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  1. A

    Question Struggling with SLI Setup on GTX 3080 - Need Advice!

    I'm facing a bit of a challenge with my rig and I could really use some advice from those of you who have experience with SLI or CrossFire setups. I've recently upgraded my system to include dual GTX 3080 GPUs in an SLI configuration, thinking it would give me a Managing nexus Iceland Web...
  2. Frozenfire58

    Question Modern SLI for 3D Render Machine

    Hello, I have built a machine specifically to handle multi-GPUs for rendering with Redshift on Maya. Bridge was installed correctly (couldn't physically push it in any further). Both GPUs are installed properly and have been detected in GPU-z, PCIe was switched in Bios to have two x8 slots, and...
  3. KreWin

    Question Is it possible to force SLI on MSI B450 Tomahawk Max?

    Hi everyone, as you can well understand from the title of the post, I have two identical Asus Strix GTX 970 4GB and I would like to enable the SLI option for my motherboard which unfortunately only supports Crossfire . Some time ago the HyperSLI tool existed which allowed you to modify the...
  4. Wayfall

    Question Would I get much improvement with a second MSI GTX 1080 GPU?

    Build: Dell Gsync 1440p 144hz Monitor MSI GTX 1080 8GB i7 6800k 3.4 (4.0Ghz Overclocked 2.375v) Bequiet Dark Rock Cooler 3 Silent Wings Asus X99-A II 4x4GB 2666mhz DDR 4 Corsair RM 850X Corsair PSU Looking online and I can't really find a definitive answer. I'd like to get some framerate...
  5. M1nat0

    Question Can't run dual GPUs on a Maximus X Formula?

    I thought my Titan XP was dying, so I bought another used one bc it's what I could get. I've since found out mine is fine and so decided to run SLI. However, my Maximus X Formula (9900K, BIOS 2701) will not [] detect both cards simultaneously. Both work fine on each of the two slots on their...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install two GTX 1060 6 GB cards (SLI?)

    I have an old tower with an extremely outdated mobo so replacing processors is tricky. Wanted to upgrade my graphics at least with an additional 1060 6GB card if possible. Is this a thing?
  7. hell_storm2004

    [SOLVED] SLI Question.

    Hello Everyone, In my ongoing quest to find out more information where the PC hardware industry stands, I have a question about dual GPU setups. So I was reading that nVidia has almost killed off SLI with its RTX 3 series. But couldn't find any information on CrossFire. Is AMD planning to do...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] is crossfire still relevant???

    in my PC is still rocking a R9 390, it still works great but noticed some games i gotta turn some stuff down in to get a good solid 60fps. with GPU prices being through the roof i looked and saw i can get an old used R9 390 for around 250 on ebay but my question is is that even worth my time to...
  9. Xavierol1


    I’m just taking apart a friends PC in which he had two 1080ti’s in SLI. I was going to keep one and sell one and I was just wondering if one might be in better condition, like is one GPU used more than the other or would they both be about the same condition?
  10. CuriousNerd

    [SOLVED] Separate PSU for CPU

    Hi, Reaching out for some assistance with powering my system safely. I have the following build: ASUS X570 motherboard 5900X CPU Dual 3090 with NVLink 64 GB RAM - 4 modules 2 NVME SSD Water Blocks cooling CPU, GPUs Water Reservoir and Pump 10 AL120 Fans in Case The max system power requirement...
  11. Chris_264

    [SOLVED] Use one GPU to display the signal from my other GPU?

    I have an issue. My monitor is old enough that it doesn't have displayport, but only DVI. My 2070 however doesn't support DVI, and I can't exactly get an adapter that supports 144hz. Can I potentially daisychain the cards so I can use the outputs on the 1070, but use my 2070 for gaming? How...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Screen shuts down during game play while PC is still running ???

    Hi, so my PC issues have been really bad this month and I'm not sure what the root problem is. Every time I open up a game, not even 5 minutes into it, my monitor will go into standby mode saying no signal and I could hear the background noise but it sounds really staticky and weird. I can't do...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Any benefit from an SLI GeForce 1030 setup?

    So with the RIDICULOUS prices of video cards right now, would I derive any benefit of just buying a matched set of GeForce 1030 video cards and running in SLI? Here's my motherboard and current card: Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 7870 Vendor Pineview Industries Ltd. # of cards 1 SLI / CrossFire...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] EVGA 700 GD SLI compatible?

