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  1. A

    Question Power button for sleep works only once after reboot

    I'm encountering a strange issue where the power button, which is set to sleep the computer, works only once after a reboot but then stops working. So basically: reboot, press power button, PC sleeps, press power button, PC wakes, press power button, does nothing. Reboot, repeat. Weird thing...
  2. D

    Question Unexpected PC shut down (several attempts to fix)

    Back in 2016 I built my first computer and it worked without issue until just recently. I noticed that it would randomly be off when I came back to work on it, and would not power up unless I removed the power cord for a few seconds. Sometimes the computer would shut off while working on a...
  3. K

    Question After win10 update, takes 3 tries to fully boot in to windows from sleep mode

    Family friend dropped off their pc and mentioned that after a 1909 update PC wouldn't come out of sleep. The computer itself is about 5 years old, with some of the components are a few years older. I was able to get sleep working ONLY after adjusting from s3 to s1 in the BIOS. So it half works...
  4. G

    Question Montior doesn't "fully" go to sleep. Goes BLACK and then back light comes on after a second or so

    My monitor has always worked well. Recently, when the display goes to sleep it goes completely black (like it should) and then the back light comes back on. Also my monitor's power light doesn't go amber to signify its asleep like it use to. Couldn't really find anything through google searches...
  5. N

    Question PC not responding after sleep

    My pc is not responding after I put it on sleep mode. When I press "Enter" on sleep cpu is running but no display coming on screen. There is no way but restarting the pc. This problem is new for me, this didn't happen on past. Plz give me a solution for this.
  6. S

    Question DELL Studio PC freezing

    My DELL Studio PC keeps freezing at least once a week. Hard-booting is then the only solution. As well when I'm trying to put the PC to "sleep" it's keeping starting up again after some time. In other cases the PC is shutting down (as it should) after a pre-set time period. Someone with a...
  7. E

    Question Laptop restarts itself after automaticly going to sleep.

    Excuse in advance for my bad English. Hello i got a problem with my 4 day old laptop. so if i leave my laptop for 10 minutes it will go to sleep mode but instead of going to sleep my laptop restarts itself. i have checked the battary advanced settings and set everything to 0 or never but this...
  8. iridium117

    [SOLVED] After computer goes to sleep, refuses to respond.

    So basically my computer has been having this issue where I'll let it go to sleep, but it won't respond to waking up afterwards. Here's what happens: I'll walk away and go to bed or work etc. I'll come back and it appears the computer is still running (i.e. running fans, HDD light occasionally...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Computer will not go into sleepmode or it will sleep but can't wake up properly

    So this just happened out of nowhere, I am a fan of putting my computer into sleepmode if I know I will get back to it within 30 min or so (otherwhise I shut it down). Situation 1: What happens when I click SLEEP or when it goes into sleep after 20 min is: Turns off monitor, keyboard, mouse...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Cpu dosen't go idle, stay in locked multiplier. Sleep issues. Asus M5A99X Evo r2.0 fx-8350

    Hi I have a prob, that probably cause by the OC (22x, 4.4Ghz It could go higher but the socket temp is stupidly high, 68-70 when core barely hit 50 °C). Normally when I change the multiplier in other mobo, the cpu still go idle. I have turned on every power saving mode, put power phase...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] I put my computer to sleep and now I can't start it back up.

    I put my computer in sleep mode while working on homework, and I later tried to wake it with mouse/keyboard but it failed to start back up. I pushed the power button and it didn't shut down, so I held it down for a hard shutdown. I also think i pressed the restart button a few times before. The...
  12. A

    Question New Rig - Computer going to sleep mode when gaming

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my rig, here are the full specs, for the lazy its a i9 + rtx 2080 build. Everything has been going smoothly until today. I have been playing Assassins Creed Odyssey and Overwatch lately, both have decided to give me the same problem so i figured its not app...
  13. binar00

    [SOLVED] RX 580 only works with DVI

    so i upgraded my RX 550 2GB to an RX 580 8GB and i was using 2 monitors with the RX 550 with no problem ( one is DVI and the other using HDMI to VGA adapter) the computer works fine with DVI played few pubg matches and bf1 too, but then i turned it off and added second monitor even then every...
  14. Brandthewolf

    Question I Have had 4 Monitors die in less than a year

    So For some reason, EVERY monitor i have currently is doing the very same thing, When connected to power, they flash on then shut off, Each 4 of these monitors Were functioning the night before, and due to the heat(Because i live in texas) i put my system into sleep mode manually, EACH time, the...
  15. ItsZanoniBro

    Question Main monitor not returning from sleep

    Hey guys - I've found a ton of threads tackling this in general, but my situation seems a little unique. I recently set up a nice dual monitor display using my old (5+ years) ASUS 21.5 inch as a secondary, and a brand new ViewSonic 27 inch monitor as the primary. When the computer goes to...
  16. S

    Question Laptop does nothing when lid is closed

    My HP 15 bs model's hinge was broken so i got it replaced at service center. Now if i close the lid, its not being shutdown/sleep/hibernate. The store guy says its software issue. Is it true or did he did he miss something? Thanks in advance!
  17. fishy_fizz

    Question computer resumed from sleep unexpectedly

    I always put my computer to sleep before I go to sleep, but it often resume on its own. I've prevented any device to wake the computer except for mouse and keyboard by modifying settings in device manager, and disabled wake timer in power plan, but the issue remained. Yesterday I put my...
  18. L

    Question PC is not coming back from sleep mode, even after restarting

    So my PC wouldn't come back from sleep mode (when the monitor just goes black but the fans are still spinning and the computer still makes noise etc.) no matter what keys I pressed, so I turned it off by holding down the power key, tried turning it back on, I only get the ASUS logo when...
  19. ozes

    Cant get above 4.0 Overclock 3570k GA-Z77X-UP4 TH

    Hello everyone I cannot seem to get past 4.0 OC on my Intel 3570k GA-Z77X-UP4 TH Windows keeps crashing. I know I am doing something wrong! :P my Temps are not that bad and my Voltage are low.. Any Ideas? My CPU-Z