more accurate?

    Hi all. So last night I tried the computer boost on ai suite ii. It worked as my Asus Z77-A motherboard(old I know), Intel i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz was running at 4.2GHz.I was happy but i wanted to put it back until i get better airflow. So I went into Bios and defaulted system. Bios reads 3.4GHz but ai...
  3. T

    How to format an SD card

    I bought a new SD card anytime I turn on my phone, it says my SD is corrupt, I tried formatting it but it won't format how do I format it
  4. koperan

    Upgrading my MB CPU and Ram?

    Hello so I'm in search of a new motherboard cpu and Ram.. My budget is $600 and I don't know much about these new cpus and motherboards... Can someone recommend a good combo that would work with my current components? These are the parts I want to keep from my current pc COOLER: Cooler Master...
  5. I

    Recomend a wifi adapter for long range

    Hello everyone I'm seeking your help to see what would be the best wifi adapter I could buy that would help me get connected. My current situation is that I share my internet with my neighbors(around 3 houses away from mine) and the router is in their house, I use the xfinitywifi hotspot to...
  6. J

    Trying to remember name of episodic horror TV show with typewriter episode endings

    I'm trying to find the name of a tv series I used to watch. It's an episodic horror aired in the 80's or 90's not sure (I don't think I was watching reruns from a 70's show). It had one main monster (I remember it leaked out of a barrel) that controls the minds of people it comes into contact...
  7. P

    Brand New PC Crashing with Artifacts

    Okay, so my friend and I just built a brand new pc a few days ago with all brand new parts from amazon and newegg: Spec list: i7 7700k (no oc) Deepcool Captain AiO Cooler 16GB DDR4 3200 RAM (running at 2133) Aorus Z270x Gaming K7 EVGA 1080 FTW DT (no oc) Corsair RM650X PSU 500gb SSD with...
  8. S

    No Power: fans twitch, mobo light flickers, USB & keyboard lights stay on.

    Hello. At some point during the day, our PC turned off, but the keyboard lights and the light on the USB stick that happened to be in the slot were on. (It's a DIY build w/components listed below. It's been working since Oct 2016 when we built it.) It would not turn back on using the power...
  9. M

    what power connectors to use for my gpu

    Hi i wonder if you could help i have just got a new GPU and my old one has an 8pin power conector attached to it there is another 6pin pins zip tied about an inch back with another 2 pins zip tied a bit further back than that on the same cable , the new gpu needs one 8 pin and one 6 pin power...
  10. J

    Does the Asus M5A97 R2.0 support DDR4?

    Does the Asus M5A97 R2.0 support DDR4? The question says it all :)
  11. E

    Best GTX 1060 for the Money?

    What is the best GTX 1060 I could get for the money? Also, what PSU would I need if I wanted to OC it?
  12. O

    PC crashes while Gaming

    Hello everyone. I'm new on here. I need help please. My Laptop, A Lenovo Y50-70 gaming pc crashes too often. While playing games like FIFA 16, Watch Dogs etc, My pc will freeze with a buzzing sound. I'll have to perform a forced shut-down. This is getting out of hand and I'm really sick and...
  13. D

    There was a problem resetting your PC; No changes were made.

    I have been having problems with my system freezing and have now decided to factory reset the computer, however, I have run into a problem. Upon going to the Reset this PC option in update & security, and clicking Remove Everything, it goes to "Getting things ready - this wont take long"...
  14. Jessica Volpe

    Totally confused as to what is going on with friends computer (Intermittent Freezing)

    As we all know, computer diagnostics can be so frustrating, so on behalf of my friend I am posting this because he is very irritated lol His computer is suffering from intermittent freezing issues. The screen freezes as if taking a screenshot and he has to restart the computer manually. This...
  15. T

    Computer going black then crashing

    So, these past couple of months my PC has been crashing and i have no idea why. I though about applying some thermal paste to my processor as it was going up to 90 degrees c. Although after a discussion with a friend he though that it would not be my processor and it could be my hard drive, we...
  16. T

    is UEFI important?

    Is UEFI a must or is it just for slightly faster boot time?
  17. T

    Trouble setting up Netgear C6300

    I just moved into a new home and I'm trying to set up a Netgear C6300 modem router. I checked that it's an approved TWC modem. I plugged in the coaxial and checked that the connection is tight. I then plugged it into the power and turned it on. So far I followed the start up guide word for word...
  18. A

    Samsung SSD Installation issues

    Purchased a Samsung 850, went through the Data Migration and Install process using Samsung Magician, but system still boots up to old Hard drive. Went into BIOS and the options were the new SSD and "Windows Boot System". Changed the boot order to the SSD and the system doesn't boot correctly...
  19. J

    Will notebook work with a external 120hz or 144hz monitor?

    Hello, I m gonna buy new monitor (144hz). I m not sure will my computer support 144 hertz. First of all i have 2 graphic card. (Intel HD 4600 and GTX 970M).PC's have 2 hdmi port and 1 mini display. I dont know these ports connected which graphic cards...
  20. P

    EVGA 750ti SC vs. Fallout 4

    With the release of Fallout 4's PC requirements, I'm starting to doubt my decision to build the PC that I built. My system runs an EVGA 750ti SC, AMD 8350 (OC to 4.4), and sports 16 gigs of ram. While I can play games like Skyrim and Tomb Raider absolutely maxed-out with flawless frame rates, I...