    Hi, I have an EVGA 700 GD 80+ Gold in my old secondary rig. I was wondering if I'm able to use two GTX 960's in SLI with it? I already have one 960 and I have a friend selling one for 50€ so though it might be a way of putting some life in an old rig that doesn't get much use anymore. Any...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Running additional GPU

    I am currently running a geforce windforce 2070 and I was looking at getting a 2nd GPU. I can get a 3070 or 3080 for pretty much the same price as 2070 so it doesnt seem worth it to buy another 2070. From what I have been reading I won't be able to run 2 different GPU's in SLI and will need to...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Is SLI possible

    Hi everyone, im currently running my 970 by itself, but my friend just bought a new pc and said hed give me his old 970 aswell. My first question is, im running the 4gb msi gtx 970 and he has the stock 4gb gtx 970, will they be compatable, then my next question is, with my cpu (i5 4690k) is it...
  17. D

    Question Computer shuts off sli - how to disable gpu clevo p370em

    Alright so I have an old clevo p370 em runnubg two 670ms. The issue is that gpu1 isn’t being cooled because the fan is broken and it makes my computer shut off because it overheats. I can’t disable the gpu from the bios It’s soldered on and there isn’t just a plug I can remove I can’t lower...
  18. DaTrashMan

    Question Temp problems

    Hello I’m new and I recently got a set up with gt 750m ski and on of them is running 80 Celsius and the other is running at 41 I have ski on and everything but it doesn’t seem like it’s working any help please
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Will a 9900KS or 10900k bottleneck 2 RTX 3090s in SLI NVLink?

    Hello all, Currently, I am running a 9900KS + RTX 3090 Strix OC in 4k-144hz I am wondering if my CPU is too slow (bottlenecking my GPU)? If I buy a second RTX 3090 for SLI NVLINK, will that be bottlenecked by even the current fastest gaming GPU on the planet (10900k)?
  20. P

    [SOLVED] SLI On Motherboard

    Good Morning or Good Evening, So in my build, built my self my first one about 6-9 months ago, I have a Zotac Gaming RTX 2070 Super and I really want to add another to increase my gaming performance at higher graphics. I have a Asus Tuf Gaming x570 Plus (wifi) mother board, it does not support...
  21. B

    [SOLVED] Is SLI'ing my 1070 a good idea now?

    So I don't have the cash at the moment to jump into the 3000 series graphics cards, but the excitement around them has awoken in me a desire to upgrade my rig. i7 6700k at 4GHz GTX1070 8GB 16GB DDR4 I only care about gaming performance, and am wondering about SLI. I can get an identical 1070...
  22. 0

    [SOLVED] Dual SLI rtx 2060 or single 3060/70?

    As title suggests, I currently have a VR PC and a gaming PC, I'm thinking about getting a 3060/70 and putting it in my gaming PC. This means I have a spare gcard hanging about that I can put in my vr pc as it also has the same card. I assume the 3 series will perform better than two 2 series...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] LGA1151 Mobos that work with SLI with RTX NvBridge

    Hi, I have an ASUS Maximus Hero VIII and wanted to run SLI with 2x RTX 2080 ti using the 16x slots. I was wondering if the spacing may be incompatible on either the 2 or 3 spaced NVLink bridge's as has been suggested on some forums.
  24. Zuber Khan12

    [SOLVED] GTX 1070 SLI ..!

    Hello Community, Hope you guys are doing well in this pandemic, Stay safe.! I started to build my new PC and i already bought GTX 1070. other parts will be : Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb DDR4 ram, MOBO Is not final yet, Well, i know doing SLI is not a good idea. But i got used GTX 1070 from my bro, He...
  25. A

    Question Looking for a motherboard with SLI/NVLink

    Hey folks, I'm trying out a new Ryzen build and I will be needing probably two RTX cards on it. I was wondering with AMD chipset will be better for my purpose. Crossfire is no use for me as I'm aiming to use tensor cores on RTX cards for deep learning purposes. I've read that X570 supports SLI...
  26. mrcstalgic

    [SOLVED] OBS Sli Recording With Capture Card?

    I have tried to recording clips with my husband playing games together, but with 2 cards, I constantly run into problems, such as, the recording skipping frames in a strange way (I think it might have something to do with Alternate Frame Rendering) But I have no way to fix it! So I was...
  27. Selfmade2027

    Question multi monitors with non sli card is possible?

    hiii i have a question: for multi monitor (like 8monitors) i need 2 graphic cards (4 hdmi per card) i want know sli or crossfire support is necessary for graphic card ? or not? my work is trading and office and I don't use gaming, Is SLI Bridge or Crossfire Bridge Necessary?
  28. M

    [SOLVED] 1080 ti SLI in 2020

    So,basically I have a 1080 ti and a 1080p 75hz monitor.I am thinking of getting a 2k 144hz monitor and I wanna upgrade my gpu.I don’t want to get a 2080 ti because it is too expensive and not much of a difference so I thought of getting another used 1080 ti for about 300-400€.I heard that sli is...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Should I get SLI for my dual evga gtx 1070 SC's?

    I'm about to receive a nice freebie from a family member, two evga gtx 1070 SC's. I'm using a GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming GT motherboard with 3 PCIE slots arranged in descending order: x16 , x8 , x4. Will it be worth it getting an SLI bridge for this combo? Or will it default to x8 since...
  30. Drzat

    [SOLVED] SLI 1070 TI with worse performance than single card

    I just recently bought another 1070 ti and have not had any fps boost across all my games. I've tried playing games that directly support SLI and they are both being utilized but my fps is usually 5-10 fps worse than it was with a single card. Not sure what to do about this. i7-7700k @ 4.2 GHz...
  31. E

    [SOLVED] Will these GPU's go together?

    I have recently bought a new pc tower. It has a FX-8350 with a GTX-660 and 10 GB of RAM on a MSI 970 gaming motherboard. I was looking to upgrade my GPU but I was wondering if I can use SLI with a GTX1070 and a GTX660. If so, how do I even do that? Thanks ahead of time.
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Which graphic cards I can SLI with gtx 980 ti?

    Hey guys. Sorry for basic question ! I have a geforce gtx 980 ti (Gddr5, memory:6g) I want to add another graphic card with Sli method beside of my graphic card. But I don't know which graphic cards are compatible with my graphic card. In fact I wanna to improve performance of graphic memory...
  33. rickyrascal

    Question Gaming PC - Upgrade options (GPU confusing me)

    Hi All, I built a gaming PC not so long ago, most of the specs are pretty strong in my opinion but im feeling like a graphics card update is due but im really struggling to decide what the best options are. Iv'e watched loads of benchmarking videos and some make me think I should bin the 1080i...
  34. B

    Question NVLink for Quadro RTX 5000

    I have two Quadro cards and a Motherboard which has 2 x16 PCIe slots. I would like to harness the power of Quadro using both x16 slots. I am not able to decide which is the right SLI connector/NVLink Bridge to connect 2 RTX Quadro 5000 respectively mounted in 2 x16 PCIe slots. Now I am using 2...
  35. T

    Question Ali 1070 upgrade ?

    Hello I'm planning a upgrade as I'm not liking how my computer is running and want to get some better smoother results in gaming I currently and running Sli 1070 Asus z370 motherboard Intel 7700k 16ram Fully custom water-cooled I'm currently wanting to build my girlfriend a PC and can't decide...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] CPU for SLI

    Hello I currently own an i5-7600k and a GTX 1080 ROG Strix but in my boredom I’ve gone ahead and bought another GTX 1080 Strix for SLI use (Got a very good deal) Now what I am interested in is, will my CPU bottleneck the SLI config (I assume it will) so more importantly, if I am to upgrade my...
  37. T

    [SOLVED] 750W 80+ enough for a 1070 SLI ?

    Hello, I've been playing and ejoying RDR2 with my Samsung Ultrawide (49") @ 5120x1440 @ 120Hz and my Gigabyte 1070 G1 but the GPU can't deal properly with high game settings. I would really love enjoying this game with higher settings and thought about an extra 1070 in SLI (which in some tests...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] Motherboard that supports SLI and has two slot spacing?

    I'm looking for any motherboard that has sli. Preferably ATX but E-ATX is ok. I have the EVGA Pro SLI 2 Slot bridge and I'm trying SLI but I can't find one that has two pci slot spacing to support two gpus. Yes, I know SLI isn't worth it but I'm experimenting. No TR sockets or 2011 sockets...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] I don't get SLI running and I don't know why

    Hi everyone, my first post here and I hope somebody can tell me who to do that Nvidia SLI config or just tell me it does not work. I searched for hours now and I got different information about whether it works with my setup or not - but up to now, I don't get it running. Maybe there is...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] 960 SLI problems.

    Both GPU's are connected to the PC, as well as they're both shown in Device Manager. Although one of the GPU's is hidden, as well as it says it's "Not connected" when it most definitely is. I've re-seated the cards multiple times, flipped the cards between slots, played with the SLI bridge...